Recruiting and Conspiring wickedness in Israel. Re-upload 2017

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Comment (12)

  1. I have a question for Watchman and Deborah Yah. Isn't there going to be a snatching away of the redeemed, righteous people of Yah? (I'm not talking about the Christian rapture.) When is it? It's just that I have not yet heard you all talking about it recently though it looks very much like we are in the beginning of tribulation. Can you please make a message about the times we are in right now, and what follows? Thank you. Shalom.

  2. I have been listening for some time and dont hear anything about savIng soul for The Most High or confessing his Son . No fellowship,no solid conection only adds for buying merchandise.
    In the past couple of years I have lost my family over my belifs in Yah, however, am finding it hard to find true belivers. Truly we must bring our people to salvation.

  3. Davied would not touch TMH anointed adoni. When he was out of the earth, who was Yahuah’s anointed still in the earth? This is why.

  4. Y’all be slayin’ me. Breakin’ my heart through the Rouach Ha’Qodesh. Truth hearts but the spirit heals.

  5. Thank you for the lessons you both give. A church is where 2 or more gather. You all give the gospel as good as any church I been to. May God keep blessing you all to keep blessing us with your teachings.

  6. They also probably took Absholm side because of his beauty..for some reason people believe out side beauty equal inside beauty


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