Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. I hope you get this comment brother. I know you're addressing what you have to. I would just like you to know,that true Israel knows exactly what is what, and I am sure that they as I do appreciate you very much. Your content is obviously well-researched and you presented very well. I realize that some are easily deceived, and this is the reason you have to entertain people like Rahshar or whatever his name is. Glad you're back in action. I missed you. You're are an intrical part of my rotation.APTTMH!!🙏💖

  2. Pimpin their people! We get took in our own churches, we don't come to the internet to have the same old tired reason to take our pesos and they are living large! You my Brother, Teach and Study. They tend to go to a scripture(s) that justify them asking for $ and anything else that will justify their actions. Know that you are a cut above all of their actions. You are already an upstanding and outstanding Teacher. I love your music and how you respect your family. There is this thing called jealousy, they wear that tag and they told on themselves when they took that action, Bless you Brother, don't stop telling the TRUTH! Remember what the Holy Scriptures say about such things. Exodus 23:1 "Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.


  3. Good to hear you TCA. Concerned about you. I know you’re really not asking Questions to him. (Because you already knows he’s not going to respond) You’re staying True to yourself, in hoping to Opening up the Minds of those who still refuse to see this person for what, and who he is. And because of that, I have much Respect for you! Keep Grinding! If One of the person in his assembly begins to see him for what he is and Comes Out of Her.(Fake,False Worship of Man) You, Me and The Heavens will rejoice! Even if it’s just One. APTMH! Heal the Blind. Shalom TCA. Prayers always for you and your family!

  4. No weapon formed shall prosper brother…keep being forth the truth and God's unchanged and your family and team… excellent praise music too…blessings and prayers for ministry, channel and your family and team…

  5. I don't understand why you don't hit him with a copyright strike he is definitely being slanderous when he said you took the juice there's no truth in that so hit him with a copy strike for that he said so in the video that he does not know you but he's going to say that you got the Jab it doesn't take an a smart man to look into someone eyes and see that they are ingenuous deceitful and all-around untrustworthy and this brother hear his eyes🧐 says he ain't got an ounce of Truth in them🤥

  6. Shalawam! TCA Just Be Lead By The Most High Yahawah & b/c if U Don't & Didn't So So So MANY PEOPLE WILL BE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL!! I Thank U, I've Never Gave them Tithes.i Pray That Israel Appreciate U! TCA!! And if they Didn't Say Thank U To U, TCA!! I'll Say it For Them!! Thank U For Telling The Truth About Wicked So Call Prophets, Teachers, & Preachers! We are Sick & Tired Of Our Own People Using Us True Israel for Our Kindness!! This Will STOP!! THANK U FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE! OH I LOVE EACH ONE OF U! LETS PREPARE OURSELVES & GET OUR HOUSE IN ORDER & LETS GO HOME!! B/C THE MOST HIGH Yahawah & the Heavenly Host is Watching This Situation!! B/C We Got Next!!! 🕊💞🕊🕊 Shalom Family! Peace To Israel Forever & Ever!☺🌹🌹🌹🌹

  7. May The Most High be with all who are truly set apart. Bad trees do not bear good fruit. Let us trust YAH for discernment and His protection. These are some trying times. Baruch is the man who walketh not in the counsel of [idolators]/ungodly.

  8. Shalawam my brother. Funny you should mention comments being removed. I get that as well. I see the comments in the notification (bell) on youtube, but when i click on it or if i go to my channel theres nothing there.

  9. You have to really watch yourselves especially if you're a man leading a family. Mess around and think it's all fun and games then next you and your loved ones are in the middle of a ritual. Not to be fearful but circumspect. Because it only take one mole in leadership to bring forth an idea that if unchecked, can cause an entire congregation to sin. Then the more power they're given, the more sinful the people become. Start with you, your family, and those in your immediate area and try their spirit. It's good to gather but don't be foolish, be wise. Ask yourself, do you really know these people? Because you have ppl using the world as a stage and they know how to put on an act.. and for yrs on at that.

