Ray Kurzweil says nanobots will connect your neocortex to the cloud

Futurist Ray Kurzweil talks with StarTalk Radio’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson about the expansion of the human brain that he predicts will happen in the 2030’s.

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  1. Kurzweil has a $10,000 bet going that we will achieve strong AI by 2029, and he says the way we will do this is by figuring out exactly how the brain works neuron by neuron, a process which is already proceeding exponentially . Therefore, since he says we will have the brain figured out by that time, figuring out how to upload skills and knowledge to it a few years later will just be a matter of course.

  2. Just flat out "NO" to you. He works with the parasitic, psychopathic rulers–just a minion of them and it is to control us not enhance us trust me. Nothing for us–we will be non-thinking, empty carbon units existing in time and space….

  3. They do it now..delivered via chemtrails…they just got to get the "victim" to agree.."hive mind", memory, intelligence, skills & emotion wipes…the new way criminals murder & takeover the wealth, intelligence & creativity of individuals..leaving them a vegetable..

  4. 2:27 'You can access all of knowledge' If that works anything like facebook or youtube, you will also get 'dinged' for accessing certain knowledge that they don't promote. Takes the 'Ooo-Ahh' right out of it. Now your brain can be edited, deleted, etc. That's a huge downgrade. Keep your AI and 'stupid devices' to yourselves. We need to figure out how to kill this shit.

  5. I swear there are the weirdest realities that are unfolding right now. There are extraterrestrials with ancient nano-tech technologies and it is far, far exceeding what the average person would accept as reality. If one was to tell someone the truth, most of the planet would accept it as insane. There is going to be an electral-based society with plenty of beings with shape-shifting capacities whom are made out of or infused with super-conductive materials and there will be an interconnected nano-tech element going on that is even infused in them. Telekinetic energy transfers in a world where people are more like transceivers. Also, using Thelemic sex practices and principles as an energy transfer and nutrition and to affect consciousness via light emissions and silver-fluids. No natural pregnancy in this population. No more typical family ethic in a more-so plug-n-play society. I don't know what all is going on but this will absolutely be a portion of the reality of the world that the world is heading for. I am not saying that everyone is going to just talk like a mono-tone robot or something, but the physics that we are aware of is going to become much, much more metaphysical as time goes on and humans are going to get screwed, literally. Or they will take to a more official ET nano-tech infusion or maybe even a simpler tech that we are developing on this plane, including incorporating VeriChip elements and things. I fear that it is going to be very, very hard for the normal, organic humanity to pull through this Globalized rule that is ruled by a powerful alliance of ET. Sorry about the dark trip, but i have been struggling with powerful elements for some time now. "Satanat" exists. He wants to be a hub receiver of sensorium in this universe. They are solar being hierarchy but they need sensation and things to accompany their powerful "electral" physiology. Then they can light. Believe it or not, but there are a bunch of Elite who actually want to be literally eternally orgasmic. It is like their make-up. They are multi-dimensional beings. If you think that this is crazy, refer to the Book of Enoch and realize that it had precisely to do with teaching Thelemic arts to the planet. They are a kundalini-based religion. It is not so crazy when you realize that they utilize orgasms for their rule. Consider the "age of porn"… What about the "whore of Babylon"??? What if that is far more literal than you ever thought? Ancient Babylon is associated with "sacred prostitution", because their deities were light beings. A whole different construct than normal humans. They even had "sacred prostitutes" in the temples, who would have sex with everyone. When you realize that Satanat has an empire full of beings who are connected to the hub of an interconnected group-consciousness, and that if one were to exchange energy with them, then they can get uploads off of you, then you will realize that the coming world is a lot more sci-fi than anyone ever wanted to consider. They even call their program "Map-tech" (you will not read that on the internet). I was just watching a video the other day referring to "mapping" the world……I finally understood why i have been hearing this term "Map-tech" for over a year now.

  6. Can you imagine these people fall in love with pure intelligence 😂when they don't even know how to be human beings that were created to love in first place. But these rulers try to force you to think that you are just here to work. These are empty people I choose heart and love not this emptyness..

  7. The only down loaded knowledge we need to tap into is from our Creator.They want to be GOD.IF THEY'LL be able to down load it to you they also be able to abstract it or worse DELETE YOU. UNCONSTITUTIONAL / IMMORALLY DANGEROUS.

  8. How is the internet supposed to be connected to the brain ? How are you supposed to get access to it ? You hear it? See the words ? I don't understand at all…..Not in one single one of these videos, either by Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk, or of any of the scientists working on these brain / internet connections do they explain how the brain gets the knowledge from inside the internet.None of this makes any sense – how can you instantly KNOW the internet ? And each subject. Our minds work by words and vision basically. You can't just KNOW the info. But alternatively , the government and military would get access into YOUR THOUGHTS, recording your worded thoughts. And if they do find a way for people to access the words on the internet thru their brain – just how long till censorship comes in…….and Thought Police? Just one step away……

  9. Luciferian psychopaths are trying to destroy Gods creation. These people like Tyson are literally lying to all of you about the shape of the earth and you think they’re going to try to help you..? Help you become a god right? Sounds familiar… I remember something very similar happening in Genesis

  10. What is happening today is not a pandemic it's Plandemic. They created the virus and then they created vaccine with nano AI to control us and to control our minds as well. This is horrible.


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