Qatar to help Germany cut reliance on Russian oil amid Ukraine conflict | World English News | WION

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions imposed by the West has created a global energy crisis. Now, South Korea and Germany held energy talks in Qatar.

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Comment (45)

  1. Middle East Countries should not forget “ how US and it’s western Allies created chaos, conflicts, instability and destruction and killed millions of innocent civilians in countries there🤔


  3. So, we can see the sanctions on Russia will be permanent. Three years before Germany can accept LNG. Russia could be in the EU before then, if it was wanted.

  4. Thats like ordering your instant food delivery from another country. The shipping charges alone will be a whopper.

  5. And finally Muslim accept slavery of West and this muslim lecture india about inclination toward west.

    Slave Qatar

  6. What a situation, especially for the Green Party in the German government since they always talked against the entire Middle East and stated that nothing would justify a compromise on this – now they have to swallow their own words.
    It all just shows how stupid and short sighted German politicians are. They could have pressured Ukraine to stop the NATO nonsense and to rather implement Minsk 2. Instead, German gov (Merkel and now Scholz) kept quiet … not understanding that Russia as military superpower would at one point stop the nonsense in Eastern Ukraine where Ukranian gov was slaughtering Russians, anyway astonishing that Russia had 8 years of patience with Ukraine. So my take on this: Behind Ukraine itself, Germany is the biggest loser of this entire conflict. We are now without energy supply, without military, without reliable partners, and we have lost trust.

  7. Well when it’s over, Ukraine can supply Europe. Check Ukraines reserves online, one of the largest. I’m sure all the usual oil companies moving out of Russia and reinvest in bringing Ukraine Gas online, including oil. 🧐

  8. For standing tall,,,one way or another,,,,and helping the world hold russia accountable for their atrocities

  9. Wow Germany not coming India for gas it means India is not a super power. People go to super power for not to small countries like Qatar

  10. Biden giving Sanction to Russia or to Europe….?🤔

    The sanction no affect Russia..
    It's affecting all Europe countries…

    Worthless sanction
    Europe suffering for Gas and Crude oil.

  11. The Gulf countries should sanction the European countries that deliver weapons to Ukraine with oil embargo. The continuation of Russian-Ukrainian war threatens the world economy, food security and worsening the American originated inflation.

  12. "Oh look this country is commiting human right violations, let me cut trade with this country and trade with another country with arguably worse violations of human rights"

  13. When trump warned Europe to stop the dependents on Russia oil, they did not listen… Now they have woken up…

  14. Was ist mit Grubengasförderung im Bergbau bei Essen und Gelsenkirchen? Ist einbisschen gefährlich aber relative sauber. 🤔😮✨😍🥰🙏 Besser als russische Gase.

  15. Germany will be making a big mistake of buying oil from Qatar which does not have good relation with Saudi Arabia.

  16. Which solves nothing! You are still going to be reliant on Russia, because the UAE has to ship it to you, Russia has a pipeline right to you. It is going to cost much more, to have it shipped to you! Just grow some balls, tell the criminals in the US hypocrisy, to pound bricks, and continue with Russia. Otherwise, it is your loss Germany!!!

  17. Why does no news agency cover the fact that the United States stopped buying oil from Russian INCREASES world supply. It is Russia/OPEC that has raised prices.. There is more supply, not less.

  18. Thanks To Joe for the sanctions!! Very smart move until the rest is suffering!!! Peace talk would have been the best but now!!! It’s too late.

  19. This is what happens when one builds good cars 🚗 but what happens when the middle east realises Germany builds good electric cars,ha,ha,ha,he,he,he,elephant's eggs in a palm tree 🌴.

  20. All this thing of getting rid of Russian gas is just a waste of time, Europe is just scared like a cat of the U.S. and I can't understand why

  21. Germans have no oil, lol, as much as they trash other nations… they do not even have oil themselves. Hahahaha!

  22. Let them replace fuel oil with tears. replacing Gas with Brandon's fart. Other industries and factories will crash and not run well! economic turnover declined, and unemployment began to run rampant. Congratulations Brandon and friends. resolution?? Delusions? alternative? dream? let's go brandon LMAO

  23. Germany is going from one trap to another. And all this due to US dictate.
    Rather than going for Saudis or UAE Germany has chosen Qatar, the country which is latently supporting radicals all over world.

  24. european countries civilized why they are
    begging for oil & gas uncivilized countries like qatar & middle east hhhhh

  25. I can't believe that Ukraine is asking the middle east to support them. the middle east to support the US???? really?? after Europe and America destroyed the middle east and committed countless war crimes in MIDDLE EAST…I hope Qatar ignores the west…as the west continues to ignore Palestine and others.

  26. Trying to negotiate with russia is a great- but realizing they have larger geopolitical ambitions is smarter. This isn't just about the "donetsk" region of eastern ukraine


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