'Ready to go for neutrality, non-nuclear status,' says Ukrainian president Zelensky | World News

Russian demanding for Ukrainian neutrality has been a key issue for Moscow at conflict negotiations and now Ukrainian president Zelensky has said that the war-hit country is prepared to consider declaring neutrality.

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Comment (37)

  1. Putin should not meet this cheap comedian
    Who made his peoples suffer and made Ukrainian people beg only cause he had taken money from west

  2. Just my opinion, but if Ukraine accedes to Russian demands in order to obtain a negotiated cease fire it is encouraging invasion as a negotiating tool. I don't think his people would be appreciative. "If you stop hitting me, I'll give you what you want! You can even hit me again later, if you like." Yeah, right. Well, maybe Zelensky can make that fly.

  3. Zelinsky is AmeriKa’s puppy. Ukraine was used by AmeriKa as a pawn in their evil war against Russia. This is pure AmeriKan vomit and lies 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. Russia and Ukraine shall sit down and resolve everything,I see peace coming and everything will be back to normal pin this , whatever has happened was bound to make ,look beyond this situation and you will see a bigger picture of life ahead

  5. Do not believe anything that Putin says! He will lie straight to your face a d tell he will stop the war. At the same time he having g his army attack churches, schools and any public place!
    Time to wipe out the Kremlin and putin's crib! Level everything thing with in a mile. Then see if he is still alive to talk?

  6. Don't know why but Zelensky's repeated demands to meet Putin face-to-face sound sketchy to me as if there is something planned for that situation.

  7. Zelensky is a worm , he says to Russia " let's talk " while begging the entire world for more stingers. Total d bag.

  8. Remove Zalensky. His hard headed attitude had caused Ukrainians a costly life and migration. Being a minor country compared to Russia, he was banging on NATO's support to fight the War Unfortunely when he realised it was a mock then now he opened up negeotiation but m Ukraine and his citizen are ruined. Sad, very sad indeed.

  9. By proposing this, Zelensky wants d west / NATO to b able to send their militaries in to Ukraine to guarantee Ukraine's neutrality, w/o having to join NATO. Smart guy

    Puke'em▪︎arseho will never agreed to this. Nor will Zelensky accept total surrender & demiltarization as Puke'em▪︎retard demands. Its really all a non-starter. U cant negotiate w w an arsewipe who'd dead set on conquering Ukraine, tgen d other separated forner Soviet states. D pc of sh'it wants to b d new czar of d new Soviet empire he's always dreamed of. Thats what he wants for his historical legacy. But he's screwed it all up!! 😆🤣😂 d arsewipe is now known to history as "Putin d butcher" lmao 😆😂😄🤣

  10. Western media lost all its credibility with covid19, they are notorious liars, brainwashers, I am watching Indian news for information.

  11. About time zelensky used his brain, if only he stayed neutaral since day 1 then his country have not suffered the consequences of war.

  12. Seriouslyt, I think this guy Zelensky needs to be investigated. I dont trust a former KGB. My gut feeling says he may trying to become another "Putin" in Ukraine. He does seem to be interested in the lives being lost and now he want to go for neutrality??? He should have done this in the first place and gone to the negotiating table. Why start a war, get many killed and then want to the table???

  13. People saying "not taking side is siding with agressor" are people who poke bear and ask bystander to save their ass

  14. The Russians are destroying the Azov Battalion in Mariupol. Zelenskyy is fighting for his life. The Nazi Azov Battalion will fall soon… ignore MSM.


  16. The third party ratifying it may have to be the USA, but if they are too churlish to do that, it could be china.

  17. He should've initiated well in advance during the initial attack by Russia. He waited too long and try to convince his fellow citizen that they could supress the Russian's attack in the hope of NATO' s backing. But its too costly of a price to pay. Only after the consecutive destruction and weeks long attack on Ukraine and his citizen now that he choose to be wise after his 4 million citizen sought refuge in his neighbouring countries. Sad, so sad. May Allah bless Ukraine and its citizen. Lets peace be upon you all soonest ! Amiin

  18. They are prepared for neutral status, but will not recognize the two republics as independent. What sense does this make? The Russians will not go away nor stop defending the region till it's recognized. So it's a never-ending story.


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