Pro-Ukraine demonstrations begin in the West over Bucha mass killings | World English News | WION

Mass graves, corpses in bags, these are the gruesome discoveries reported from the town of Bucha prompting Ukraine to once again accuse Russia of carrying out war crimes. global outrage grew over the images coming out of towns near Kyiv.

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Comment (34)

  1. Always follow the money… Russians only loose from such, but it's more drama for Ukrainian President to collect even more millions of $. More drama Ukranians produce – more money they gain. They didn't "notice" troops" untill few days after Russians left???
    It's all about money, and real people are suffering

  2. zelinski à fait tuer des civils parcequ'il les a obligés à prendre les armes. Une fois mort on donne l'arme à un autre et cela continue. zelinski se battra jusqu'au dernier…ukrainien.

  3. The Ukrainian National Guard was the first to enter the empty city after the Russian troops calmly and without any haste left it. The National Guard of Ukraine was filming as they walked through the city. Yes, there were burnt vehicles on the street, but there were no corpses on the roads. The corpses were brought up and scattered after the Security Service of Ukraine in order to show them to journalists and film their stories. After already four days, as the Ukrainian troops occupied Bucha. This is all a carefully planned provocation led by British intelligence, which completely evades answers and does not want investigations into this case, since all the falsification has already come out.

  4. Need further and more deeper investigation, might be true might not be. The troops look the same, what identifies them is just the colored tapes on their arms, both sides could just swap colors and do something like this or worse. If Russia did in fact carry this out then they are plain stupid and wants international interference and surely will lose the support of its ally nation, so did they actively carry it out knowing the repercussions? maybe, we cannot deny the possibility because of the rogue elements present in war. If Ukraine did it just to gather international support (possibility to backfire is likely) why didn't the heads object, surely it had to be authorized by someone in power or again the presence of rogue elements could be the actor. Certainly its not black and white, if we really care about the ones who have been done wrong and did not deserve to go through it, we should make sure they get justice, whoever did it whether its the Russian or Ukrainian troops, should be punished. Regardless of the outcome of this war.

  5. When is the UN going to do something about the atrocities being committed by the Russian army in the Ukraine. The videos are as plain as day. Naked women with their hands tied behind their back‘s who have been raped and then shot in the head or the mass graves that have been dug and filled with bodies. People shot to death still sitting sideways on their bicycle. With atrocities like these being committed against the Ukrainians I feel they’re fully within their rights to send long-distance ballistic missiles to hit the Kremlin and give the czar a taste of his own medicine. The emperor of China could’ve put an end this before it even started by forcing Putin to take a diplomatic route as China supposedly is a firm believer in not interfering in the affairs of others and especially sovereign nations for which the Ukraine qualifies. The emperor of China only asked the czar to postpone his invasion until after the winter Olympics in Beijing so that China didn’t lose any brownie points from not being in the limelight at the end of the Olympics.

  6. Didn't the ruskies leave before all that allegedly happen? Could have been a neo nazi Ukrainian militia that could have done that like Right Sector that could have done that.

  7. The killings are the work of the neo-nazi division in the Ukranian Army, under the CIA.
    Civilians huddled in apartments being bombed "by our own people!" was their shocked exclamation (footage on YouTube.)
    The whole idea of blaming Russia for these atrocities is to give the globalist cabal an excuse to start a massive war against Russia.
    Why? Because Putin has firmly told them: "Russia will never be part of your global new world order!" They want to keep their sovereignty and that is right in the way of the cabal plans.
    So they whip up all this and blame Russia.

  8. The whole world is watching this and will not forget it. If Russia wants to go back to the stone age, let them. They will no longer be accepted in the civilized world.

  9. Yeah good old US destroying another country. It sucks to have US as a superpower. They are literally using Ukrainians as meat shields to look cool against Russia. Waste of a superpower

  10. NATO is like an old granny who can only grumble, successfully using Zelenskyy to provoke Russia, but is afraid of Putin who wants to protect his country from NATO threats. Urraaa.

