Pride and Selfishness

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  1. Envy, jealous, greed, selfishness,hate, all the wicked ways off Satan, has this evil world the way it is today. Great lesson. Blessing

  2. This is a really good teaching I really needed to hear tis today thank you so much. Your humility really shines through your teaching.

  3. Very powerful teaching! All praises to the Most High Yah, for using you. These teaching are getting me through the graveyard shift at work and I'm really learning and beginning to see things different then the way I was taught all my life.

  4. Salam, if you guys can please provide me with information on the deity Serapis and also possibly the book on his history and a book on the history of Antioch. I'm in a debate with a colleague of mine. And he is one who doesn't like the Internet as a reference. Any information is a great help thank you. blessings of Yah be up on you.

  5. @7:46 some little rectification:
    Whenever the Holy Scriptures speak of Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, they refer to the BEAST i.e. the 4th Empire to rule and lure the Earth before the Holy Seed comes to rule the Earth

    2 Maccabees/Esdras 6:9 [For a hint]

    Speaking of the Cherub, this is a similitude liking the Empire to the Great Angel siding the Holy Throne! The same parable is found in Isaiah 14:12~
    IMPORTANT REMARKS: Be careful to preach "Jewish fables" invigorated by the rising  of the Greco-Roman Empire…

    As we speak, the Great (New) Tyre (& Sidon) i.e. the Great Babylon is where the Garden of Eden is located try to steal again those precious stones. That same Devil has caused the loss of about 8 million Saints in the same region using the "Anti-Christ". 

    Now you know (but in half) there is more coming … Stay tuned


  7. I was following a pastor on YouTube, named Pastor Tony Smith. He was stating that Lucifer (I pray I spelled that correct) isn't the name of the devil. Question for you Watchman is that true? I follow your wife & your teachings faithfully.

  8. Pride and Selfishness are wide open doors for Satan and his Demons to enter your heart and mind with the intention of turning you against Yahuah…

  9. This lesson is wonderful currently in a working situation where my manger is very prideful and speaks to us very slowly this is helping me to see what is going on Yah help us because this is really sad

  10. Hallaluyah! SHALOM FAMILY! I really appreciate you, teaching on this Pride and Selfishness! I used this TEACHING to judge myself! I asked, the MOST HIGH ELOHIM, to remove any and all Pride and Selfishness from me. HALLALUYAH! BLESSINGS in abundance to you and yours and my prayers are with you and yours continues!

  11. You are my “come let us reason together “. The only I’ve ever come across in 40 years out of 55 in my heart for Yah. Bless you for being there.
    Just would like you to know that you can’t all be heard clearly in all of the videos that I’ve listened to so far. This is the clearest.

  12. Me & my husband greatly enjoy meditating on your videos 🤗😇.. May the Father continue to baruk you & your beautiful family with ALL knowledge, wisdom, & innerstanding… Much love & Shalom 💖

  13. Shalom brothers and sisters of Israel! I listen and pay close attention to your teachings. For those of us who like to take notes, is it possible for you to post the scriptures -chapter:verse – during the video(Isaiah 14:12-14; I Corinthians 8:1-2, etc.)? Thank you for your obedience to The Most High God.

  14. Hello!
    Thank you so much for the work that you are doing for us, revealing things previously unknown to us and giving relevant bible and historical perspective! This is such a wholesome channel! It’s wonderful!

    I had a question about something said in the beginning of this teaching.

    Which scripture support Lucifer being in control of YAH’s kingdom before His rebellion?

    Also, what verse support that in Lucifer’s wings were the “sounds of music?”


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