QUESTION: Are we allowed to Straighten up our beds on Shabbat (sabbath)

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Comment (27)

  1. The first conviction I had this year, was how come the Hebrew Calendar differs from Saturday observance versus Lunar observance. which point I had to reprogram according to the teachings of old . Sabbath is the NEW MOON and then every 7 Days after that …Saturday is irrelevant and God's divine Timepiece is the Moon…we have been thoroughly indoctrinated into a Gregorian calendar mentality, which is hard to deprogram. ..

  2. Yahusha says do good on my sabbath meaning study and turn away from doing evil ..but rest if can and do no pleasure such as sex, drinking and clubbing so on..some may have to work because of course you can't stop caring for residents in a nursing home or hospital.. will a man save his sheep that becomes lost and falls into a ditch on a sabbath..sure.
    Sabbath was made for man.. not man for sabbath.

  3. It's all about about common sense, we are not allowed to do any type of labour on the Sabbath. Making up a bed, brushing one's teeth, combing one's hair, heating food in an oven is not labour as cutting the lawn or cleaning the toilet.

  4. Every damn Saturday my mother would make us get up and clean the house 9am sharp. That shit is a tradition for her and she still does it.

  5. Personally, I wash before and prepare everything that I am going to eat. I do not do any work whatsoever including making the bed. Shalom

  6. Luke 14:5 New International Version (NIV)

    5 Then he asked them, “If one of you has a child[a] or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day, will you not immediately pull it out?”

  7. Shalom Sister Deborah,
    I would say no, simply because that seems to be in the same category as straightening the kitchen or straightening the bathroom or anything for that matter. Personally, I leave anything that is in the category of cleaning or straightening until after Shabbat. Everyone needs to be pursuaded in his or her own heart, but in my opinion, that's getting into the area of work.
    Shalom 😊

  8. Anything that I consider work is not done on the Sabbath. Straightening the bed counts as housework in my home. The most we do on the Sabbath is drive to church and back home again. When the sun sets we can go back to the daily routine.

  9. Here is my understanding of this matter. The preparation day is meant to set a lot of things in order. However, If the Yashua stop by for supper would you want him to walk into an unclean house. So in the spiritual so in the physical. The Levites work on the Shabbat preparing the sacrifice part of which was eaten to the hearts content. The point of the Shabbat is to rest and gather as a family and fellowship commune with Yah the Spiritual Father fellowshiping with Yisrael his children as in the natural. Then you are saying then that serving the food is work. Only if that work is done for higher. Do you leave a mess after you eat on the table so you can clear it the next day. What if a stranger stop and you have to serve him a meal. The point is not to get so work up with chores that the purpose of the Shabbat be forgotten.

    Yes . I do struggle with those same questions I am no better than anyone who responded to this. The Most High Yah is an El of order , righteousness and above all cleanliness. As your body is the temple of Yah, this should also be refflected outwardly but not to vain indulgence. I pray for my sake and all of us that what my understanding is correct and if not he will point me to the right way to rest not just in the flesh but in Him Spiritually. Hallelu-Yah .

    Again whatever misunderstanding I have in this regard Yah will lead me to the right way that his purpose may be fulfilled in my life Shalom. Blessings Yisrael..

  10. I make my bed everyday as soon as I'm done reading scripture and praying, just as I brush my teeth or wash my face. It is in my opinion a part of cleanliness and that is part of spiritual life, but in the end it's up to each individual's understanding of what The Most High meant by resting on the Shabbat (Sabbath).

  11. I would straighten up my covers. Since i have shabbat at my house i would want it to be clean when the ruach enters. I dont consider pulling covers up as work. I think we tend to confuse resting with being lazy on shabbat.

  12. I don't consider it work at all ! I don't sweat or exert any energy that may make me tired ! Making up one's bed , is like combing your hair or washing yourself off ! I believe in neatness and having a standard ! Making up your bed is part of my routine ! No exertion of extreme energy ! It's like you eat your meals and you leave a mess on the table ! No you put things away !

  13. I think this is a good representation of legalism. You cant do anything on Shabbat, no good works, don’t save your livestock that has fallen in a ditch. I know we aren’t to work but TMH knows what is good and acceptable. I just hope I can operate within what he finds good and acceptable.

  14. Is it permissible to cook on the Sabbath day? I know that Exodus says to set food aside in preparation, however Matthew says it is good to do good on this day. I’m feeling conflicted because sometimes my parents ask me to come over and help them cook on the Sabbath. Also other family members sometimes ask favors of me (such as asking me to do their hair or creative projects). Also what about weddings and birthday parties, it seems as if every event falls on the Sabbath? I don’t want to sin against The Most High by bending His law to suit my desires. I have been praying and struggling with this for awhile and any wisdom that can be provided would be much appreciated.

    May Yah bless you family!

  15. I always ask Abba Yah too lead and guide me by the power of his Spirit of truth. We have to be lead by the power of his set apart ruach. Ya'akov ( James) 2:10 For whosoever shall guard the whole Torah, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. KJV. I GUARANTEE you there is not one man or woman in this earth keeping all 615 of YAH'S commandments. A matter of fact he speaks too us daily, by his PROCEEDING WORD. We have to be lead by his Spirit and not by the letter of the law, somebody help me! That's scripture isn't it

  16. There's a such thing as bed making that others do for a living, so is it that if you're not getting compensated to do so does that make it okay to do on the shabbat, we can't say its alright to do because preparing for the shabbat should take care of any preparedness so that we could be task free, YAHUAH KNOWS WHAT WE'D HAVE TO DO LIKE PULL THE COVERS FROM OURSELVES THINGS LIKE THAT, BUT IBELIEVE WE ARE NOT TO DO THINGS LIKE MAKE THE BEDS, WHY,…CAUSE OTHERS DO THAT FOR A LIVING, SO IT MAKES IT WHAT SERVILE WORK CONSISTS OF IN ORDER TO BE LABELED AS SUCH, SHALUM IN YAHUAH📜

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