  11. Rusia did a good job eliminating the mercenaries from the west continúa sending more mercenaries and Rusia will eliminate them

  12. All nations from the world. If you think that this is staged please check the history of those bastards from rusia. Check Katyn. Mass graves are / rapes / looting is russias bread and butter. You will find this out one day if you collaborate with them. Check bellarus. rus tried to use their soldiers as cannon folder, and not that their are treating their own soldiers differently… this is history. The rusian way. And its not putin. putin is just a fruit of a whole tree. I still remember ocupation stories when rus was in Poland. They ware worse then nazis. Nazis just killed you. rus took everything from you, sold your children, raped your wife and then killed her and allowed you to watch all of this just to detroy your mind before a slave work and your death. Check history if you dont believe. And you all can hide to not get involved. but remember my words – one time you will be on the other side of rus soldiers. And they dont have friends. Its an empire. They just want more and more.

  13. Ukraine army prpogenda
    Pipal kiling fhaet Russia
    Soldier and Ukraine prpogenda video
    Russia long live🇷🇺🐆💪

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  15. As an Eastern European, born in a country that never waged any wars, invaded or colonized anyone (but yet still called a racist by some people), I generally admired indian culture and had a lot of respect about indian people and surrounding nations. But after reading the comments here all my respect and admiration are gone.

  16. Dear my bretherns in Ukraine we have made a great mistake by making friendship with USA Alliance…because in the name of Peace Keeping USA led forces kills many and today Russians. Let us live as citizen of our own country without depending on others…Rise Ukraine we shall shine better than the sun.

  17. War is different& killing civilians is different, in this century what will happen? Where will happen? for people of this world to suffer& loose their life by the people of un ethical mind.who will survive? & who will die? God alone knows.

  18. GOI should not support Russia this time.
    Soldiers died fought each other is somehow different matter but killing innocent civilians is not okay.
    I don't want cheap oil, i just want this war to stop.

  19. What about USA's war crimes in Iran, Iraq, lybia, Vietnam, Africa, afganistan, Bangladesh, Syria and many more? They were not human? They killed so many innocents kids , they gang raped girls, womens and many inhuman things. That time where was west? Oh Because that didn't happen in Europe. Hypocrites.

  20. Stupid corrupt puppet did this … just like what they did in Donbas … 2 boxers are just as guilty…

  21. In a war polarized by a every kind of lunatic in the world that zelenski called to come into Ukraine, how can you find bodies and right away point the finger at Russian soldiers. Considering fact that Russian army left Bucha on the 30th, it makes no sense to see dead bodies still in the condition and shape as those presented by ukraine government. The bodies were still freshly dead for bodies that were killed 4 or five days ago when the Russians were still in Ukraine.

  22. The evidence is overwhelming, these horrendous crimes against ordinary civilian Ukrainians cannot go unpunished. These crimes are unforgivable and will leave a lasting sadness and hatred against the Russian people. Putin is just using thousands of Russian soldiers as cannon fodder, he's dying of thyroid cancer and doesn't care what happens when he's gone.

    Доказательства неопровержимы, эти чудовищные преступления против простых гражданских украинцев не могут остаться безнаказанными. Эти преступления непростительны и оставят неизгладимую печаль и ненависть к русскому народу. Путин просто использует тысячи российских солдат в качестве пушечного мяса, он умирает от рака щитовидной железы, и ему все равно, что будет, когда его не станет.

    Докази переконливі, ці жахливі злочини проти простих цивільних українців не можуть залишитися безкарними. Ці злочини непрощенні і залишать тривалий смуток і ненависть до російського народу. Путін просто використовує тисячі російських солдатів як гарматне м’ясо, він помирає від раку щитовидної залози, і йому байдуже, що станеться, коли його не буде. Slava Ukraini💙💛


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