Praise Him in the land of youre captivity

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  1. Thank you for these daily breads. I appreciate you and sister Deborah! Did u hear about queen Elizabeth's speech in xmas? Please do a video on this if u can, Watchman.

  2. I needed to hear this, Beloved Brother and Sister Yah. I have a big event, today, and I needed to remember to PRAISE HIM, FIRST and FOREMOST, for it's He who has prepared the way that I may reach the ears that must know if they're to stand a chance against ONE of Satan's biggest evils and greatest mistakes.

    Humbly, if it weren't you, MIGHTY two, I wouldn't say anything, but I invite you to listen to the interview I'll be doing on TheAdviseShowTV, here on YT. Brother Phil will be uploading it later today, after he records it, this afternoon. The topic is Fukushima and I pray, such AMAZING SERVANTS to OUR CREATOR AND COMMANDER as you will give it a listen. I understand if you don't, as you're such busy, focused people, but I do humbly pray and Turn My Head to HE who has ALL Answers…..


  3. HalleuYAH!!!!! thanks brother watchman and sister DeborahYAH this message is powerful. I praise him everyday because his word says let everything that has breath praise ye YAH. much love to my family always praying for you

  4. for those that wonder why I posted Psalms 137:5-6 so that Yahrushlam comes to mind may all prosper who prey for her Shalum.

  5. Beautiful message all praise be it the Most High Yah,Yall look great together,Keeping teaching the great word as our people are continuing in this awakening process.

  6. Good morning Brother and Sister Yah", let me start by saying that I love you guys and that i really enjoy your teachings so your opinion is valuable to me. I am new to some of this information, but in my recent research i found that only 2% percentage of black Americans came over on slave ships, that there was no Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and that our people are the real Indigenous people to this country not the so called native Americans which are mostly Europeans decent. That Europeans are the intruders. That we didn't come from Akebu Lan (Africa) that we were already here and that we were traded to Other Nations out of this Country instead. What is your take on the synopsis that we are captive in our own native land of America. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful Holy couple! Beautiful message!!!! To YAH be all And every glory!!!!πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£β€β€β€

  8. Shalom my young brother and sister.Β  Praise be to Ahayah Asher Ahayah!Β  You not only spoke about the book ofΒ Tobit, but you explained it very well.Β  Shalom.

  9. I wish I had this kind of love. Black Love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. We need these kind of examples in the black community. God bless you

  10. Your words are not anointed.
    1. There has been NO captivity in the USA since the civil war over 100 years ago
    2. A country in Africa was given to any who wanted to return there after slavery was abolished
    3. Some left, the rest of your ancestors stayed hence YOU are no longer in captivity but willing residents
    4. You are free to obtain a passport and relocate at will
    5. The Jews who you call fake were often taken from Israel into captivity and released after oftentimes generations and they chose to remain where they had been born, in foreign land, until the holocaust which was real folks
    6. If your claim to Hebrew origins is that of Abraham then why be opposed to slavery in the first place MY AND YOUR FATHER ABRAHAM WAS A SLAVE HOLDER TOO (Genesis 20:14)

    Have you two neither understood world history or Bible History, and you two have not sought the Will of God

  11. HallaluYah! We always talk about our captivity & oppression. But rarely do we talk about praise & thankfulness. Though we know we are in bondage. Ohhh but Yah. He can deliver us & manifest miracle's today. The same way He delivered our forefathers & manifested miracles back then. He ain't changed.

  12. I love this couple they so cute together. Halleluyah and to Yah be the glory that there are still such beautiful examples of Black love and Black families, even in today's times.


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