Reliving the Days of Noah

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  1. Thank you Watchman, your research for this video is impeccable. Keep up the good work. May the Most High bless you and your family for all that you do for us.

  2. My brother, if you think ANGELS can have sex and even reproduce with humans, you have a fundamental misunderstanding about what the angels are, and how the SPIRITUAL realm functions. That is like saying God the Father is a male or female, when we know our Father is SPIRIT and has no genitals. But this teaching of yours is from the Gnostic, who were lying Jews making up stories much like Hollywood today, and the Book of Enoch we have today is a fake version the real version is being hidden in AntiChrist Israel in the original Aramaic language… why do you think it would be hidden if it wasn't different from the false version being put out by the Westerners today. If you took the time to study the commentaries of the Early Father's of the Church, like Saint Ephrem and Saint Ishodad of Merv who are from the East and not corrupted by Western heresies, then you would clearly see that the Sons of God were the boys of the line of Caleb, the heir of Abel, and the daughters of man, who were flesh and cursed and banished, were of the line of Cain, who were set to die out after a certain number of generations which is why they only birthed females at this point. But you are smart about one thing: to understand the Times of Noah, it is 100% NECCESARY to understand this passage, and how mixing with the wicked causes individuals to fall from the Grace of the Spirit of Yah, in which time they become desolate and a habitat for demons, breeding every abomination and all violence, and there is no longer hope for them, and they also put the rest at risk, which is why Yah had to destroy humanity with the flood, not out of anger for the wicked only, but to PRESERVE Noah and his family, who were the last Righteous Spirit-Filled individuals left on earth. I think our MORAL of the story should be the same. Be careful who you partake with in Spirit and mingle yourself with through relations. Discernment. See beyond the flesh.

  3. Although satan use to be a son of the Heavenly Father, I don't like satan presenting himself with you to Elohim in prayer.

  4. Noah's Arc has been found on the borders of Turkey and Iraq. It is petrified and the exact measurements of this object that some pilot found & took pictures, archaeologist's say match what is in the Holy Bible.

  5. Azazel is a Greater Demon and is referred to as the Forger of Weapons, and a Lieutenant of Hell, ranked second only to Lucifer himself. Azazel was among the angels who were followers of Lucifer and banished out of Heaven for their insurgence. He and Magnus' father, among others, became Princes of Hell.

    Azazel is bound to the rocks of Duduael. If summoned, only his spirit will come, as his corporeal form will remain bound to the rocks of Duduael.

  6. Hello brother in are Lord Jesus Christ on may14 of this year 2020 the pope is going to sigh all the paperwork to make a one World 🌎 Religion so when you said that Babylon is dealing with the 10 kings those are the people the rulers of the countries around the world so it can become a one world religion.God bless you brother πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ
    I’m not for the world to becoming one world Religion

  7. Amen Brother Amen praise God thank you for sharing this with us πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ

  8. I’m halfway through the book of Enoch I can’t see how no one can hold it valuable it explains so much

  9. This message is so encouraging and inspiring. The Most High bless you and keep you, is my prayer always. Please keep preaching the MESSAGE.

  10. I appreciate the message brotha, Babylon is Saudi Arabia. The entire world is under Islam, the worship Allah the Moon god. Ishmael and Esau turned against The Most High.

  11. Back in the days I learned a lot with watchman report I also learned to seek the truth when the Bible talks about mighty men sons of God it was only talking about the valent men when they talk about Satan was in the midst of them he's always walking to and fro that doesn't mean that the valid mighty men were angels watchman report have stayed away from precepts there's no way we can learn anything without precepts I'm quite sure Israel know what I mean I look very closely to the teachers who are trying to lead us into the kingdom I realize a majority of them have lack of knowledge by them doing so they begin to sell certain objects like necklaces and other things to keep their livelihood most of us know that the most high said he will send a strong delusion so therefore we can even trust ourselves but the word if we are taught the word wrongfully what happens to our salvation you already know I truly love the watchman report but there is something wrong with their teachings it does not line up with the word why don't you see for yourself we know who we are now we have to get it right stay in the word the truth precepts line upon line here a little there a little watchmen what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul . We have to received the manor that falls from the heavens not the gold come from Egypt

  12. People need to REPENT and turn from their evil ways and turn to Yahusa and do what Father Yah tell them to do. Father Yah will fulfill His Words, Halleluyah!!!

  13. Shalom to you all. Clear View Inc. is doing some creepy things with their version of AI facial recognition tech. Selling people's pictures to security agencies private in nature and over 200 police departments across the US. Please take a look at it and inform the brethren it YAH wills. Be barukh. Shalom.

  14. it is sooooo funny how this video is titled because before I saw this, I've been telling people its like Noah and the Ark all over again.