  10. People will often testify that they "came into the truth" when they learned of their tribe when that's not totally correct and you have people that will take advantage and manipulate you for gain because of that. A proper answer would be to learn what Christ did, believe what he will do, and for that he is your Lord. You leave and they'll say you "left the truth" when "the church" isn't a made up denomination or name. You are the church and it's impossible to leave unless you rebel against Christ.

  11. I'm going to wait and see which Elder will stand up for righteousness because you have a lot of spiritual butt sniffers in this congregation operating out of fear not helping to restore order among believers.

  12. Shalawam Ahch, Please understand that the GOCC Babylon have been INFILTRATED!! Please dont expect any righteous behavior to come out of there… They are CAUHT IN THE ACT OF INFILTRATION!!! They have been harassing me for YEARS brother because I was here in Jordan and Jordan is the SAFE PLACE for Isael… Please continue to stand and thank you for reposting my videos… THey are using ELder Rawchaa to deceive the CHildren of Israel.. Please Get out and Get Within the Borders this is not a game!!! Dont compremise with them or take this as a game.. PLEASE Brother stand up and continue to stand warn our people to GET OUT OF BABYLON!!! This is serious!!! I am the woman in JOrdan and no authorites are after me HE IS LYING!!! They are CIA, please dont take this lightly!!!!! PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY GET OUT AND GET WITHIN THE BORDERS AND PLEASE STAND… this is not at game brother… please!!

  13. Jeremiah 5:
    [26]For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.
    [27]As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich.

  14. Wow what book is he reading. He is not a Levi or a levitacal priest no way no how. Wow. Wow Wow. They are reading this in their own justification for outright theft and playing on followers not reading on their own. I'm blessed to have discernment from YAHUSHUA. Is going to be a lot of our people are going to the pit. He is not righteous. None of them are.

  15. Why does he wear that thing on his head and has GOCC behind his head throwing up boulee hand gestures staying on talking points for massa. He is a foolish reprobate don't even know he being used and leading The sheep astray. He will have a day all of his own. Read the Shepard of Hermas. Boy true revelation.

  16. While I have issue with you at times (EGW was a black woman according to her own granddaughter) I find Richard aka Rawchaa is a big baby; with IMHO an infantile personality due to his vindictiveness, ocd and cowardly power trippin’. That systah is under the protection of the AlYon; those coming against her do not know what is in store for them. Live by the sword….

    This rawchaa sent people into EGYPT and into the jaws of Arab spring—according to people who followed his advice, he abandoned them and took off to England and safety. I used to follow his channel so I know whereof I speak.

    I wonder if he realizes that it is witchcraft to promote and use the once secret oath “Ahayah” which belonged to the being beqa, now called Ha Shatan the Ab of evil. This word made the universe—check out 1Hanokh. Anyone knowingly using it is likely doing so to attempt to manifest realities. This term was also a name of one of the offspring of the Fallen malakym.

    Shal’m Aleykem

  17. I'm writing this because it's clear he's reading and responding to comments on his channel. See my comment below and today's 10/2/21 broadcast titled "All those in the Truth are not of the Truth" on GOCC NYC @1:19:40 And I have to post this here because they will delete it. 1 Corinthians 5:12-13/Proverbs 27:5-6

    Elder Rawchaashayer, all due respect but do you really qualify as an Elder? 1 Timothy 3:2-12 In your former church didn't you confess to fornication? Isn't it true you claimed that TMH gave you a vision that prompt you to begin the GOCC ministry? But my question is how so if one of the qualifications is that you must be blameless and of good behaviour in order to qualify? How can one commit fornication then in impatience (another qualification which anyone who have watched you over the years can see you've struggled with this), self appoint them self an Elder based on a vision? Should you not meet all the criteria and not some? And what is all that debacle about people saying you left your wife in fleeing? If you couldn't lead your own wife at the time, how were you able to lead an entire congregation to flee? Does this explain why it failed, the many complaints, and why you're back? Why did you purchase the main office (HQ) in the states and not outside the daughter of Babylon "the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird" you with great zeal earlier preached everyone to flee from? Would you not want to encourage others to come out? Many have stated that you are prideful in their interactions with you. Could that be a fulfillment of the scriptures stating that you can't be a novice? 1 Timothy 3:6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. How can you prove that you're not in this truth for filthy lucre because the evidence is stacked against you. Big home, commercials on the Sabbath, push for Patreon subscribers, etc. How is that any different than a Christian preacher setting up a store before members enter into the worship area? Will you now try to convince me it's not commerce when in every upload you have $'s in the footer? It's about baptisms you say? Yet despite frequent requests in chat and comments you fail to publish this email in the footer? What's up with that? Where are your priorities?

