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Mana silencing of women
Midwives Alliance of North America is threatening women who say that men cannot be pregnant and is allowing its acolytes to doxx women and threaten their livelihoods. Make no mistake, this is the new McCarthyism. We need to start calling out transgender ideology for the misogyny that it is.

A message for the Divine Masculine:

Dear Brother, you don’t need to do it all by yourself anymore.
We see you and we know that you’re tired… tired of holding back, tired of not being truly yourself, of hiding your emotions… even to yourself…. tired of being who others expect you to be, tired of not following your highest bliss.

It’s time for you to REST. To relax into BEING YOU. To forget who they told you to be and REMEMBER who you are.

Dear Brother, we, the Divine Feminine, the Women, are here for you.
We see you and we hold space for you… to express yourself…
… in a way you never allowed yourself to do before.
We LOVE you exactly as you are… within your soul…
… the parts you’ve been hiding, the light and the shadow…
… we SEE you and we LOVE you.

Dear Brother, the programming of how a MAN should BE is deep and ancient… that’s why you have been going through a COLLAPSE. A collapse of everything you thought you were and should be… a collapse of what you thought was important… it’s all been crumbling down in the past year. And it’s coming to a culmination now.

Because all that’s not TRUE, all that’s not YOU has to BURN. You can already feel the fire. Everything that you’ve been identifying yourself with is falling off… relationships, jobs, beliefs, things, security… it all has to go, so that you can see what remains… the TRUE you.

Dear Brother, you are not alone in this. We are the Divine Feminine, your Sisters, your Lovers… WE are here FOR YOU.

Let go and lean on us.

~ Maja Metličar

Transgender agenda the prelude to transhumanism

“Humanity will most likely divide into two groups … and the 80/20 rule will probably apply. 80% will go down the transhumanist rabbit hole, consciousness connected to the controllable cloud, artificial “wombs” (basically plastic bags) and surgeries to “create” women … and 20% will remain connected to the ancient wisdom of Reverence for All Life and She Who Brings Life. That 20 % will live off the grid somehow in small matriarchal communities … while the 80% will live in artificial environments and call the 20% crazy and try to “reform” them in some transhumanist AI way. It’s coming. Remain human. Remain in the 20%. Stay sane. Stay connected to Mother Earth. All the rest shall be lost.”

Ava Park

transgender fish

Hairy Legs

infiltration pediatrics

Spiritual corner

How to become a whole human

Health corner

High estrogen in men
Dangers of lupron

Lupron for Precocious Puberty and Beyond: Two Decades of Regulatory Silence

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Comment (5)

  1. We are seeing how the trans agenda changes things for people who are not trans in the U.S. and Canada right now. Women cannot access vital health services because anything that is sex-specific is seen as being trans-phobic.

    We are losing scholarships for women because they are considered trans phobic.

    And as much as people want to make fun of the bathroom laws, women no longer are able to lay claim to safe rape shelters, single-sex changerooms or even school toilets because men who have criminal intentions only have to say they are trans to have full access to those place, and to women's prisons – where there have been many cases of trans identified men sexually assaulting imprisoned women.

    Not to mention what it's doing to innocent school kids. We're sterilizing and medicalizing a big chunk of the next generation before they are able to make an informed decision about their futures.

    And if you want to talk about the impact in $$$ – well, people who identify as trans and require lifelong medical care or disability payments when the consequences of their actions catch up to them are a drain on resources. That's a mean spirited sounding thing to say but if you want to face the cold, hard facts of it – that is one of them.

    I miss the days when Tim Curry in Rocky Horror was a beloved character in a movie, at the time I thought we were headed toward a time when anyone could wear or do whatever they wanted to do with their own appearance and that's a great thing. But I never suspected people would be forced to have invasive surgeries in order to be who they are. This is a clamp-down on creative expression, and it's being treated as though it's the opposite.

    I understand Mark's impatience, it's pretty clear that this is taking a toll on society, it's holding us back, keeping us from focusing on more important, more revitalizing things, like alternative energy and real social justice, and it's diverting resources to things like the drug companies and the artificial limb companies and many other corporations we're not even thinking about.

