Predestination 1: A biblical doctrine

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  1. Google 33 Coronavirus and see all the fake news stories using that number

  2. My mind is blown 🤯. I have read the entire bible and continue study daily but I did not know ,apparently, what I was reading, especially in Romans. Family this is prophetic because I've noticed that out of the 3 ministries I follow, they ALL, I MEAN ALL ARE DISCUSSING THIS IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER. OUR ELDERS HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RUACH QODESH WITH THIS MESSAGE TO PUT OUT FOR US. I DID NOT REALIZE THAT UNTIL NOW. SHEMA! MISHPACHAH! TRUTH IS BEING RECEVELED. YAh is telling me by revealing proof to ME the validity of the message in form of three witnesses. All praises to Almighty Yahuah for helping me see this truth🙏🏾. I can not wait to take part in ALL of the eight parts to this series. Todah Rabah to the elders Watchman and Achot Deborah. YAH has used this channel as the 3rd witness for ME after praying and a lot of meditation of righteous guidance BEFORE THESE MESSAGES EVEN BEGAN. This series are important.

  3. Even the false witnesses couldn't stop y'all. What YAHUAH has brought together, no man can put asunder. Speak through them Yah! Use them Yah! Your sheep are hungry and worn down Abba Yah! Let these Shepard's do your will Abba Yah. In the name of YAHusha HA'MASHIACH, bless Yahu and DeborYah with health and strength from the Enemy. Bless them and their kids with increase in Faith, life and strength to do your will. HalleluYah! Amen

  4. Yes i love this family! I look foward to hearing of there plants and animals. Sometime they could lift my spirt and help me be strong and encourage the great war within each of us….But when they start preaching Paul's gospal, And i say Gospel cause your reading it like a teaching not a letter! Something feels wrong. …They didn't do there history homework. Also Kayin was asked by the creator " WHERE is your brother and he ,answerd "im not my brothers keeper" what have you done!. The Voice of your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground! Did the creator know, What had happen. ? I think we make choices and he doesn't know because its free will ,it can go either way . We have the ability to Stop and change direction at the last minute . There's alot more to Paul's writeing…. Beware! Read your history on him. Read books on the romen empire and what was happening to the people at that time. Paul worked and studyed with the romen empire! Thats how he got in the New Testement. It was writen in greek! Thats a little suspicious! For. Example: 1 Corinthians 9: 9-10 Paul says that thats not what god meant. How dare he even say that. Back then when they used an ox and we're plowing their fields it is cruel to put a muzzle on an animal and not allow them to feed . And work! Deuteronomy 25 :4 …He changed the scriptures of Moses! Yeshua was a jew. Moses a Jew or "jewish teaching , culture or law" . What path are you learning from, Moses, Yeshua, Paul. 3 main characters. All similar but really 3 diffrent teachings. Be mindfull and wize. Don't walk the path of life looking down at the ground. Walk looking up because there are wolves watching in the forest. They will run you of the path. Read!! All books. It will show TRUTH!! May Our Beloved Creator Maker of All Living Breathe bless you on your Journeys. To Find and keep our Creator❤🙏

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  6. Another Confirmation: I was reading in Psalm 76:6 (“6 At thy rebuke, O YAH of Jacob, both the chariot and horse are cast into a dead sleep”), and it confirms your Revelation of what the Holy Ghost revealed to your spirit while looking out of the hospital window. That if YAH took away his Power, everything would just stop. Your teachings are a Blessing to me. Thank you…

  7. The lamb was slain BEFORE the foundation of the world. The script is written. The whole world is a stage… Yah reveals who YOU are not the other way around. The waster was created to destroy but in EVERYTHING Yah gets the glory.

  8. I haven't seen them in long time. It's been about three years. They're still doing great. Both make sense while speaking. It's such a pleasure to be back and support what they're doing.

  9. Even in perfection The Most High had to know who was with him and who was not. Wow! Even though he already knew

  10. I love how you 2 explain things. It's so real

    I get it all the way.

    All Praised to AHAYAH and YASHAYA. For Grace and Mercy. Only He brought me into this Awakening and chose me

  11. This is sooo amazing look at the word scripture the beginning of it is script… It was alrdy written and predestined much love and respect keep the righteousness and humble comin

  12. Very Spirit filled teaching !! I praise YAH for you both and this teaching on predestination. YAH is so much deeper than religion has fed us.

  13. Try and think of it this way. Hear me out.

    God knew before He created you and me what we would do.

    He knew if you were going to be for Him
    Or against Him.

    He knew if you were going to be ultimately in 100% obedience to Him or not.

    We know that God knows all of this.

    Okay this is what I think the deal is.

    When the fall in heaven happened, which God foresaw, He realised that He could use it to create an awesome unprecedented opportunity.

    And the opportunity was that God could use that fall to create copies of Himself by making a species in His image. Namely us.

    This is a very big deal.

