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Comment (48)

  1. Our people are addicted to SWINE and so much more foods. We should fast from meat 3 days a week.

  2. We have the power to rebuke these wicked demons when we collectively and they KNOW it so they poison the foods to keep us from our FATHER MOST HIGH. Check out the ๐Ÿ€ and ๐Ÿ– DNA.

  3. I believe this to be 100% true. But I need to see the Facts. Where is the interview? Where are the documents? I need more than just the word of a Man. Shalom.

  4. ๐Ÿ˜ณ what are we doing these days?!! This is absurd and it brought tears, anger and concern to me. I think Iโ€™m going back to vegetarianism/vegan. They donโ€™t even tell us and give us a choice to participate in this madness. Itโ€™s forced on us!

    As for vaccines, they say there is no alternative for MMR but I want to know what they used when I was a kid. This kind of research wasnโ€™t available back then. So that tells me they DONโ€™T want to use an alternative solution.

    Yah, please help us!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will definitely share!

  5. It's UNBELIEVABLE!!! How far will this keep going on? I'm not the Creator, but I would put a STOP TO THIS IMMEADIATELY!!! Thankfully I don't go to these Fast Food Places, but it is all creeping in to just about everything!! I will agree with the other comments here about Fasting, it's the only thing left to fight and cleanse the body.

  6. Powerful message!! Never knew so many foods out there with aborted child fetuses in it๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท. Not a damn thing organic

  7. I still can't find any proof that the cells are actually used in food production, just testing. I won't support any company that uses this method but it's misleading to say that the food actually contains aborted fetus cells

  8. McDonald's tells you on their sign "Billions and Billions served" most people over look what is right in their face.

  9. The Lord will protect and never forsake us regardless of what Babylon brings. Scripture tells us the Apostle Paul was bitten by a snake and it had zero effect on him. He has given us a spirit of victory, not of fear. Selah ๐Ÿ™

  10. Your not lieing black people dinners like soda mac fat back in greens hot sauce on the greens white rice and use tenderrizer on the meat fry the meat and eat sweet potato pie and if tell them they say this how i like thier heart been treat head hurting hand num cant pee cuase blood pressure high And THEY HEAR CANT HEAR YOU IF YOU YELL THEY WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING

  11. In Exodus, the second book of the pentateuch, we find bone-chilling reference to the practice of Hebrew ritual infanticide ordered by Yahweh himself in which the Hebrews loyal to their god had to consecrate (sacrifice) their firstborn son's as an offering to their lord, just like they were used to immolating the first offspring of their cattle, with the murdering of the firstborn males in Egypt by Yahweh (Exodus 13:2:12-15).

  12. Brother you should offer people what they should eat or drink if everything is tainted what shall we eat and drink. Soon I'm selling my house and truck. Buying a clunker truck and some land off grid. Then I can garden hunt and can my own foods. But tell then what can we eat and drink. Man cant live on fruits and vegetables alone.

  13. I believe it what i want to know is what to eat how to get seeds to grow our own food why is no one starting a community where ppl can come together and get out of this world

  14. Oh Most High, Righteous Father, how much longer are we to wait for your coming to judge this wicked people of this world.

  15. Thank you i share your videos to my fb an family an friends. Thank you . I live in Vegas . hopefully one dayvyou will come our way

  16. You have a new sub here.. This is a nightmare but it is reallity no one wants to hear it.i try to tell my sons they don't believe it im trying hard to eat healthy and get them to do the same a lot of fruits veggies organic items as much as we can one problem is being able to keep up and afford it i pray and pray. Fast food is nothing but garbage all that candy junk food garbage

  17. The lights are turned on. Thanks for this video. It saddens me that anyone would abort a child. I understand the food today is connected with evil.

  18. We ran out of Real Meat years ago…Look how they spilled all that oil in the Ocean… It caused issues rather You believe it or Not. I wondered why people started living off the grid.. building bunkers… buying tiny houses… The rich have been preparing for decades… They are tired of sharing this planet with us… Lord Help Us ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  19. Wow this was in my prayer this morning. I was telling YaHuaH what they the medical and food industry is doing to us, I also ask YaHuaH to put on them the wicked those that hate us, put these diseases on them and their children and on them that partake.

  20. I believe every word he saying because in 2013 they remove a hernia and put mesh in there and 4yrs. later it eroison through out my body I vwas so sick everyone thought I was going to die in the hospital for 6months had lite stroke and all but I was in the truth and I truly thank Yah

  21. Do not eat Chinese food. Its poor quality food imported from China where there is no FDA and no oversight.
    Chinese restaurant owners don't eat the food they serve their patrons. Almost everything imported from China is toxic or poisonous. And it wouldn't surprise me if the ungodly people of China were slowly poisoning us clueless, naive Americans.

  22. I am afraid you are telling the truth Minister of Wellness. It's tough and just when I think I got it, they slip an ingredient in the food that shouldn't be there. I wish, I could stay in the spirit and avoid all processed foods and ingredients.

  23. So you said there using it TO TEST PRODUCTS, which thats bad enough but are they ACTULLY USING THE FETUSES AS AN INGREDIENT IN THE FOODS?


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