Return to Eden only to eat of the forbidden fruit again!

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Comment (35)

  1. Lol the carnal mind would think you are suppose to really eat flesh.. "Carne" I believe means meat..and the mind is in your head(physically) so you would have to be a real MEAT HEAD to think you are going to eat His flesh and drink His blood.. I remember some pastor said this a while ago.

  2. Great ministry family! "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with YAHUAH…" Stay on The Rock! HalleluYAH!!

  3. shabbath salem @Family … we love y'all too …. !!! stay blessed up strong … !!!

  4. Brother I can't tell you enough of what you already knew; you're blessed. I have this bible verse several time couldn't connect the dots. TMH never told man not eat of the tree of life, how amazing TMH truly is. Shalom.

  5. Great Lesson. Many dont realize the Gift of the Holy Spirit. She is Wisdom. Yahshua left her as a Comforter for us and we tend to Pray in the Name of the Father and the Son and leave out the Power which is the Spirit. Our True Walk with Yahuah begins when we Repent of our Sins

  6. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time a give Adam and Eve the hardest pimp slap humanly possible and wear them out with a monumental hitler style cussin "How could you put us in this situation"

  7. Also intrigued with teachings and would like to become a child of the Watchman's. How do I become Bless with being a true Israelite? Thank you for bring it so real straight from the Biblical text, in a more formal understanding.

  8. That's deep about the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. So as i think does that mean that if adam would have ate of the 🌳 of life it would have been all right. He did say they could eat of the fruit in the garden. Just don't eat of the tree of knowledge. Deep to deep we could have been in the kingdom right now. With good intentions. From David Lee Backwater University.MOA

  9. That's one of the paintings by Akiane Kramarik, called the Forbidden Fruit. If led, can you guys do a video about her please?

  10. Two things:
    This is my third time watching this one. When you were speaking on Adam not knowing he was naked, it was a similar situation as with children. They don't care if they are naked but will throw on anyone's shoes and run out the door with you dressed in nothing but a diaper. When you said Yah searches the heart it reminds me of the AVG program on your hard drive of the computer that searches each area for the problems and viruses so they can be exposed, captured, and eliminated! HalleluYah!

  11. As a young girl my great grandma described how life would be different had not Adam and Eve transgressed. I told her they were stupid and had it been me I would've obeyed. Great grandma said I would have done the same, so would anyone in that position. Took me some time to understand her but she was right

  12. I enjoyed this lesson.. I have learned a lot. Many questions I had were answered. Thank you for sharing. Peace be unto you and your family.


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