Religious VioIence on the rise: Another Church SH00TING caught on camera

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Comment (46)

  1. LOL 😂🤪😂
    Your [gun] and [bat] 😂🤪😂

    I appreciate that; but this is where we have to go now LOL

  2. Who takes a GUN to church?!? Regarding the parishioners, seriously, you go to receive the word with a gun at your side?! What faith you have in the Most High. Smh. #Fake Christian I'm just doing this for show. Repent America.

  3. All Praises to the YaHuWaH faith in our Messiah Yahusha they are our protection. Thanks for sharing the video Shalom.

  4. They aint prasing God .they still prasing man.the lady was the only one that thanked God for protecting her

  5. You're endorsing exactly what Trump says. The NRA too. Where's Your faith in Elohiym?
    Pay Attention: It is Not Pronounced: Polelease, Dthere, Dthat, Dthem, Dthose, Dthese or Axe.
    Pay Attention: It is Pronounced Police, There, That, Them, Those, These & Ask.


  7. Ecclesiasticus 7:1 Do no evil, so shall no harm come unto thee.
    Ecclesiasticus 7:2 Depart from the unjust, and iniquity shall turn away from thee.

  8. Brethren it looked like a false flag event because how do you interview a child after his father was murdered in front of him in Church?!! Just one thing to point out. YAHUSHA SAVES

  9. It's going to get worse before it gets better. REVELATION 1:10
    John went in the spirit. HE saw and received knowledge of this end time. REVELATION chapter 9 isn't here yet.

  10. I can't lie. I have no tears to shed, let the heathens get what's coming to them. That brother should not have been there, the slumber is deep amongst my people

  11. White Settlement? That's crazy that black people live there. Sorry people had to die like this though these have to be the last days.

  12. wait a minute? there's a place in texas called "white settlement"? what?
    any black person going to a white church in a town called "white settlement" is not only drinking the kool-aid but swimming in it.

  13. Did anybody notice the sign in front of the church! It says, welcome to white settlement and the one under it says keep it beautiful!

  14. Did You All "See" 👁👁 this video shooting?
    At 4:404:45 Min Mark, The Shooter ( White Male, who is now "dead"), Shot The "Black Man" (Standing Against The Wall) POINT BLANK!! The church congregation is 97% white/other than non-blacks or more (look at the video again…)🤔

  15. Perhaps the churches should emulate the security check of the Nation of Islam who never gets the credit. Not a word mentioned. Nevermind right now why it isn't. Smh! WE know, many including the airports, got their check point idea from them. And the rest is history!

    And Allah shall settle the differences 💜.

  16. Uhhhhh ok….sssoooo y did u call that scripture. wat u just did was addin to/changin actual scripture. Couldnt u have done something else like a poem or watever.

  17. I just got a feeling to pray for you and your family as we walk into the new year. I'm sure you undergo much that we are all unaware of. May Yah be with you, and your ministry be long standing. Shalom

  18. 🔫 and bat absolutely; please don't forget about the enemies with 🐕 dogs. They are coming. There's more to say but. Hey

  19. looks staged.. how is there so many gunmen and they all seemed rdy n prepared as if there was prior knowledge to this event, from the tape it doesn't look like those guys who had their guns drawn seem confused at the commotion, all of them knew where to point their weapons, no confusion… seems it was orchestrated for some purpose for some agenda

  20. Wow you lost weight ! …as for this I'd agree they should be trained and armed just in case ya know ..I sent the video to my brother in law who is a pastor in hope that he considers that level of safety

  21. You wouldn't drive in an automobile without using a seat belt think about what I just said! Don't be a victim be a protector! Nobody saying go get the arsenal of the United States military just get the necessaries to protect you and your household! David didn't use a mighty sward to take down Goliath But he also didn't call the police to get him arrested! We can pray for protection but how can Yah protect you if you cant use common sense! My people perish for the lack of knowledge! May Yah open black folks eyes on this matter!

  22. How many people know the name of the nine black humans that were slaughter? Why do most only say the name of the murderer? Why aren't Mosque and Buddhist temples going thru these problems?


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