Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TEDxUMKC

Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his documentary film CRAZYWISE explores what can be learned from individuals who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience.

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  1. Psychedelic psychotherapy. I used psilocybin as a catalyst to help me awaken. It’s true what they say. Once you awaken you can never go back to sleep. Instead you see how many around you are still slumbering. I want to help others awake too.

  2. 😭💝💝💝
    I went bonkers aka had a spiritual awakening when my 6th son was 8 months old. It was crazy y'all. I had deliverance. I prayed and repented of everything I could think of. I ran away from my home with my family. I was seeing demons. Having beautiful worship experiences with the Holy Spirit. I thought everyone was trying to control me. Lo, these 6 years later, I have come through that fire. No drugs. Just Jesus❤ Synchronicities, or God jokes😂, used to bother me, now I find them funny. It's so sad that most folks this happens to get drugged up and convinced they are crazy. You are not. You are different. You are powerful. I now own a dance studio, homeschool my 6 boys, am active in our homeschool group, etc. Always wished I could have a mentor in this, that respects my Christian beliefs💝

  3. I had a "Psychosis", It really makes you a different but better person. I always gravitate to doing the right thing in it and i believe is that your true self is taking over and tells you, that's how you are at the deepest level. It was my third but less intense than the second and the second was less intense than the first.

  4. After my mom's stroke in 2016, i developed many mental disorders along with my OCD, including schitzoprhenia, psychosis, anxiety and depression and was also diagnosed with autism, which my mom had a feeling i ''may have a touch of''. Soon, i started having issues where my brain or thoughts in my head which i believe are from demons or negative spirits/energies would tell me to do weird things or i'd have bad luck or a bad day. They told me to turn my plate of food upside down and then put it back in the plate, in order to have good luck and succeed in what i wanna do, touch under or around my feet, if i supposedly stepped in a spot where my brain assumed negative energy was, keep my shirt up a little over my torso to keep negative energy off of my shirt, because years before my mom's stroke, i had an OCD problems where i believed if my mom spanked me in a certain shirt, i had to change it, because then it had bad luck. I also thought i specific shirt or pair or pants affected how others would treat me, whether negatively or positively and still do, because i believe some shirts have ''good luck'' or ''bad luck''. My brain also tells me if i don't take back having negative thoughts or something i did wrong in my my or out loud, then i will continue having bad luck or a sequence of bad and annoying things happening to me until i do. And i also have problems I'd also have new issues piled up if i didn't listen to the thoughts, where the demons would fix it where i can't take stuff back, but before that, i had issues where i'd hear thoughts telling me that my demons will never leave me alone and will stay with me, no matter what, as with some people, as my foster dad from my first home in extended foster care told me his mom has psychosis and demons, and they bothered her up until her death and that was her only freedom. When i first ended up in foster care in 2019, after several bakeracts, with one of the very last ones leading up to my foster care placement, i said to myself that my mom wouldn't want me in foster care, as she had been in a nursing home for a couple of years by then after her stroke, and i had flashbacks of her yelling at me and beating me and said i hope she dies. I had said that a few times and never meant it. THEN i regretted it and said if my mom dies, then my demons will win and never leave me alone. Then a few days later, i went to a meeting with my family where they told me she died. And then i was very devastated and i blamed myself for years and still do. And i also said a year later that if my granddad (my step-granddad, to be exact) gets sick and dies (as he had a mild stroke a year prior to my mom, which lead to his loss of legs that year and the next year my mom had a stroke, due to his diabetes), then i know FOR SURE my demons will win and never leave me alone. Then all of a sudden maybe a week later, i found out from my grandma (by calling her) that my granddad had fell ill and had got in contact with someone with COVID and i called everyday to check on him and she said they were getting ready to move him to hospice. I got so worried and knew for sure he wouldn't make it. People were telling me to pray, but in my heart, i knew it wouldn't work. He then died days later, and my grandma was very sick with a cold at the time and had to rest for a while up until the funeral, which was a graveside service. I was VERY heartbroken and i couldn't believe. It was the worst feeling ever. Now i've lost two important people in my life. Then this year, i got back in contact with my aunt, my mom's adopted paternal half-sister, and she helped me move from a group home where i was being mentally, verbally, psychologically and emotionally abused by the staff and she worked things out to help me move in a group home near her, where i am now, and she kept telling me i need to move on from my mom's death, even though everyone misses her, other than me, because life has to go on and she was getting annoyed that i constantly talked about wanting to die and be with her and was always negative, So i got frustrated and asked God to one day let her know what it's like to lose a mom, then all of a sudden i found out her mom, my step-grandma, was in the hospital, and that she died later that day, a few days before i moved. I was devastated, because i never meant for it to happen that way and i loved my step–grandma to death. She also had a graveside service, but i didn't to go because it was in southern Florida and I'm in Tallahassee where my aunt lives, and her parents and most of her family lives in Daytona. I know my demons caused it and i am very angry at them, but they force me to do everything they say OR ELSE things will go horribly wrong, and they wen this far, who knows how far they'll go next. My demons are the worst thing that's happened to me. But they're also the best, because they got me in touch with my spiritual and psychic side, and i know there's something more to this reality and that there's truth in every belief system and religion and that spirituality is real, because most of my thoughts, especially the bad ones, will come true, if i let them and i know that's not apart of the natural world. It's definitely spiritual!!!!!!! I've lost other loved ones before and in between them, like my great-grandma, a third cousin and two great aunts. I have faith that i'll see them again one day, for sure! Anything is possible! I pray for everyone going through this. God bless you all!!

