Qatar's Sudden Rise, Explained

Qatar was once one of the poorest nations, now they’re one of the richest. #shorts

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Comment (40)

  1. They also invested the money they made very wisely and have a massive portfolio including owning some of the world's largest companies and $40B of real estate in Britain.

  2. A totally unjust and prejudice overview to intentionally paint a negative narrative around the country.
    Totally disappointed by you Johnny Harris.
    Why did you totally neglect and ignore all the hard work they have put for 50 years to develop their country? You are ignorantly making it seem like they were just born into money.

  3. It's not "open ocean", it's the Persian gulf.
    Its not OIL for Qatar, it's GAS.
    Unlike most oil-rich countries they invested their money wisely and avoided being "liberated" by western countries, while buying whatever is worth buying in Europe… Make a video about that.

  4. Once a pearl hunter, always a pearl hunter. No matter how much cash they have, for us, they will always be middle eastern slaves who sucks D's. 🤭

  5. Saw your videos about qatar and corruption and world cup. Why don't you make videos about western aggression on islamic countries or that doesn't count as human rights violation to u guys

  6. He 's maybe just stating a fact.. but his extensive 'research' about dehumanizing foreign workers conditions is too focused on the near past in order to show up as an 'uncoverer', unveiling journalist which is very obvious in nowadays journalism, like enhancing some facets and deliberately not mentioning others, just not.. !! But deliberately doing that is what makes him as any other journalist.
    Besides he's stereotyping ignorant Americans by saying on and on "…in the middle of the desert..", like he 's imagining an island within the sand. 😉🤔😶

  7. Harris i love your channel and appreciate all the hard work you and your team do, but I really hate the way you describe qatar, every country in the world has its negatives and positive points, so i would appreciate your work more if you don’t focus on a single side, Thank you…


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