RECESSION WARNING!!! Economy could be going bad real soon

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  1. Are there executive orders that the government can come in and take water food land and even your toilet paper!? Not that Iโ€™m saying not prepare. But itโ€™s allot Hebrews TMH must take THEM!

  2. I believe in miracles of ABBA! I BELIEVE IN EVERY MIRACLES THAT YAH HAVE DONE AND CAN DO IT AGAIN! From ravens giving meat to a cake and a crude of water at your head when you wake up! Honey in a assbone! Manna from heaven! Whatever TMH did! Can do it again! For He promise! Their are waken Hebrews that are homeless! So…far from thinking gardens and buying land! Just saying yโ€™all ….

  3. The economy will be good… BUT
    a lot of younger people are unprepared
    to fill in the high skilled labor

    jobs… therefore the gov't will

    allow foreigners such as Chinese
    and Indians to temporarily (8-10years)
    fill in these jobs until they get Americans

    trained for the jobs.
    The rest will be done by A.I. and robots.

  4. U.S. National Debt Hits Record $22 Trillion, Homeless have growth in numbers here in the Portland, Oregon area over the last ten years.Trump has contributed to inflation with his trade wars. Sounds like California is going into the ocean.

  5. I recently discovered that some meats we thought were clean are not. Chicken is not a natural animal, neither is Turkey. I thought turkey was better to eat than chicken, but if you read the scriptures, it specifically states in Leviticus 11:13-20 – we are not supposed to eat vultures, ravens, owls, swans, pelicans, and so forth, AFTER IT'S KIND. The turkey resembles a vulture, and the chicken is supposed to be a laboratory made animal. Our creator warned against eating things not from nature itself. It also reminds us of the book of Daniel, how the wise men would not eat of the King's delicacies.

  6. A chicken is easy to clean. Put it in hot water and the feathers come right off. There are still some heirloom seeds out there you can buy. Get them if you can get your hands on them. The Amish people might sell heirloom seeds. I bought some from a company.

  7. We have been given WARNING after WARNING. When. Yah showed Joseph that dream about ,, 7 years being good. ,famine for 7 yeats Yah gave Joseph an opportunity to get ready for what was coming. The signs are here family. Start socking up on food, first aid kits, femine products ladies, water, med, tents, tarps, flashlight, knives, gun, to survive at least 3 month or more. Start now!!!! We have had warnings people. Steven farby emergency video tell you about what to get. Check that video out. Dont REALLY ON YOUR ENEMY TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. YOU SAW HOW THE PEOPLE IN Louisiana was treated. Take heed and get ready period. If it dont happen okay, but if it does you will be ready!!!!!

  8. Yes; I was watching a financial program yesterday and the signs are OBVIOUS; watch, ISRAELITES!!!!!!

  9. Poverty in AMERICA, is different because most of us, live in the INNER CITIES; without no land to PLANT FOOD; so you better have a plan to get outta the CITIES!!!!!!, so you have to have somewhere to go

  10. If, BLACK kids are KILLING each other in the cities now; what will happen in a RECESSION; MOST HIGH; has warned us about "JACOB'S TROUBLE "; JUDGEMENT STARTS AT THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL ; 1 PETER 4: 17.

  11. The recession started in 2008. It's amazing that people really don't get the gist of what happened and quite sad. Truth be told there was noRecovery either. Now I got snagged by that one and believed it also. We're cutting over to another economic model that can't manage the size of the current population. So if you're still having children you're nuts. Seriously. Imagine no money. Imagine the many people that can't or never could manage life on life's terms. This event is a number of events culminating. You can prepare as best you can but no one can really be prepared for such circumstances. If I wanted you to take the mark I'd bring you to your knees in crippling fashion. You'd think thrice before saying no. It's about making sure people think they have no choice. Remember the scripture says "He causeth all great and small rich and poor to take a mark in their right hand or head…"

    I don't believe that precious metals will work either. Every avenue of mitigation points to a dead end. It really does. We're all just going to have to get through this. Learn to barter and trade and not use money. Find out those in your community willing to do barter or trade. Get what you'll need like first aid and do it now while you can afford it. You'd be surprised what will be worth a fortune when SHTF. Practice with your kids how to deal with situations. Kids are very supportive and adjust well if taught calmly. Supposed someone in the family gets badly hurt. Can you make a tourniquet? Can you recognize if someone has rabies or any other contagion? Are you ready to manage any number of things that can happen that require you have the resources and knowledge? Storing food for long periods should be done now like a root cellar. Look for stores that are closing and getting rid of their stock. Stock you'll need going forward. NOW is the time not when it happens because it's happening. So get what you'll need at bargain prices. As the bartender says: Last call.

  12. I'm soooo tired and ready for this place to burn. I don't care what happens to me in this life. I just want this world to be over. Satan and his minions have ruled long enough!

  13. Boyce Watkins said that what #45 is doing against China actually makes sense in the heart of things, because the other #44 & #43 were cow-towing to China's desires, and just letting things hang loose with our economy…why would you allow a foreign power that you know hates you buy up your land and even livestock, then give them everything while you know you'll get really nothing in return. #45 is in this way being responsible by..unfortunately acting late, but at least acting against someone who is only wanting to work against you…take your lunch money and leave you crying with a belly ache.

    That China has a China First policy, while we have had an EVERYONE ELSE First policy at OUR OWN DETRIMENT AND LOSS. The Mexican issue stems from their mafia having been the main culprit in the Chicago crimes, being the suppliers of the arms, etc.
    This is not being spoken about in the media, at all or in our own media but by maybe two people.

  14. There is a growing site where you can order online, the produce from your local farmers. And the great thing about it is membership is VERY cheap. In some States, you can even get raw milk and cheese…mmmm.
    One thing that we in black communities can do, is do a neighborhood cap fund to buy a plot of land to then do community farming, even build a community pond for a fish farm (if possible). There are places in the U.S. that have greenhouses and gardens on rooftops, if there is no land, because you live in the city. We live in the 21st century, many things we can do efficiently and where no one's pockets need to be emptied.

  15. The Great Depression of 1930… wow it hasn't even been 100 years yet…& Already, talks of it returning…sad๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  16. I can't keep the sabbath. I must to work according to them on Saturday! I can't have a connection with Yah, they don't want to!

  17. In my area land and houses are so expensive. I live in apartment that I hate, but it is all I can afford. I have always wanted a garden.

  18. My Aunt Lois said of the 1930s depression, "You could by a pan (steel laundry bucket) of neck bones for a dime, but where was you gon' get the dime?

  19. We don't have that cohesion because we are not attached to this land because we suffered so during slavery working this land. However, we are very attached, too attached to the American lifestyle. We've got to get back to basics.

  20. One of the large food storage companies (not sure if it was Wise Foods or Legacy Foods) received a letter from the gov't offering to buy it's entire supply. When this fully hits the fan, the gov't will control the food supply and people will comply just to eat.

  21. And do you think number 46 is going to be even better he hasn't even been in the white house for 2 months and look at all the damage she has done!! Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar give to God Yahweh that belongs to God!!


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