Putin orders to block Mariupol's steel plant completely | Ukraine-Russia Conflict | WION

According to reports, the city of Mariupol, the key port city for which the battle has been raging on in Ukraine for almost about eight weeks, Russia has now claimed that it has managed to secure control over the whole of Mariupol except for the Azovstal steel plant.

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Comment (36)

  1. Stupid when the man lash them..u going to hear genocide, human rights,propoganda groups…no rush save the innocents but the warriors getting trashed……

  2. First they take Mariupol then London New York and Berlin ha ha !! . Maybe you should enjoy your gefilte fish while you can still get it?

  3. Putin is desperate to be able to claim some sort of victory. I knew he would fall back to this. I thought people said he was smart, very predictable. And lol at all these comments here praising that little scared coward. Any man not willing to fight in his own wars is not a man. He's just a despot. Just like all those other pathetic losers of leaders we have around (except for Zelensky*). All the good he did for Russia he washed away. Many Russian lads died for nothing and many Ukrainians died for nothing. Well, not entirely true, they died so Putin could deal with his cold war ptsd.

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  5. yesterday, there was many MSM videos that show Civilians & Children, in the Steel Plant's "Bunkers"– as Human Shields…


    capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Putin is a murderous psychopath. He's the very definition of one. It's shocking how ignorant people are about psychopaths. Humanity cannot afford to be ignorant of psychopaths.

    Psychopaths have caused human suffering for millennia. Yet people still believe their lies, even as they watch psychopaths torture, rape, and murder men, women, and children.

    The power of psychopaths to convince people of lies, even when those people have evidence contrary to those lies, is gaslighting. Look at their ACTIONS, not their words!

  8. The elite daisy putatively influence because arrow weekly remove to a orange skiing. lush, kaput receipt

  9. Goodness Will Reigns in the Name of God the Father Almighty and Lord Jesus Christ AMEN πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ•ŠοΈ

  10. The azov are waiting for Putin to sign and on his knees deliver surrender papers…. no civilians there. Azov have conscripted all for human shields…

  11. Putin big tough guy murdering innocent civilians and you comment cowards express his intelligence. May what happened to these poor innocent Ukrainian civilians happen to you and your families. For what reason not excuse did Adolf Putin invade Ukraine. None!

  12. This Ukrainians are cowards
    A brave soldier can never hide instead of defending his territories and the west are chorusing praises on them wish is laughable
    On either way u access the situation Russia have already taken over mariopol hate it or love it

  13. It is the sending of our weapons that caused this war which started in 2014 with shelling of the Donbas by the extremist nationalists. Russia tried peaceful options since then with Minsk II but continually blocked by Washington. The Ukranian public are not involved with the fighting but only the victims. The shelling of public buildings is conducted by an extremist minority of militant nationalists armed by NATO. Captured British soldiers are already revealing these revelations having been surprised how misled we were after arriving to Ukraine.

  14. Let's just admit it. Russia has captured Mariupol. Yes, it sucks but saying they failed "fully" capture the place is just a big lie and a farce. What's a steel factory compared to the rest of the city? Answer? Barely much, especially when the soldiers inside are barely holding up.

    But this war is far from over. Ukraine will keep fighting and hopefully they can actually liberate Mariupol in the future.

  15. Unlike the Ukrainian government, who prefers to see its own soldiers being killed to the last man, in a hopeless situation for media attention, Putin cares about the lives of his forces.
    if I can believe the media, the Ukrainian government has ordered these men not to surrender and to shoot anyone who tries to do so.
    Not that I care about these despicable Nazi's or the mercenaries who are willing to kill other human beings for financial gain, but it's at best immoral to let young men die for no good reason.
    Sending in Russian troops to sweep the maze underneath the plant will come at a high cost for his forces and most probably result in a certain death of any civilian held hostage by the Azov battalion.
    The forces left in Azovstal are in a hopeless situation. They can't flee, can't be re-enforced, re-supplied or re-armed.
    They are low on food and water and only have 2 options, surrender or die of deprivation.

    Putin only needs to hold the position and wait to get this resolved.
    It may take a few days or a few weeks, but they can easily win this battle without even firing a single shot.
    Ukraine tries to paint this as a sign of weakness, while it's actually just common sense.

  16. When the war started, comment section used to fill with support to Ukraine and now I hard find any comment supporting Ukraine . People now seem to understand the ground reality..

  17. Putin is so merciful and cares for his soldiers. yes, there is not point to risk Russian soldiers' lives as those rebels will have no where to run anywhere.
    They will surrender sooner or later.
    Another Russia does not have to be blamed for civilians deaths in case they are held human shields>>

  18. This is the guy people want to be friends with that's sick as sick as he is.

    His order is to starve the people out there's women and children and grandparents in there how could anybody do business with this guy whoever supports the beast financially should also be punished at least the leaders and I'm not talkin about financially I'm talking about court-martial by a military Tribune and to put to death.


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