Putin’s New Plan in Ukraine

I Mapped Every Day of the Ukraine War
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I mapped every day of the war in Ukraine to try and understand who’s winning, what the goal is, and what happens next.

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This is a developing story and it’s moving quickly. Since we recorded this video Russia has taken massive steps to implement their annexation playbook over the eastern regions of Ukraine. My hope is that this video can provide a foundation for you to understand the major building blocks of this strategy so that you can follow the news incoming weeks and months to see how this plays out.

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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Comment (41)

  1. The timing of your video is almost scarily accurate, noting that Putin has just moved to officially annex the four regions in Russian control in the last half hour.

  2. That video of a young Russian man having his friend break his leg to avoid the draft is epic. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

  3. love you johnny im going to buy your course from a few years ago. but, you need a fact checker, please you are saying the right things but sorta shaky in the wrong order sometimes. across many of your videos, have a good day

  4. Of course putin may lose due to Ukraine having the west supply weapons and defenses lmao, if there isn't Russia can annex them with ease

  5. Fact-low summary, good as far as it goes. You could have included a bit more detail for your audience on what the people really wanted, how many had left the occupied regions, the regular independent polls on whether people wanted to join Russia, and of course the 2019 election, and that the people spoke even before then. You made it look like a majority wanted to join Russia. They didn't. You also missed the seeding of the occupied territories with Russians at the same time the Ukranians were forced to flee from there for their lives, and the deportations, particularly of minorities like the Tartars, that was happening while the internet etc was being cut off.

  6. I feel like this video ended without a conclusion.

    I don't think Putin was delusional enough to think Ukraine would bowe to them…
    However I do think he underestimated their resolve.

    Where do we go from here?
    I'd like to see your reaction video to that question.

  7. Thankfully there are scholars much much smarter than this guy, available on YouTube,
    to explain this war. It's your tax dollars being spent here. It's not a game; your kids will be paying for this for many years.

  8. He never planned to take kiev. He just wanted to draw their focus there while he gains control of other key areas. Common johnny you're smarter then that

  9. Annexation = what israel does to palastenian and syrian lands for 70 years, yet you only focus on the "poor" ukraine.

    Foolish double standards.

  10. You have not mentioned why this war started back on 2014. You didn’t mention the western backed coup. You didn’t mention the NATO creep east. You didn’t mention that the wests creep east was a red line for Putin.

  11. Let me start by saying Putin is nuts and the things that the Russian military is doing are completely wrong and terrible, now with that being said, was this war “unprovoked”? I heard an argument about this recently and the fact that the US has been meddling with Ukrainian politics for over a decade makes me think that there is something more. From what I understand the US interfered with the Ukrainian civil war and changing of the government. I am just wondering how we would respond to Russia interfering with our largest neighbor’s election. In addition to that everything involving Biden, Trump and Ukraine has to have a bearing on the current invasion. I think that it would be a very interesting video topic to go into extreme depth about how the US, Ukraine, and Russia connect in the past decade+.

  12. Can you actually debate that Putin is not actually liberating Russian speaking people in the Donbas and Luhansk or you prefer arts and craft

  13. Why would younger generation vote for the same old sh#t that has caused so much suffering in the world. USA & UK going into Iraq and Libya to steal their rescources. At least Russia is helping the donbass. Dont forget to tell your public about the failed peace processes. That's why Russia pulled back out of Kiev because Ukraine had fooled Russia by regrouping. Free the Donbass.

  14. The war didn’t start when Russia annexed Crimea. No, the conflict was there in Donbas way before the annexation of Crimea. Please get your facts right. I love when you did boarders but it’s like your also joining the masses in putting out propaganda.

  15. Putin hurricane is coming to Ukraine to safe guard Russian speakers in the East of river Dnieper and southern Ukraine.!!

    Predatory USA- Collective West went after Russian resources in the late 90s – when Russian federation was in shambles under Yeltsin till 2000.

    Instead of helping Russian, USA- Collective West was posed to rape Russian industry, its massive resources.

    Proud Russian people were left in extreme poverty, living on potato's only – Massive privatization, by Anatoly Chubais, ( USA owned man) gave way to corruption, criminality and the rise of oligarchs. Much of the economy was controlled by the mafia.

    Than Putin became the Russian federation president. Form 2000 till 2010 a decade with help from other Russians, who could see the pain public faced. Putin team engineered the recovery of Russian federation -A major sucess with pain !

    Putin faced alone the way USA engineered Chechnya uprising and trouble in other regions, till Russian forces slowly took control and cleaned external funded elements at great cost of life.

    The US-Collective west planned Dream of regime change in Moscow is OVER. Russian people see through US-collective west agenda and days of West divide and Rule are coming to an end. !!

    Thank You Mr Putin !

  16. 😂 Russia never wanted Kyiv, Kyiv was a decoy, remember majority of his soldiers were stationed in the south close to Donbas. That is Russia tactics of war, they don’t go direct, they create a diversion and Ukraine sent all their troops to Kyiv and they forget the Donbas, before they realize it was distraction it was too late. Russia knows keeping the capital is a big job he doesn’t want that. You will be centered in the middle and all attacks will come from different angles, but Donbas is a very strategic location. South is the sea/ocean and north is the land.


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