Report by a think tank exposes West: US, EU import oil from Russia despite attack on Ukraine | WION

A report by a think tank has exposed the West’s doublespeak. It suggests that the US and EU continued to import oil from Russia despite the attack on Ukraine.

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Comment (31)

  1. No more India poor country. Please stop interviewing these kind of negative people. Second it is not mandatory to comment on Russia invasion as our External minister says our focus is deplomancy and dialogues. Don’t be prey of NATO double speech

  2. India should know who are their real friends or reliable partners. The West coerced you for their short term gain but will screw you when objectives are met. Be wise.

  3. What's to expose about the united states we want Russia to be weakened to the point of desperation that's no secret it was admitted by our defence secretary we did not important Russian resources why would we we have our own gas and oil and any other goes to middle east and yes other NATO countries were Getting Russian resources that's no secret that are cutting them off but can't do it all at once gut let's talk about Russia attacking Ukraine and killing women children and the old oh and raping children and other war crimes and u think that India will not be effected by this because it will why because Russia has started a war that is going global and there state run media is constantly talking about useing nuclear weapons if that happens don't you think NATO will also use nukes we will I promise u that so what we are talking about is the end of all humanity as we know it and who started it Putin 🤡

  4. The foreign policy just gets more cuckoo with every passing weak as the fruitcake western media are forced to report the truth 🤣🤣🤣 which makes WION the new number one news network for real news.

  5. You are not reporting the truth u are not a credible news source you only report what u want to be truth because u only talk to one side I see not united states or any other NATO countries be interviewed

  6. And the corrupt Commandant Captagon of Ukraine, keeps receiving millions from gaz transit by Ukraine, when he ask countries to stop dealing with Russia….he keeps his dark placements of dirty money in Panama Papers paradise at the same time he sends ukrainians to be killed defending his corrupted and fascist governation……he's getting more and more rich, just sending ukrainians to death, CIA pays him for that, to use ukrainians as targets….

  7. If they aren’t directly buying oil, therefore it’s not buying oil from Russia lmao 🤣. But as we can see they are hypocrites.

  8. One has to be aware that germany is a reseller. For many years, germany got russian gas at a massive discount (40% or something) and sold it back at lower discount (20% or something). They helped Ukraine for a long time to circumvent having to pay regular prices for russian ressources, while Ukraine themselves illegally took it directly from the pipeline, before it even arrived in germany (there was a court case), while everyone else was just arming Ukraine to the teeth.
    So essentially, Ukraine themselves are still buying russian energy resources from russia, but demand germany to stop buying it while still demanding germany to supply Ukraine with russian resources.
    But wether it is for own use, production or reselling, germany profits from all of those activities, getting a massive indusrial/economic advantage.
    Also it should be mentioned India has twice the populace than whole of Europe together, still using up less limited earth resources.

  9. USA is a declining power and hypocrites. All countries should bring sanctions against USA. USA and NATO are trouble makers of the world.

  10. World should compare and see CO2 emissions per persons in western countries as compared per person to asian countries , everything will be clear to all so called environmental scientists.We Indian demand Every single person on planet earth should get equal access to energy and share equal responsibility of planet earth

  11. It must be understood by Ukraine… otherwise get bombardment…ultimately history books only shows might matters….

  12. American are applying Afghanistan playbook in Ukraine atlast nobody will win but Ukraine innocent citizens will loose their homeland


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