Red Tide returning to Florida, Is the a connection to the Bible?

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Comment (37)

  1. The most high biblical plagues is upon the earth. Repent people, repent esau for you are the end of the world.

  2. Is it me or does anyone notice the complete formation of a woman with her mouth open ? I can see her neck shoulders what looks like the top of a strapless dress necklace and hair trailing behind her head? People who practice Marine witchcraft worship different demons that have to do with water. The first thing that popped into my head was queen of the coast. I just want to be ready when Yahawashi comes back for us me and my whole family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. The beast have corrupted everything and it’s payback time. YHWH is cleansing the earth with the beginning of these prophesies along with the signs and wonders.


  5. Born and raised along the gulf in Florida. Red tide would pop up every few years and kill a few small fish. Now it's year round and as you can see its killing all types of sea creatures.

  6. All the viles of wrath in Revelation can be attributed to the sun. Skin cancers. Dying oceans. Extreme heat. Hail. Political unrest. Even earthquakes. The sun used to be golden, now it's white. And then there's all the strange cloud formations.

  7. There's a scripture in 2nd Esdras that says in the last days the Sun will begin shining at night and the moon in the daytime. I've worked o outside all my life. Never say the moon rising in the daytime like it does now.

  8. My x brother in law got in the ocean during the red tide about 15 years or so ago . It almost killed him. He had to have a large portion of his intestines & colon removed & has no control over his bowels. The bacteria that's in the water is very dangerous.

  9. The reporter asked, "Who is to blame?". The man said, "All of us."… I don't think so, most people don't have the money, technology, influence, etc that other people have. These actions have destroyed the natural environments!

  10. Shalom Family I lived in Largo florida by Saint Petersburg and Tampa the red tide was so bad I couldn't fish dead fish were everywhere they had boats with nets picking the dead fish up.

  11. As of late, fighting the flesh, my temperament, and of course, the evil of this world. More temptations all of a sudden out of nowhere and struggle to return to the focus of my walk. As you stated, " find me worthy of redemption!" APTTMH!
    Out and about, giving praise to TMH, came out of the store and there was a rainbow that was so solid and full of a multitude of colors! APTTMH!
    A sister and brother were standing there and without any hesitation, I pointed up and said: "look, the Covenant!" they both looked and said Yes! Again without any hesitation shouted; "HalleluYah!" I continued walking to my vehicle but could hear both of them in agreement and saying "HalleluYah!" APTTMH!
    Maybe four hours prior to watching this video and this comment being posted! Once again; HalleluYah! APTTMH! LOVE

  12. If I tell y'all that I had a dream before that we was walking through the desert it wasn't that many of us in the Living God told me the movie behind something and it was active been like three or four men standing there in a high priest Bright Light Shine Down in the men's with on their knees but they came up different when did not go on his knees you can tell he had Pride they killed him

  13. said they don't believe his end time stuff is happening there lie I had a dream about everything stopping like everybody stopped right in the midst of what they were doing they couldn't move like time froze and this that's going on I thank y'all for talking about it because just one night I'm sitting around some people I know in my eyes started burning like fire

  14. It's not going to stop unfortunately, Look into Freemasonry they are luciferians and they committed 911, They are everywhere and have been since the 1st president, Everything destroyin fn the world is being done on purpose the Bible is the luciferian freemasons playbook, They are our intertainers, educators, Law enforcement, government, judges, They are in power in all aspects, We deserve our destruction for sitting back and allowing the wickedness of the world to take over and destroy it, We allowed them to enslave us, We allowed them to commit genocide, We allow them to continue to control everything and everyone, When the good people God's aclaimed children do nothing but sit by, While the wickedness rules we are just as at fault for our on downfall as those actually purposely committing it all, It's a fact, Look around hardcore, You'll know what I'm saying to be truth, Consider this a warning, It's all coming to an end before the next decade is over,, Please heed these words,, Out no trust in media, government, education, or man, Put your trust in God, Look to the prophecies for your help, They tell us where to flee too, Learn survival preparations….

  15. Thank you for telling all of us how to pray in these days, but also have the faith of ELIJAH THAT THE ANGELS WILL TAKE CARE OF US AND FEED US ALSO WHO ARE COUNTED WORTHY IN THESE TRYING TIMES AMEN

  16. You're right brother, about the direct physical cause, and the direct divine cause. It doesn't look all that red, now, but the time is coming when our Lord will erase all doubt about what needs to be done. This is a shadow of what's to come. And don't forget it is a gift; that you get, only, because you're debt has been covered by the blood of the lamb. May those with ears, hear…


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