Reaping and Sowing Re-upload

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Comment (17)

  1. Yesssss!!!! We ain't talking about money! We talking about reaping and sowing for eternal life!!! HALLELUYAH🙌🏿🙏🏿💪🏾💖💨

  2. I paid hard for the wicked seeds i planted from Dec 2015 to April 2017. And that was by the Most High's mercy.

  3. Let's be straight up brother they getting it from their parents, Mama's didn't get those whoopings on those butts ..for respect respect was not taught in the homes cuz of picking week man for daddies for a few days of pleasure in the bed ☎️and a lifetime of sorrow and curses

  4. People don't know how to sewing a sock but like you say ,, they hear the word soe👀🤣 they ready to give money that they wouldn't give to a homeless person💚

  5. The truth the truth the truth 🙏 thank you watchman very informative all ways praise yahshua years of disobedience and brought to the light the call from yahushua is strong ignorance is not an excuse

  6. TBH God punishes His own only. That's how you know you're His. And don't go testing Him either….because He knows how to "rip you a new one"!….Don't do it…..

  7. Hello, even though I agreed with some of the things you are saying, I wish you would stop putting all Christians into one basket. Most people who claim to be Christians are not. Most people who claim to be Christians don't read the bible . So, we can forget about them studying the bible. However, Christians like me who study the bible should not be treated like chickens without heads who just follow some TV personality who jump and dance on stage in the name of YAHWEH.

  8. Father YAH says in his 613 commands not to eat meat that dies of itself or what is torn and not inspected yet most can't inspect like this here in market. What Satan devices create the markets that sells the dead body of meat parts, package it lovely and now you defiled by touching it and eating defiling our bodies.

  9. I want to find a place of worship in YAH in my area. I'm new on journey but I've worshiped in a powerless name.


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