  15. Has anyone ever heard or Read the Africans who wrote the Bible by Nana Banchie Darkwah. PH.D. I am reading it now one love family

  16. Evil has always dominated since Adam. When giants were created by the fallen angels who slept with humans, TMH had to rid the earth of that evil. Here's a video that shows the result of of God's destruction of those giants. After the flood and the waters subsided, those creatures were too big to be buried so TMH turned them into stone. Evil has continued so when our Messiah returns, he's going to have to cleanse the earth again.

  17. Hello all. I had an experience that I feel I need to share. .. Before I begin I want whomever is reading this to know that, I'm a babe in my walk, their are lots of things the TMH has yet to reveal to me. Also know that I've done wrong, very wrong by my ex wife , having a child out of wedlock , alcoholism etc etc.. So after my divorce I really was emotionally tormented..even though my wife at the time was totally just in her actions, I still felt like a loser and a failure NOT only as a Husband, but as a son, a father, and as a human being. Things got bad financially and it was years before I was able to get back to steady employment. Needless to say my relationship with my son suffered and it was just alot…. so I tried to take my life, BUT TMH saved me. I understand he was punishing me, but within the last few months, I've repented and have asked him to work through me because I dont have the power on my own. I was smoking weed and cigarettes, and fornicating etc. Then I saw the watchman reports talk about fasting. So I decided to try it because I really wanted to get close to him and heal our land as well as do all i can to please him because i feel he's coming back. Anyways I was told it was ok to fast for 12 hrs a day, from something that I felt was keeping me from TMH soooooo I dedicated twelve hrs a day to TMH with no meat, no weed, no nicotine. 1st day I felt stupid, but I fought the urge while praying, I even asked TMH to accept self baptism and find it pleasing to him. Day 2 say thing, prayer thanks, and fighting the urge for twelve hrs. Later I had a dream. I was driving and it was a female with me whome I could not tell who it was ( in the dream it was 1st person view not 3rd ). It was a nice day, I wanna say summer, or it could have just been a nice day, but all of a sudden out of nowhere there was like white smoke, or clouds or something but I could not make out exactly what it was bec6it happened so fast.. suddenly I was being I was being pulled from the vehicle ( I was face down at this point and I could see that whatever was going on was not in my best interest, but I just can't describe it). Now I'm turning face up towards the heavens and I can remember thinking just relax, I kinda knew at this point it was TMH working. ..I want to say I saw other people being pulled up as well but I honestly can't remember because it happened like really fast, like lightning fast, but I do know that the woman I was with was pulled up as well… it's like I went past the clouds to some kinda ship, or something.. and out the window their was this huuuge. Man ( THE MOST HIGH!!! ) I just could feel it was him, I can't explain it, but it's like we were linked, because when I entered the ship and saw him outside in this red samurai looking armour on he looked right at me, I was shook I couldn't even bow down, he did not look angry nor smile, he looked… well he looked busy. And I dont know if it was fear, or knowing I'm not worthy, or what. But I just felt like I didn't belong there, like I guess I messed up to bad or like u dont know not worthy. It's hard to describe, but anyway. I woke up.. i have still be asking for guidance, i have continued the 12hr fast of the items i mentioned earlier. I have not have anymore dreams as of yet but i pray multiple times daily, and I'm asking for any help, biblically, or from experience please.

  18. Thank you and please please please continue to spread the TRUTH. It's much needed in these times. May The Most High continue to Bless your works, you and yours. Sholom

  19. Shalom this one of my most favorite teaching and am happy the book of Enoch is being related to the Bible. HalleluYah

  20. One day we will be Sons of God ( Elohim ) right not we are not because the children of flesh is not children of God but through Rauch( Spirit ) Yah children will be reveal through the Rauch when Resurrection comes and those who are still alive will have their bodies change to the Heavenly men/women becoming Sons of God like Angels no flesh and blood can enter Heaven because the children of flesh are Not God children Jacob Issac Abraham was born under a Divine purpose to be children of the promised to the father Yahuah in the Kingdom to come and with His Spirit He will changed their bodies to Heavenly beings making them Sons of God like Angels

  21. "The Children of the promised" is who the Heavenly Father is looking for and who He wants after the fall of Angels He drop them because they sin against Him now He want new children to fill the Gap from the fallen Angels the children of the promised for Yah Divine children not the children of the flesh

  22. Seth Children Enoch to Musthelah to lamech to Noah, Ham Shem Japheth Seth children was save 8 people was save from Seth children but Cain children populated more on earth died in the flood satan cleave to them doing all types of sin with them they the reason the flood came and the Sons of God was looking at the daughters of men Cain Daughters they had sexually intercourse with them not Seth daughters the children of seth but Cain daughters his descendants Cain seed died in the flood and Seth seed repopulated the earth and still did evil " SO THE ISSUE IS THE FLESH"


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