Proof The Bible Has Been Mistranslated & Changed – Part 1

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  1. I'm a former Ibri law enforcement officer and I'm not afraid to say ,when I'm out of uniform I was always paranoid, especially when I'm in a white neighborhood and armed. Being shot was always in the back of my mind, even though I was authorized to carry a firearm while off duty. Reminds me of Deut. 28:66, especially when reading from the NET and NIV translations. Shalom family

  2. If they feel that God is between them, why not you or me so don't be afraid, what bother you, I can pray also when I'm at work or home, or invite my family and good friends of mine when is between you and me why not wherever you go or I'm going to be, some of this so called Haus of God they just mind they are bisness, of course not all of them, so me I try to get communication with him her, wherever I go,

  3. The Biblical implication is that these governmental entities are upright according to the standards of YAH. We should never bow down to evil

  4. You have to look it up in the HEBREW/ERHVERH not the greek. All scripture was written by and for the Hebrew first and foremost… ..just saying… Shaloam Israel

  5. Yes, you are right !!! I noticed that. It also says we should not depend on money to feed us, clothes us. It say because we depend on the elites we all become slaves to them. We can find the contradiction if we read the whole Bible. Our whole government and rich want to keep divided we fall. He said our leaders have become corrupt

  6. This was worth knowing because we live in world of evildoers and they have changed yah word, they will answer for this adding and taking away.

  7. That’s why I for 1 reason I don’t like NIV, Living Bible or a lot of the changes that they have made in translation..The word says to not change one word

  8. But the Romans was Paul's writing to the Romans so what has God got to do with it? Don't hit your head on the wall because of Paul's writings!

  9. Yes! You need to be diligent when reading your bible, translations can be decieving, everyone should use a very thorough concordance and see it every time something doesn't sound quite right.

  10. Ummm, just because ONE white guy said something to you doesn't mean ALL white people think the same thing, I was really getting into your video untill you insinuated that, you guys need to view people as individuals, white people are not all the same and don't all think the same, I agreed with everything you said up untill you started on the "you white people" stuff. What does the Lord say about judging your neighbor by the color of his skin? This is not how the Lord's people should behave.

  11. Using the Living translation I believe is a bad starting point and I completely agree with you that its not an accurate representation of the Hebrew and Greek texts. But honestly, none of the English Bibles are perfect by an means, some just better than others. I think you could reach a larger audience and spread the word to more people by addressing NKJV or similiar translations as they have a larger English audience with higher perceived credibility.

    Government authority is a very hard subject to tackle from the Biblical sense. The Jews and Gentiles of the First century church were under nero during the times of these writings… whom they did not rebel against (many being burned at the stake during weddings and feast, many also were killed in the Collesiums for Roman enjoyment). However Christian influence did eventually reach power, especially seen in the later years with the council of Nicea and what not going on. Eventually the creation of the USA was also a rebellion against government.

    In the end, looks like its a hard subject to tackle seeing the conflicting occurances theoughout history. Thank you for bringing the subject up and offering some additional insight.

  12. Does the original hebrew and greek texts of the Bible condone racism of any kind? A video on that might be interesting. I see a lot of comments here that are very condemning of specific skin colors, some taking delight in the idea of a person burning in hell/ being punished based on skin color.

  13. it doesnt matter how much the bible is changed it still holds the keys and vibration of creator and stick to Jesus teachings …and is not to be interpreted but felt

  14. When I was woken up, I just couldn't believe all the lies I believed in the past. Especially when I learned the true names, it made me very upset. And once I learned their names that's when my eyes were really opened and my heart. I know the bible has been tampered with. I can tell our fathers Word has been used to control and trick people. Especially all of Paul's letters. Whether it was Paulwho infiltrated or evil people changing his letters, doesn't matter, there is so much in them that are not right!

  15. As soon as you guys read the living Bible about following man's law I laugh police are not here to protect debts will never be paid on man I can go on but wow they have no shame

  16. The Police are using translated corrupt translations to excuse their abuse of power and their hate of others.

    This just shows and proves to me any Bible that is corrupted so bad they need to be pulled from the shelves in both the stores that sell them and the home that contains them should be destroyed. And the only Scriptures allowed are those that are the least altered and corrupted.

  17. Yah judges and punishes NATIONS. Get right with your nation. I find it scary that many people do not understand what nation they serve.

  18. On this God stuff im going to side with the ancestors. Ill do anything for YhUh Elohym! However, todays god is not known by our ancestors. Seems this god and jesus have never been for us at all.

  19. Discernment. You do not flow evil, unlawful, or just wrong commands from gov. Yeah I agree. This new ID is being implemented worldwide. Not just USA. Beginning of the mark.

  20. Yes yes yes! It's not only obvious, but these clowns what you to forget the character of Eloheim. And accept Him as some spaghetti squash dude who humbled Himself before these heathens! Indeed, judgement is being poured out!

  21. Jesus took me to heaven and showed me the bible in heaven. And he said man have mess with his word the bible .lots books missing from bible .And they twisted his words in the bible.

  22. It's a cam. .. karma gonna get them all ..the Romans the jesuits & the present day perverted aristocracy. . & all their slaves. .

  23. Thank you for this word. The original word is so important and brings so much light. I just want the truth – not the word twisted for some other purpose.


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