Putin claims taking control of Mariupol, 'block off Azovstal plant so not even a fly can escape'

According to reports, the city of Mariupol, the key port city for which the battle been raging on in Ukraine for almost about eight weeks, Russia has now claimed that it has managed to secure control over the whole of Mariupol except for the Azovstal steel plant.

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Comment (46)

  1. I can smell 👃 World War 3 in front of our door steps.The Passover was unrest no peace in Jerusalem very pleasing God have Mercy on us.

  2. It's a lie,I just know why most media houses report negative image about Russia, Putin said he guarantee their lives and health. How about all the humanitarian aids to those that have been liberated. Una no go show am na bcos say Una hate Putin

  3. This we know it since 3 days only remaining is Azovstal plant we know why because it has a zigzag maze design which is 6 floors underground and just to avoid the loss or army of Russia it is blocked. Wion is too late in everything😂😂😂. Citizens are well fed by Russia army to Mariupol your reporting is full of lies. Wion 👎👎👎👎👎

    Check the YouTuber video of Patrick Lancaster about Mariupol ….. Real live videos are done as he is personally there in Mariupol. And to be honest Mariupol is taken in control since 3 days by Russia except Azovstal. Don't worry it will be taken

  4. Cannibalism is an option if they can stomatch it, poor civilians will be the first to go if that happens.


  6. Disgrace Putin, what he is doing to Ukraine people. Putin will not stop until he takes the whole Ukraine. I am surprised with America, the UK and Europe alow this happening.

  7. NATO forces in that steel plant must be having the time of their life. They are enjoying to the fullest

  8. Ukrainian are shooting at civilians who are trying to use the corridors and leave the area for weeks. Wions proves to be seriously biaised reporting.

  9. It is disgusting that they are starving the people to death Russia is evil and in the end of Russia will fail and evil will never prevail

  10. Let's clarify this:

    Putin actually is winning wars, physically and mentally:
    1) We are only thinking Russia is losing because we depends too much on western medias with numbers. We were being told and brainwashed by western medias about the number of dead Russian's soldiers. But the numbers were never being proven. Just look Mariupol, despite Putin can end quickly those remaining Azov, Putin decided to just surrounded them, and wants to make them surrender.

    2) Russia is stalling times. It's not that Russia couldn't take control of Ukraine, it's just it might be part of the plan. The longer this wars continue, the longer NATO's leaders have to focus on Ukraine, rather than their own country. Just look at what happened in France, the rising of the citizens, asking for Macron to focus more on national interest first, which boost Le Pen.

    3) The reason Russia might not end Mariupol quickly, perhaps has to do with the objective to "lower" Ukraine's Azov's moral. Announcing Ukraine's soldiers have give up, might not just demotivated other remaining soldiers in other cities, but might put NATO's leaders on pressure from it's own citizens. Why keep fueling the war, keep arming soldiers who already surrender, hence wasting tax money. With many already suffered from pandemic, the facts that the goverments wasting money to help people in Ukraine, while citizens are facing high living cost.

    Western sanctions, rather than affect Russian, already affected western folks itself. Imagine if the war is prolonging, how long will the NATO/EU/USA's leader has to keep talking about Ukraine, and keep pouring the money to Ukraine, when that money actually could help improve the life of their own citizens?

    Just watch how Russia published a video about 2 British soldiers captured, and ask help from Britain. The objective is to demotivate volunteers from NATO's nations, and at the same time show how Russia threat captives compare to Zelensky's threat Russians.

  11. They should have surrendered when it was inevitable that they were defeated. "Fighting to the death" is NOT a war winning strategy. Zelensky is a pathetic commander-in-chief for allowing the fighting to continue.

  12. He triumphs on rubble but the war is not finished yet. watch this page. Also, Putin killed more than 26000 of his own population many young men 20 years of age Good luck with your success.
    Somebody should blow up the bridge Putin build across the sea between Crimea and Russia.

  13. All this for what ! No economy , no medicine , no power @ water ! Just miles of ruin ! Just surrender and all this won't happen .

  14. Zelensky should think twice not always using his comedian mouth. This is a serious threat for Russia what did Zelensky doing military activities in eastern part of ukraine with idiot US and NATO alliance

  15. Sometimes I want to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when He could do something about it but I'm afraid He just might ask me the same question

    Rule 97. Human Shields
    Rule 97. The use of human shields is prohibited.
    Volume II, Chapter 32, Section J.
    State practice establishes this rule as a norm of customary international law applicable in both international and non-international armed conflicts.

    Human shields are legally protected persons—either civilians or prisoners of war—who are either coerced or volunteer to deter attacks by occupying the space between a belligerent and a legitimate military target.[1] The use of human shields is forbidden by Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions. It is also a specific intent war crime as codified in the Rome Statute, which was adopted in 1998.

    ZELENSKY MUST DEMAND his soldiers free all civilians at Mariupol plant.

  17. Russia invade,destroid a peacefull coutrie,a very friend peopple wed ties in russia..a peopple that did nothing rong and being victims of horrible war crimes by russia..havent we lern nothing wed the pass? Is this kinde of peopple that you want for the world peace by force? Is there freedom that are in stake here,they fighting for there coutrie? I think this is not the way! Russia is rong! Complitle rong! May God bless all Humanity!

  18. I have never seen a leader like Ze lesk how com u allow a country to be devastated like that because of ego , that the problem of choosing un wise leader

  19. Of course, Putin would want it blockaded, so the civilians and troops can die from starvation. That would delight him. This whole thing makes me so so sick and nobody can go up against this monster

  20. Sweet Lugh. I knew that the city will fall by the weekend. I am sad for the people who are still in that forsaken city.


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