PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism

We investigate three dominant areas of transhumanism: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing, and briefly cover the ideas of thinkers Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil and David Pearce.

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Written by: Peter Brietbart and Marco Vega
Animation & Design Lead: Many Artists Who Do One Thing (Mihai Badic)
Animation Script: Mihai Badic and Peter Brietbart
Narrated by: Holly Hagan-Walker
Music and SFX: Steven Gamble
Design Assistant: Melita Pupsaite
Additional Animation: Nicholas Temple
Other Contributors: Callum Round, Asifuzzaman Ahmed, Steffan Dafydd, Ben Kokolas, Cristopher Rosales
Special Thanks: David Pearce, Dino Kazamia, Ana Sandoiu, Dave Gamble, Tom Davis, Aidan Walker, Hani Abusamra, Seong-jin Seo, Nicolas Reynolds, Florent Berthet, Rémi Marenco, Keita Lynch

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  1. I don't think your idea is bad on all levels but is is poor on some levels. It is an expression of nothing more than human hubris in some ways. This tends to go hand in hand with those in tech. Your idea will come … go … fade and be forgotten. We do not need to 'not age', fools – it is aging which brings growth, real growth – personal growth or what we could call, metaphysical growth. There is, in a sense, a strand of possibility in which your ideas of increasing longevity would be valid perhaps but that would have to be after you have truly come to terms with your mortality. It is through mortality that a person grows in a much more important way and truly experiences immortality though this is not of the body. The foolishness you speak is very unlikely to function in tandem with ethics. It is this idiocy we are seeing now, Great Reset etc. It truly is the stupid who cannot see humans as part of a process – an important process – but part of a process nonetheless. All our conscious states are not an expression of brain chemistry, idiots, it is our base state of being. Our brains are 'super-sensors', they are receivers of cosmic impulse – this impulse is known as thought. Thought relates to feeling. Consiousness in terms of sense-consciousness is related to … our senses – eye, ear, speech, taste, touch and mind at a lower cognitive level. It is through recognising these aspects of our 'metaphysical physiognomy' that we come to 'know ourselves' It is through this we transcend pain/suffering. You would do far better you immerse yourself in Buddhist or Yogic philosophy – this teaches you how to go about with pain. Mindfulness is a far better means of transcending pain than what you are suggesting. We do have a role to evolve and seen such you are not really offending anything but there are far better ways to deal with wellbeing than encapsulate it in a mode of projected technological growth – it is not necessary, wellbeing is a holistic affair – it comes through communication and meaningful interaction with others. It is this which the latest fascist moron Klaus Schwab fails to see. so before you plunge the human species into a backwards step why not look into existing 'sciences' of wellbeing and meaningful life. The most meaningful thing for humans is to feel joyful and involved with life around us. The best way to do this is to practice kindness – an active practice of kindness. The other ways are to realise the nature of things is impermanence. this is the starting point of growth. It is unlikely to happen with technology. I'm not saying technology can't be useful but to focus on it as if technology is that 'key' is, i believe, mistaken. Better to realise 'we' are the miracle'. Look within. Look at the unbelievable miracle you are rather than looking endlessly outside.

  2. Unguided!!!??? Hahaha Another TRANSHUMAN making videos on YouTube talking about themselves! ONLY a TRANSHUMAN could think TRANSHUMANISM is possible in the way men imagines.It is already full of creatures who walk on two feet and look like Humans but are TRANSHUMANS because they really believe what other INTERPRET on the theory of Darwin. How could possibly be evolution UNGUIDED?? See how transhumans like the one making this video in their Pride they believe things happen by chance without prupose ONLY BECAUSE TRANSHUMANS CANNOT SEE THE PROPOUSE OF LIFE BECAUSE THEY ARE MACHINES!! CAN A MACHINE EVOLVE WITHOUT THE CREATOR OF THE MACHINE??!!!!

  3. A quote with Stephen Hawking has quoted technology is going to be man's downfall we haven't solve half the problems that we came to medications and I question everything that's a good thing remain teachable have a degree in biomedicine is flu vaccine this coming out I will question it it's in your arm I need 2020 that's a i in 20 your arm AI.i d id2020

  4. Weird how accurately these elitist tech-demon bastards all so accurately predicted "a killer virus". And the "vaccine" just happens to be full of DNA altering nanotech and metamaterials.
    It's as though fear mongering propaganda has been used to scare the sheeple enough to beg to be lab rats for transhumanist oligarchs until they perfect the formula…

    Then with the blood of billions swimming with big tech micro Terminators, they have an "instant cure" for overpopulation…

    If the elites live forever they're not going to let billions of we mere vermin use resources better spent on themselves.

  5. Genetics improve things ( spenda, food)but not genetically modifying humans ( that becomes a cluster problem such as new super viruses : covid 19 by whoever genetically modified the SARS family of cold/ flu viruses ( on purpose to depopulate the weaker people or accident while attempting transhumanism?) never let your brain get plugged into the internet to scramble your thought process with electronic hack viruses. The flaw in transhumanism thinking is not accounting for the soulish intellect that seperate humans from animals. Hint ( there is a form of intelligent energy that is human feeling/ intellect ( spiritual energy) shapes DNA but powers of universe are not of an almighty God as taught by religions as holy and always good! Reality is their God creates diseases, tornados ( acts of God) animals eating each other and eating humans is nature of “God” religions are people following their own opinions, government propaganda and evil nature of God we see in real life ( no good God would punish all humans for a biblical disobedience by a first human in a garden of eden scenario, when one experiences to spiritual intellect of the universe they find out God and the devil are the same entity.

  6. Romans 1:22-23
    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.


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