Putin’s Energy War Against Europe, Explained

Putin’s Got a Few More Tricks Up His Sleeve
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Putin’s next move won’t be nukes. Instead he’s using a weapon he’s been holding on to for decades. Let me show you the moves and counter-moves of the next phase of the war in Ukraine.

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Comment (28)

  1. It is a win/win situation! They get to spend billions on weapons that they or their supporters own. Millions of little people off their world. Putin is getting rid of extra Russians too. Now they just need to figure out how to kill 6.5 billion more people to make room for the people they want to keep as slaves.

  2. To be honest, the video is very outdated although it just came out. Europe has relatively protected itself in terms of oil and gas. However, Putin began to hit critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine (this is a direct war crime), which left many people without electricity, and if Ukraine used to supply part of the excess electricity to Europe (many factories stopped production because of the war, there was an excess), now Ukraine stopped the export of electricity, which will affect Europe. This is a low act, and it will bring a lot of discomfort to people, but will it change the outcome of war? – Apparently not. It may have worked in the past, but for now the Western world has reached a consensus that Putin cannot be allowed to win, given the criminality of his actions and sheer arrogance. At stake is not just Ukraine and its people. In the event of Putin's victory, a precedent will be created that it is possible to seize the territories of other countries if you have nuclear weapons and they do not, which will lead to a general nuclearization, the dictate of force and, as a result, a wave of new conflicts around the world.

  3. In Romania, there is the same fairy tale with the fox and the wolf, but instead of the wolf, there is a bear. Either the Romanians copied the Russians or the Russians the Romanians.

  4. Although there are storage of energy in the EU (and I could argue this video is fear mongering)
    Everyone and their great great grandmother argued to the EU NOT to be completely dependent on Russian gas and try to expand
    Germany said it was to promote unity and so they won’t be dragged into a war like the us
    and that’s exactly what happened

  5. if the western political elite werent vultures who served capital alone, they wouldve transitioned to renewable energies decades ago in the face of climate collapse and this would not be a problem. Global capital is the catalyst for the demise of human civilization

  6. I haven't heard anything for months about whether or not the United States is shipping oil and natural gas to European countries. Is the US doing that and trying to pick up the slack to help our Europe or no ? Anybody know ?

  7. Winters in NJ are pretty cold. def -15 sometimes. I've turned the heat off for a few days. The house doesn't drop to the outside temp. Its not like your opening the windows. My house stayed around 50 or so. We have this magical stuff called insulation!

  8. It is also worth mentioning that electricity consumption in Germany is 30% lower YoY this month, which is highly impressive and will definitely contribute to the smoothness of the winter.

    Oh and btw. Crimea is Ukraine.

  9. The end sums it up. He can't lose. If he loses Putin will no longer be in power. I honestly think that's when the Nukes come out. You can't put a warrant out him on war crimes. Because if he knows he's dead he mind as well take everyone out with him. That's when the Nukes come out. So the only hope is renewable energy. Every time Putin bets wrong he seems to raise the stakes so the thought of that is scary.

  10. Okay ,not fan of Putin ,but let’s talk facts
    NATO and US
    Over throwing Ukrainian government
    New government throws all of the old political opponents in jail
    Starting war with Russian people in Ukrainian
    Arming the neo nazis
    Ban the Russian language
    Stopping water supply to Crimea
    Started ant Russia movement
    Then poking Russia by join the NATO
    And many more,
    NATO and US need to going Ukrainian and Taiwan and poking everyone
    On the Russia side
    Stealing money by freezing all assets
    Punishing Russian expects
    Blowing pipelines
    Dictating oil prices
    Many more countless

    West refugee to peace talk
    I don’t think this war ends with good results
    I hope immediately end the conflict save ppl …

  11. This guy literally reading wiki pedia articles and news headlines , talking like he is an expert in international relations . And asking for ur money $ for support. Omg putin is stopping the gas 😩 even though we freeze his assests and send billions to k!ll his people and use his neighbour as battle ground. Dumb@$$ stop the propoganda and bring the clown doing photo session to the negotiation table. Jesus how dumb are these people

  12. You have cartoonishly exaggerated the pro-Russian/anti-sanction movement in Germany. It's literally just the far-right, far-left, and Russian immigrants. 78% of Germans support sanctions on Russia.

  13. There is a saying in Russia that when you've said A you should say B. You said A = USEU fighting the proxy war. Your omitted B is “USEU had malicious intent towards Russia before 02/2022”.

    Paraphrasing the definition in wiki: A proxy war is an armed conflict between [Ukraine and Russia], [where Ukraine] act at the instigation or on behalf of [USEU] that are not directly involved in the hostilities.

    Let me explain. There are two levels of this.

    First is whole Russian mass media narrative. Here it is as it is presented from the beginning in 02/2022: USEU were plotting war against Russia. So they secretly invaded Ukraine (in 2014) and get in control of it to prepare their strike. President Putin saw this. To prevent possible aggression and save Russian people he stroke first. Since USEU plains failed, their moved to open war support because this is what they wanted from the beginning. Now they fighting open proxy war to destroy Russia. Because they hate Russians, want to enslave them andor for other villainous reasons.

    So when you say “we, EU, fighting proxy war”, Russian hear “we, EU, hate you, Russians, and want to enslave you”. That is: you helping Russian propaganda by giving proof to lies.

    Second is in definition of proxy war above. You said A = proxy war. You meant B = we instigated it. We all know the true reasons for EU support. Those are many but the core reason is to prevent such events, so it never happen again. To protect EU from possible future aggression. That makes EU “directly involved” because that is the answer to direct threat. Since there was no direct threat before Russia started it, there was no instigation. Since there was no indirect instigation and in the beginning Ukraine was acting of their own (defending their land) there is no proxy war.

    So it removes argument of self-protection. If there were no self-protection and you still admit that proxy war exists then there was malicious intent? Literally as Russian propaganda said. (The same goes for reason of “EU just support Ukrainians” and other reasons to start war – those cannot be the reasons for instigation. And since there is none then only malicious intent left.)

    In both cases you literally say “We fighting proxy war because we had malicious intent about Russia”. So maybe you should not say that? Because really EUUS had no malicious intent. Or had they?

  14. I find this statement "As we know this really started in February on a physical battlefield with a full scale invasion." debatable. I would say everything started with the civil war in 2014 and the and the breakdown of Minsks agreements. Then in in February on a physical battlefield with a full scale invasion but I do not think that is the beginning of the underlying conflict.

  15. As a Ukrainian, I want to thank all countries that help us fight this evil. Unlike the US and the UK, other counties didn’t sign the Budapest memorandum with us and didn’t pledge to protect our sovereignty. Although, you still help us. That is the reason why we chose pro-Western path and why you can be proud of yourselves. You proved that you are a new generation of human kind that protects peace and justice.


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