Reports: Explosion heard in Kyiv after Russia announces military operations in Ukraine | WION

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is trying to negotiate for 30 years now as he slams the NATO alliance and announces military operations in Ukraine. The latest reports suggest that an explosion was heard in Kyiv after Putin’s announcement.

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Comment (42)

  1. Albeit Indian diplomacy is with Russia, but we should all stand in solidarity with Ukraine, no one can stop Russia, after putin warned nations, but India can, hope for peace. Pity for Ukraine.

  2. Putin gives his military reason to advance by negative words about the rest of the world. Much like The American Government does in America. War is a game of hate and all sides build hate.

    Thank you Brandon for the removal of defenses for the free world by opening Afghanistan by walking away. The fascists around the world now know they have freedom to attack anywhere in the world. Which country is next?

  3. Let them come into Ukraine then fight them urban combat. Russia and the United states struggle with urban combat. Urban combat is the great equalizer to open warfare. Make them pay and pay in blood for every inch they take.

  4. Yes, russia has been trying to negotiate for 30 years.
    Putin – We have threatened Ukraine over na dover for 30 years and still they don't trust us. Now they want to stop getting their energy from Russia and gat it from the EU.
    This is unacceptable. I can not have anyone breaking up with me without paying the price.

  5. The mighty Russian army will thrash and burn Ukraine to ashes and there's nothing US and NATO can do about it….long live President Putin!!!!

  6. I love to see stupid power hungry idiots human beings fights ..What will they get in the end…I wish human beings becomes extinct because of their stupidity….

  7. That girl joining her from New York can't talk! She uses way too many "uh's" and "you know's"! She's a terrible spokesperson! 🤔

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  9. This is because of NATO keep insist on Ukraine. Now when Rusia attack Ukraine, NATO said Ukraine on their own. What the hell, you cause this mess and let innocent Ukraine citizen pay the price

  10. NATO & AMERICA will NEVER be able to do ANYTHING to Putin. Putin has the Anunnaki on his side & together they will eradicate America & NATO off the face of this planet, I'm looking forward to that!

  11. President Putin has taken the right steps, the goal is to save his country from the interference of rival countries. Russia's vital territory, the city of Moscow, is closest to the border with Ukraine. if the ukraine state entered the NATO organization automatically the US base would be in the ukraine state which could endanger the defense system of the Russian state. As cognate countries, Russia and Ukraine must understand each other and understand each other for the security of the people of the two countries

  12. Indeed he tried it the peaceful way .. all he asked for was stay away from NATO alliance but they didn't listen so he had to what he had to for the security of his own country …. I support Putin on this…

  13. I'm really trying to figure out what good the united nations is other then having lunch and talk talk talk they have no moral obligation to help none members. I help people I people I don't even know. I just know they need help. So as far as I'm concerned they are worthless.

  14. The poor and elderly where do they 🏃‍♀️ this is shameful and disgusting slotter. politicians this is all on you all around the globe 🌎. Politicians are morality bankrupt this should have been worked out long ago. I have no respect for politicians none ore world leaders criminals.

  15. Why can't these 2 just have a fight 1 on 1, not involving millions of others all because they can't agree, or scissors paper rock 🙄

  16. Russia is unfair because it attacked Eukraine anf ask people to laydown their arms. What about self defense which is a normal reacion.

  17. Give missile to UKRAINE and they willl use them to attack Biélorussia and Russia .When does country will receve missile on them city capital like Moscow and Minsk. this will change


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