Rebels strike fuel depot in Jeddah: Formula Grand Prix to go ahead despite attack | English News

Houthi rebels have struck a fuel depot in Jeddah. Despite the attack, Formula Grand Prix went ahead. Meanwhile, Saudi launched counter-strike on rebels.

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Comment (49)

  1. Where are Us supplied Patriot air defence systems.unable to even shoot down drones??!!! Or did they supply fakes.??!!

  2. Biden revenge in saudi not supporting biden and US against russia!

    Wake up call to all country that US is an ENEMY neither consider as friend!

  3. Shia sunny war never ending like Hindu and Muslims war never ending Allah show them right path who woring thing Ameen

  4. This is extremely sad. I had hoped to visit Saudi Arabia this year. With their antagonism to the US, spiteful behavior, inhumanity, I’ll pass. I hope their new friends come to the rescue.

  5. With sanctions on Russian oil, Biden has the world on the verge of ww3 and something like this which adds to a supply shortage can be the spark.


  7. who can understand thezse muslim brothers….jesus is coming back you gonna see more and more horrors

  8. Come on climate change.!!
    Love how nobody is complaining about all these explosions, missiles, and Ukrainian/Russia war.
    But let's just jack up the price of gas even further. Yay..

  9. That's what you get for selling oil to China in Yuan instead of the dollar and disobeying Joe Biden when he ask you to increase oil production. China got punished too with the rigged China airliner.

  10. Very nad news for small economies like South Africa, reeling under high oil prices. We need peace. Those promoting wars are harming us in a period of unprecedented hardship.

  11. This will never make the MBS to pick up that call from the white. instead lets call Putin to get the whole idea on how to deal with bald heads

  12. Saudi's needs Israel like ''Iron Dome''. This attack proves once again that Patriot missile defense system doesn't work.

  13. Remember when Saudi Arabia said it was going to consider accepting the Chinese yuan for its oil ?
    Those who don't know the real perpetrators behind this will blame it on Houthi's from Yemen.

  14. Saudis that much afaraid of America that can not make weapons for slef defence… Just like Israel make aair defence

  15. Then if Saudi afraid of any missile attack then start to flood the market of your oil so as not so much stock on your depot which is a good target for your enemy remember it's better to sell it than wasted by the bomb

  16. WION has bised perception. Houthi is not rebel but the freedom fighters who are fighting the aggression by the Saudi coalition. Well-done Yemeni army. You have every right to defend and retaliate the aggression. Saudi should learn how it is like to be targeted militarily


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