    This is about money. It's about money, and distraction and keeping people in line. I am so very glad there are a few people who are still speaking out about this, with a positive, accepting attitude, as you both are because we are being forced down this path right now and like most of the paths corporations try to force on the population, it is only leading somewhere good for them – not for most of us.

  2. Indigenous north American women do not grow much in the way of body hair. I don't know why that is, but it's true. It wasn't until the "pioneers" met native women in America that they started shaving, as far as I can tell and that's ironic because they referred to those women as "savages."

    I have native blood, I do not grow visible hair anywhere but on my head, a very small amount under my arms, and one other place.

    I've never shaved, no one has ever noticed. Actually, that's not true, I tried it a few weeks ago just to see if it made a difference. It didn't. My husband couldn't tell even at close range.

  3. Comments From The Live Show

    GypsyBlue Nomads​We are so glad that you are joining us tonight!

    MooooonDemon​COLON PUSSY

    Somewherenb tween​what is the agenda tho? if that is what THEY want, how is it hurting people that are not trans?

    Somewherenb tween​Anything that you take that is not natural will have consequences later on…that's life…but people live for the day because tomorrow isn't promised.

    Somewherenb tween​I'm not trans, but intersexed and I've been on testosterone and estrogen for balance and health and don't like taking meds, but if i don't I get sick.

    Somewherenb tween​I was born with a DSD aka difference of sexual development. My chromosomes don't match my sex nor do i have gonads…..

    Somewherenb tween​Intersex is a very complicated thing and i have been from doctor to doctor to be discriminated against because some treated me as if i were trans…

    tine eldridge​sadly going to the doctor is not the answer. there are most likely natural things that would help far better than pharmaceuticals.

    Somewherenb tween​and i'm NOT, so i stopped going to the doctor and held out as long as I could which hurt me because now I have osteoporosis in my spine and hip

    Somewherenb tween​@tine eldridge Natural things like what?? i change my diet by transitioning to vegetarianism….and i am taking an eggshell calcium for my bones

    tine eldridge​what is your age? @Somewherenb tween

    tine eldridge​your own urine is your best cure.

    Somewherenb tween​I want to transition to veganism by next year but am doing it slowly…it's a learning process like becoming a vegetarian was.

    tine eldridge​lynna, are you the chef's assistant?

    tine eldridge​or is it all mark?

    tine eldridge​gottcha

    MooooonDemon​If you have nordic blood like me it's actually kind of required to have some meat and we can eat dairy without getting sick.

    MooooonDemon​But yeah most people are extremely deficient from lack of vegetables and fruits especially Americans.

    MooooonDemon​we have an enzyme that allows us to digest dairy we evolved with it

    MooooonDemon​Vikings did.

    MooooonDemon​They ate raw meat too.

    MooooonDemon​I like your necklace

    tine eldridge​i'm a living example of how a poor diet will eventually catch up to you.

    MooooonDemon​Not when they lived naturally

    MooooonDemon​now that we eat artificial foods we have high cancer rates

    MooooonDemon​It was the english who brought scurvy

    Somewherenb tween​@tine eldridge Me too. that's why i became a vegetarian….not enough green veggies.

    MooooonDemon​Nordic people lived like the natives before christianity

    MooooonDemon​and christianity came from the middle east

    MooooonDemon​they were nomadic

    MooooonDemon​I will eat more vegetables and less meat for you guys

    MooooonDemon​cause I like your show so much lol

    MooooonDemon​I lot 98 pounds but I've never gone vegan before

    MooooonDemon​lost 98


    MooooonDemon​I will try it

    tine eldridge​wow!@MooooonDemon have you reached your weight goal? i know you feel much better without all that weight.

    MooooonDemon​Yeah I did thanks it feels better to have the weight off.

    tine eldridge​i am scandanavian as well, and still eat meat, but am cutting back.


    MooooonDemon​Yeah I worry about all of the antidepressants in the toilet water as well.

    Somewherenb tween​@MooooonDemon there is a lot of antipsychotic meds in water. It's scarey!!

    tine eldridge​get a distiller, makes water pure.