  5. This video was posted in 2014 and it's amazing to think about what has went on with the Human Experience since then (now in 2021) and how many people have experience their Spiritual Awakening in this time. It's so common now we are mostly free to talk publicly about it and the field of Psychology is slowly recognizing it as a real thing.

  6. When he told the story of the woman hearing voices, for anyone who knows about DMX, he said a similar thing about the voices and personalities he had within him. As destructive as some of them appeared to be, to himself and those who would witness it, he said he needed all of them to get him through life.
    The human brain is the most powerful, fascinating and scary thing I am aware of.

  7. “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.”

  8. The thing is, benevolent Spirits of higher energetic realms would never need any kind of animal sacrifices and blood shed. They don’t need anything material in order to give us signs or messages, let alone such brutality.
    The spirits that are mentioned here that need blood of animals in order to give you some information are lower astral entities that are hungry and still attached to earthy desires. Better to stay away from that.

  9. something strange is happening to me….like I know I’m becoming what I should become …it’s scary even though it’s what I WANT AND NEED.

  10. The claim of seeing demons/angels is just a coping, protective mechanism of the human brain in case of severe damage, of disturbance or danger. Nothing else.

    I'm working in the field of Psychiatry now.

    People tell stories, it's interesting. However, there are the fact of what is actually happening to their health: the reactions, the coping mechanism.

  11. It's interesting, but sometimes you actually have a mental illness that needs to be managed by medications. For me, my life was always a nervous wreck before medications, and now with the medications I'm able to think more clearly unlike before. I still have my empath abilities.

  12. I briefly met Phil Borges in Seattle years ago at an art gallery when his photographic images of Tibetan refugees were displayed. It is an absolute shame that the images of his travels and indigenous people are not able to be viewed in this TEDx Talk!

  13. Please, whoever experiences spiritual awakening – search info, and in the best case search for shamans close to you. Every area has them. Im doing it now and I'm getting so much support, and clarity, and peace. Someone who has experiences similar things can help you understand and make you to become one of the healthy balanced awakened souls. Be ready to be positively surprised how helpful it is <3 try to get rid of the western medicine "antipsychotics" soon if you're having them, but do it smoothly and a bit by bit. They won't help you. Spiritual awakening is not sickness, its the opposite of it. It is meant to heal you and possibly others.

  14. Psalm 139| Proverbs 1:7| Revelation 12 vs 7-11

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Study Observe & Analyse The Bible It’s The Only Truth.


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