Protests in Ottawa in support of veterans in Canada, police arrest several demonstrators | WION

Police has arrested several people in Canadian Capital of Ottawa after an anti-establishment march by 100 bikers. The latest demonstrations in Ottawa were against claimed government overreach

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Comment (34)

  1. There were Veterans on their motorbikes to pay their respects to the Veterans Memorial located on Parliament Hill…not protesting at all, however, the government decided -unilateraly , they were protesters and troublemakers.

  2. This doesn't have anything to do with veterans. The libertarians have simply managed to get everybody who has a grudge against anything to join in a general complaint about government overreach. The hope is that more people will vote against the sitting government and replace it with the Reform-Alliance (Conservative Party of Canada). That party is dominated by a market-libertarian ideology and, when in power, practices a type of indirect government overreach that's beyond the understanding of the typical protester. A previous leader of this party and past Prime Minister of Canada is Stephen J. Harper, now Chairman of the International Democratic Union. This should help to explain why so many Canadians have flat foreheads.

  3. They didn't show the attempted arrests….they tried but people starting lunging towards the cops "Without fear or hesitation"……the shit is getting real here!

  4. USA and Canadian governments are restricting their own people to live freely, people's raise your voice they are working like dictators.

  5. Although people were arrested, it was a blatant trap set up by the police. The people marching were led into a restricted area where police were waiting, then corralled and arrested. Shameful actions by the Ottawa police and the Canadian government. Of course legacy media was there to capture it all on film and creat the story they wanted to present to the public.

  6. Thank everyone for your support from Barrie Canada. 22 days spent on Wellington and was back there this weekend too support the vets. Love you all. God bless 🙏

  7. Dictator turd was never "forced" to deploy the emergency act and his brown shirts police onto peaceful protesters… his boss Klaus Schwab probably wanted him to crack down on opposition. And the dictator did what a dictator does: apply tyranny.

  8. does this look like anything is out of control? There is no protest allowed in canada unless it is sanctioned & allowed by the 'governments'

  9. The news forgot to mention canadian PM likes to hide. From real issues in canada. Worries about fixing the world before fixing whats wrong in his own backyard. No leadership at all. Truth product of a coward.

  10. This was about veterans to show respect and give thanks for freedom. there were plenty of other movements for freedom there. We are not free in Canada. It has become a Liberal Commy hell hole. The police had no business there. They have "marching orders" really Justin Trudeau and toe government should be sanctioned and given some sh it from the global democratic nations.

  11. Generally I like the way you report things but you were factually incorrect in so many ways with this here that I gave a dislike.

  12. Excuse me?! The government was NOT forced to invoke war measures against it's own citizens, it CHOSE to do so. Please check your facts before broadcasting as this is yet one more example of misleading reporting and makes your station look silly.

  13. Canada has descended into totalitarianism. Trudeau has sold the people's freedom down the river to slavery.

  14. The clowns aren't supporting any veterans in Canada. In fact it seems like they are not quite sure what they are protesting about. Exactly what freedom are they all claiming they lost? Trying to figure that one out for a few months now. It's as if they are lost & wandering around in a brain fog.

  15. The Canadian government has a long history of political involvement with nazism – one of the main focuses has been the residential homes to which native ethnic children were forcibly removed for a century and a half up to twenty years ago. (‘Hidden history’ David Annett (?) ‘Hidden No More’). I am trying to work out WION’s political base – it is not clear to me but if you do wish to reach significant depth in your coverage you might research this area – it involves systematic rape, torture, surgical experimentation, and lethal infection – and in collusion with German doctors even in the period of the Second World War. If this station is simply glossy contemporaneity – never mind though you might reflect that these forces – nazi (socialist totalitarian) in character – have again been given their political head after 85 years and underpin the program/outlook of the World Economic Forum, and any and everyone who ignores them almost certainly will come to face them.

  16. The Canadian Mounted Police in the mandate protest that took place with the truckers were Not Regular Police. THEY WERE RUSSIAN ARMY GROUP Trudeau hired to HURT AND BULLY the protesters.


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