'Porngate' new headache for Boris Johnson government | International News | WION

Trouble mounts for Boris Johnson’s government in the United Kingdom as the opposition labour party has cornered ruling conservative members of parliament over the ‘porngate scandal’.

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Comment (38)

  1. British politicians today are just bunch of party freaks. Instead of solving the nations problems they are watching porn and having illegal parties.. What Can you expect from these types of politicians uk is going down. And the fact that UK are poodles to USA they taking UK down even more because America only cares for itself.

  2. Please believe it 🙏 he's not the only one. The only one who got caught so far. There's a lot more believe 🙏 it.

  3. I would've said something remarkably accurate about BJ but even spoken diplomatically, it would be possibly taken as disparaging.. but what else can you expect from a tardy scruffy beta male with those initials?

  4. Guildhall volunteers are those people who call at x-mas an ambulance car because no one else wants to visit them to share some naughty fun, right ?

  5. Nothing surprises me. They probably hire strippers and hookers and watch the sick acts in public and jeer and clap at such acts. For them. Its levels of babylonian partying.

  6. And starmer is the next big and best thing for the uk ( until rayner the dog stabs him in the back ) 🤣🤣🤣

  7. "hello love, where are you going?" ….And ….." we have a tradition in britain among us taxi drivers" are the among the famous british quotes that probably inspired and sparked their interest in politics

  8. Nothing that gets exposed about these deviants surprises me. Those in amerikkka were created by the dregs of their society. It's no wonder they behave the way they do.

  9. Oh must we again this is all to deflect attention from the elections that’s all the porngate can be handle the afterwards the resigned and I am sure must mp’s are in their phones in parliament looking at all sorts of things and just look at Sturgeons buddy MacKay who was kept on salary after texting a young lad

    For heavens sakes the Tory mp got caught now everyone else will be on their toes, but it is such a coincidence that scandals are out to distract just before the locals vote,

  10. If it's not kid porn what's the issue? Porn and prostitutes make the world better.


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