Reverse Type II Diabetes In 30 Days Or LESS


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  2. I went vegan for 3 months 6 months total without meat felted, looked 1000% better, went back to meat and sugar health went back down I gotta get back on track..

  3. Thank you (all three) , for are very
    informative video. Yah is the key
    (door) to all of our issues, if we
    seek all of His ways, we shall not
    go astray (wrong)! Shalom family!

  4. Shalom family I would like to know when the minister of Wellness would be coming to the West Coast meaning Southern California and thank you for your information about type 2 diabetes because I've always was told that the medication gave you diabetes but I didn't listen to when my father told me that before he passed so with that being said family let's get healthy family I'm telling you to tell me family continue to give thanks TTMH much love from Ontario California Shalom family.

  5. Dear Sister and Btother! Thank you so much for having Minster of Wellness on your channel.

    All that was said is so very true, we must Start to taking care of our bodys..

    We have been so use to fixing what our Ancestors eat in a lot of ways…. We will need alot of guidance on what we truly nee for our body, willing to learn though…

    Yes you have a wonderful channel

  6. Oh wow …. Very insightful Info ! I was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 2 months ago ….. & Im miserable with this disease & the medication ( Metformin ) !
    I will be visiting this brotha's website … & ordering his DVD & Book ! All I can think about is dying , because I don't know how long I can continue living with this disease & taking medication ! I feel hopeless ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜’

  7. My Dad has congestive heart failure his heart is not in good shape. Help!!! I don't want to loose my Dad please help me to help my Dad

  8. if you are so concerned then why are you charging such high prices for this information just like everyone else, i am not against it , but please dont seem as though you are sooo concerned if you really are sooo concerned lower your prices ok attending the seminars are ten and dollars not bad, but the coaching is too expensive, lower your prices you will help more people , i do agree you are doing a good thing shalom


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