    Somewherenb tween​I heard something like this years ago with chemicals changing animals sex organs…i didn't want to believe it because the person was a religous homophobe.

    Somewherenb tween​that told me about it

    Somewherenb tween​Do you think they are trying to slow down population?

    Somewherenb tween​by doing this?

    MooooonDemon​Now if we could just get into the esoteric reasons lol 😈

    MooooonDemon​My so-called family is so obsessed with this technological mess.

    MooooonDemon​They hate anything natural.

    Somewherenb tween​I hate smart phones because i have essential tremors. i went back to the flip phone.

    Somewherenb tween​no I've had essential tremors since i was 7

    MooooonDemon​It's also because kids really aren't allowed to play normally. Everything is owned and you can be arrested for just having fun. And parents are over-protective and obsessive.

    MooooonDemon​lol shaving doesn't have anything to do with european culture

    MooooonDemon​guy is an idiot

    Somewherenb tween​It's all about LOOKS these days and it is rediculous because a lot of people think to look beautiful you need plastic surgery!! Wtf??

    MooooonDemon​I got ridiculed by my mom a lot for not shaving my legs so I just shave them now

    MooooonDemon​Yeah, the children thing is kind of what woke me up. I still feel like going on hormones sometimes, but as long as they keep pushing puberty blockers on kids

    MooooonDemon​I can't feel comfortable taking part in it.

    MooooonDemon​There's definitely an agenda.

    MooooonDemon​yI won't lol

    MooooonDemon​I won't**

    tine eldridge​hugs @MooooonDemon

    MooooonDemon​Also, the cutest girliest people I know are all of a sudden saying they're men

    MooooonDemon​they're taking advantage of gullible people.

    MooooonDemon​thanks hugs lol

    tine eldridge​i love seeing when people get it.

    Somewherenb tween​I'm okay with transgenders but when the trans kids popped up, i took a second take. I was angry at the parents for advertising their kids like that to the world.

    Somewherenb tween​As a person that has taken hormones as a kid, i didn't understand WHY doctors would put kids on hormones like that

    MooooonDemon​yeah they kept me on antipsychotics as a kid just for having OCD symptoms

    MooooonDemon​they mess kids up they don't care.

    MooooonDemon​and money is only a part of it.

    MooooonDemon​I'm seeing so many young girls on youtube now starting T ;/

    MooooonDemon​plus didn't they find out the AIDS treatments were actually hurting people rather than helping them there's a whole other can of worms there

    Somewherenb tween​How should they treat gender dysphoria because it's becomming more and more

    Somewherenb tween​do trans people even go to psychologists anymore or do they just go to the doctor and tell them they are trans and are given hormones

    Moondog​I'm on public transit right now and the volume is cranked to the max, but still I can't always hear you. That's Ok though.

    Moondog​I will still watch even if I can't listen.

    Moondog​I've heard that BPD rates have increased in recent years.

    Moondog​I read someone write that a social worker told them that she has seen a lot more cutters/self-injurers in recent years.

    Moondog​I don't know how you guys make enough money to live the way you do, but you gotta nice living space and nice food!

    Moondog​What was your experience with electrolysis?

    Moondog​I'm going to go now, since the video won't load.

    tine eldridge​love, love, love you. thanks for another great show. nice chatters, too.

    Somewherenb tween​I'm glad that I stayed for this because this topic was very interesting and needs to be addressed with parents

    GypsyBlue Nomads​Thanks for hanging out with us!

    tine eldridge​nice to meet you @Somewherenb tween

    tine eldridge​see you next time?

    Somewherenb tween​you too @tine eldridge

    GypsyBlue Nomads​We love having you guys on the chat with us.

    tine eldridge​xoxo

    GypsyBlue Nomads​See you all next Tuesday night!

    tine eldridge​have a nice weekend.

    Somewherenb tween​hugs

    Somewherenb tween​night

    GypsyBlue Nomads​You too Tine, hugs!

    tine eldridge​nn

    GypsyBlue Nomads​Hugs to you too Somewherenb tween! 😃


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