    If you are in error, repent. That's all the community asks of you to do. Re-organize according to scripture and help set things in proper order. But how is it scriptural for you to exercise authority over other Elders under the banner of a name you came up with? Is that not Christ position as the Chief shepherd? Did Paul exercise authority over matters in locations he wasn't part of? Has Christ already confirmed to you personally that you're an Israelite, of the 144 kingdom administration, and rank over the other Elders? Let us know if that is the case. You used to speak scripture to say have faith and "flee from the land of the north" but now you say "flee into a church". Could it be you're operating in the spirit that Josephus wrote of the prophet that led our people back to their destruction? Jeremiah 5:26-27; Rev 18:2 ; Sirach 26:29-27:1-3 Because I recall in an old street preaching video you stated very clearly "I don't wanna work!". But it's only after accusations surfaced of you mishandling the members monies is when you want to defend yourself claiming you've always made money on your own. We all recognize Christ and even Paul worked but the majority of your members had no clue you worked up until now. So let this be a warning for you to self examine your ways and get yourself and your house in order. You've always claimed that preachers will not repent because they aren't ready to deal with the consequences of their sins but now it's your turn. What will you do? This is where we will discover who you really are as a person. I don't know how deep down the rabbit hole you've gone but if King Manasseh was able to repent, you can to and this is what I urge you to do. I've made many attempts to bring this correction to you but often time my comment will get deleted so it's here for you to read. Examine yourself and find those in your circle who will help you get your self right. Move the spiritual butt sniffers out of the way who flatter and spread a net before you to use and benefit from the gains gotten from members. Also you should pay more attention to what you say because it seems you're doing a lot of projecting. That can be good if you're looking to learn and correct your ways but very bad for other reasons. And if you take talking points and ideas, it's okay to give credit where credit is due but it's unrighteous if you consistently relay them as if it came from your own mind. Kevin Samuels for instance is an example that as his channel grew, you did this. Not only that, he popularized the term HVM then all of a sudden you're boasting about how you were some high level insurance manager? Am I supposed to buy that when you never mentioned that, not even once in over the decade time you taught? Maybe it's partially true, but what's the catch? Semantics? Or maybe you expect older, long time viewers to phase out and not ask questions as you speak to the new? Because it would be hard for me to believe considering the amount of talking you do to have never mentioned that. It's not hard for anyone to rewind the clips, compare and see to know what other channels you've been watching because you do this very often. So it makes me bring to question: Where are you really getting your information from? I hope you'll take heed and do the right thing.

    1 Corinthians 3:10 1 Timothy 3:2-7 Proverbs 13:3 Proverbs 18:7 Proverbs 12:13 Proverbs 21:23 1 Peter 4:11 Deuteronomy 4:2 2 Corinthians 13:5 Ecclesiasticus 21:1-4 2 Chronicles 33 James 5:16 Proverbs 29:1

    Not everyone is your enemy so relax.. Gal 4:16 Shalom

  18. Re having links with you tube…these CIA controlled guys like the two coke heads who tried to run off with the DOS seem to be able to get you kicked off as soon as they read something you write they dont like. These types have a hierarchy and they seem to have accounts all over twitter running multiple accounts who must get paid cause they on it 24/7…some are bots. They seem to want to create aggro in certain communities

  19. "the juice" is not the mark of the beast people. does'nt mean you should take it, do whats right for you. but you are not gonna be damned for taking it despite "elder" rawchaa's comments.


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