    God’s love is such that the thought of creating us was too great an opportunity to pass up. It was irresistible.
    It was a magnificent opportunity.
    Such is the unfathomable love of God.

    God could utilise the tempting powers of Satan, by making it possible for the creation of these creatures, mankind, that could become eternal beings, as copies of Himself, if they overcame, when they were tempted tried and tested.

    By allowing man to be tempted, those who overcome the temptations, obtain a quality of character, that makes the creation of sons and daughters of God possible.

    But God cannot tempt, however Satan relishes in it, and loves tempting us to rebel against God.

    Hence God uses Satan for this purpose, by allowing him to be here amongst us.

    We all have free will, however God knows than none will escape Satan’s captivity unless God helps out.

    But in order to have the licence to rescue those who want to be rescued, He has to pay Satan a price that cannot be refused because of the sheer greatness of that price.

    And that price is the shed blood of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

    God wants to rescue all, but not all want to be rescued.
    Most will prefer the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.
    Those who are to be rescued are those who freely choose allegiance to God with their free will.

    God is choosing those whom He knows will choose Him.

    He cannot choose those who will not choose Him.
    But because He knows we will choose Him He therefore ensures that we do choose Him, by giving us a predestined life to ensure that this does indeed happen.

    And as the angels who didn’t rebel against God, and fought against the heavenly rebellion, whom we presume are now sealed by God, in such a way that the free will which they once had, to either be for or against God has been so changed, that their allegiance is such, that they are now sealed by God to be forever faithful to Him.

    So too did we initially have the same capacity to be disloyal to God but now that we are chosen by God because of our faithfulness to Him, after being tempted , we are to be sealed, to forever be with the Lord in grateful obedience.

    We were tried and tested and passed the test. Although it was with the assistance of the predestined life which cost Jesus Christ His life. This allowed Him to rescue us by orchestrating our lives in such a way, that we would eventually do what we wanted to do, which was repent but it was with His help.

    But without this orchestration, although we might have been candidates for repentance, nevertheless we wouldn’t have been able to repent, because Satan’s tempting powers would have overpowered us.

    God looks at the cost.
    He looks at the price.
    And He deems it worthwhile that He Himself should be hanging on a tree at Calvary so that we can be on our way to becoming these eternal beings, eventually to be in the likeness of God Himself.

  14. I believe that tree of knowledge of good and evil, was satan. The Bible describes people as trees and the limbs like arms. The good tree of knowledge, is the most high. He’s the tree they were supposed to eat from, but they chose the tree of knowledge good and bad.

  15. Greetings Yahu & Deborah Yah….My name is David….I've really been watching & following your Whited Out series & it's really amazing how there's so much history hidden before us….I wanted to ask you both a question concerning the Bible? If I may, do you know where Cain got his wife? because it's not mentioned in Genesis….Or is it explained in the other missing books like Jesus' childhood missing from the bible yet there's a book about the Book of Jesus as a child?

  16. "True, the Son of man is going away, just as it is written about him, but woe to that man through whom the Son of man is betrayed!

  17. God dignifies us with free will, the power to make decisions of our own rather than having God or fate predetermine what we do. Consider what the Bible teaches.

    God created mankind in his image. (Genesis 1:26) Unlike animals, which act mainly on instinct, we resemble our Creator in our capacity to display such qualities as love and justice. And like our Creator, we have free will.

    To a great extent, we can determine our future. The Bible encourages us to “choose life . . . by listening to [God’s] voice,” that is, by choosing to obey his commands. (Deuteronomy 30:19, 20) This offer would be meaningless, even cruel, if we lacked free will. Instead of forcing us to do what he says, God warmly appeals to us: “O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a river.”—Isaiah 48:18.

    Our success or failure is not determined by fate. If we want to succeed at an endeavor, we must work hard. “All that your hand finds to do,” says the Bible, “do with your very power.”(Ecclesiastes 9:10) It also says: “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage.”—Proverbs 21:5.

    Free will is a precious gift from God, for it lets us love him with our “whole heart”—because we want to.—Matthew 22:37.

    Doesn’t God control all things?

    The Bible does teach that God is Almighty, that his power is not limited by anyone other than himself. (Job 37:23; Isaiah 40:26) However, he does not use his power to control everything. For example, the Bible says that God was “exercising self-control” toward ancient Babylon, an enemy of his people. (Isaiah 42:14) Similarly, for now, he chooses to tolerate those who misuse their free will to harm others. But God will not do so indefinitely.—Psalm 37:10, 11.

    The Bible does not teach predestination. While God is all powerful and capable of seeing all possible things before they occur, we have free will do we not? Is it consistent with a loving God to condemn some to die in sin for no mis action? Why did Jehovah God forbid Adam and Eve from eating of the forbidden fruit if they had no choice but to do so? Regarding Acts 4:27, why should the predestination of one thing mean such for all? God commanded that Jesus must die,  yes, but this does not mean that he did the same for all things?


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