Righteous and Un righteous wives: Ananias & Sapphira vs Priscilla & Aquila

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  1. Sorry what happened with Abigail and covering your head are completely two different things. Unfortunately you two have been saying this to the women of Isreal a long time. Shalom to you 😊No disrespect to you but you are wrong and I pray that you receive the true understanding in the the future.

  2. How can a man cover the Messiah ????? How can he so this act if the messiah is in heaven ????? YOU ARR IN ERROR ! But, it’s okay I still love you both. Shalom

  3. Awesome lesson!!!!!!!APTTMH!! Btw Ahab was not from Judah, if memory serves me right he was a king of the Northern kingdom, king of Israel not Judah.

  4. So what about Wicked black women dad murdered children man put people in jail destroy families lie on innocent people. And use the beast system for personal gain. A lot of rhetoric on here dismisses actual circumstances of Destruction black women cause. There's a lot of bigotry on this channel between black males and females.

  5. Watchman Reports, could you please tell me which video of yours has a better understanding of "covering your head". I need a better understanding!. Thanks in advance.

  6. THE SHADOW OF YAH…Without the sacrifice for our sins through the blood of YAH's only begotton and brought forth son, YAHshua HaMashiah born a Shemite Hebrew Yisraelite from the tribe of Yahudah we cannot claim salvation. YAHshua Hamessiah is NOT Jesus Christ (there's no "j" in Hebrew language). Jesus Christ who is LORD and Lord means Baal beelzebub beelzebul gadfly Satan in Hebrew language (Strongs Hebrew Lexicon 1167/1168). Jesus Christ is a newly risen False Deity an imposter nor is the name of the Creator YAH, Jahovah, Buddha, Allah etc. which are all man-made false mighty ones. The pagan title GOD God god was never a title for our Eloyhim the Most High YAH and is designated to many false mighty ones even Satan nor is his Son YAHshua named Yeshua a name given by the Jewish people (man-made people) who are in Yisrael today who say they are Yiraelites (Yehudah) but they are not and are not according to scripture. Yahshua said (I come in my father's name John 5:43…YAH) HALLELUYAH MEANS PRAISE YAH. Acts 4:12 there's only ONE name under the heavens in which we can be saved NOT TWO, Three and so on and YAHshua HaMeshiah is that name. YAHshua is a Hebrew, not a Greek/Latin/Christian.  Yahshua is the name of the one who shed his human blood on the stake because blood had to be shed for the atonement of sin whereas we can no longer substitute animal blood for atonement after Yahshua's sacrifice.There is no other name in the original Gospel but YAHshua. Yahshua is the name that is the name of the son when we are immersed. Yahshua split the Veil to the Most Set Apart place while on the stake being crucified. The Veil was NOT TORN DOWN, it was split signifying that the Torah and its commands are still in effect and now opened to us through the spirit of YAH's son YAHshua. It is he YAHshua and NO OTHER who now stands between the split as a pathway the (daleth) to YAH. HalleluYAH means Praise YAH. As people who sin we cannot go directly to The Most High YAH …The Creator YAH to atone for our sins unless we go through his Son YAHshua. 

    THE SHADOW OF YAH….YAHshua HaMeshiah who is liken to the SHADOW OF YAH who is the ONLY BEGOTTEN, BROUGHT-FOURTH SON OF The Most High YAH as it was IN THE BEGINNING. 

    "Gen1:1 In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth.

    1:2 And the earth became without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters.

    1:3 And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light."  

    Eloyhim SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT… Gen1:3. There WAS DARKNESS … before the sun and moon or any stars were created there was darkness and Eloyhim said LET THERE BE LIGHT, and there was light…so what was that light without the sun, moon or any stars being in existence? YAH he spoke The Words, The Dabarim… THE LET THERE BE LIGHT and there was LIGHT…Creating a SHADOW his shadow. After… LET US…LET US…us…MAKE MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE male and female and that US, YAH's shadow is Yahshua HaMessiah who afterwards creating our shadows …the WORD BECAME FLESH.    (Psalms144:4 Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.) We roam backwards and forwards from sin (DARKNESS, disobedience to YAH's Laws) to light..(LIGHT, goodness and righteousness according to YAH's righteousness) we roam. We constantly roam back and forth from darkness to light shadowboxing, boxing ourselves. Stay in YAHshua who is YAH in the darkness (shadows) and YAH in the light because YAH says no blemishes, no lame, crooked nose, sinner nor hunchback can stand before him to atone for our sin so his son YAHshua (I come in my Father's Name YAH… HalleluYAH means Praise YAH) who shed his blood stands between the Veil before our Creator YAH as our HIGH PRIEST, Representative, Mediator, Redeemer and Advocate whereas he's standing in OUR PLACE and IF NOT we will be judged like the man who went out on Sabbath to gather sticks and YAH SAID STONE HIM AND THEY STONED HIM TO DEATH immediately with no GRACE PERIOD with no one pleading for him. YAH is the CREATOR and through his son YAHshua who is the shadow of his Father (Psalms  91:1He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High YAH shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.) carries out YAH's Dabarim (WORDs) through creations and righteous judgements bringing the peoples from just flesh and bones (bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh) to bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh and now to Head of my head and SPIRIT OF MY SPIRIT….

    THE SHADOW OF YAH…YAHshua will be there to judge THOSE SHADOW PEOPLES, people who did not believe in him or his name, who have SHADOW-BOXED themselves into DARKNESS or trying to stay in between being a shadow and a light (hot and cold) who after being warned over and over of their deception yet not taking heed and although claiming to know the letter of the Torah Bible and its laws and claiming to know the SPIRIT of YAH YET not the Commands of The Most High YAH and his son YAHshua paying with the uttermost faltering. Denying YAHshua's name is liken to denying who he is, his culture and his sacrifice which is the path, the door and the WAY and that "LET THERE BE LIGHT" that leads to our salvation and to the Creator YAH. These peoples, the SHADOW people who are denying YAHshua and his name are also denying the Commandments of The Creator of the Universe, taking his name in vain by taking his son Name out of the Father's Name who said I come in my father's name voids YAH's Name.This is liken to denying the name of YAH breaking the Third Commandment. The Most High YAH says he's jealous for his name.Believe in YAH who is the ONLY SOURCE OF POWER IN THE UNIVERSE because the whole world is his stage to be or not to be for the Kingdom or the Lake of Fire (Hallelu…YAH!) believe in the ONE One…one and ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN in which we can be saved by who is YAH and the "LET US"…that Us, the light and Life of the world who is YAHshua HaMeshiah it is he that is that Lamp of Light, THAT LET THERE BE LIGHT, the door the pathway the Aleph and the Taw that split the Veil. This is that Lamp under our feet and a light unto our paths and there is no other, NO OTHER NAME.


  7. Funny enough in the French language the word bless means hurt or harm for instance the reflexive verb blesser means to harm, to hurt or to wound and the word blessure means injury or wound and we know this English language has alot of words that are taken from different languages

  8. APTTMH to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I have a question…if you are in a courtship/engagement and you discover your man isn’t righteous and following the commandments and is using drugs and is abusive, can the woman leave? My mistake was I didn’t prove this man. I relocated with my 3 children to his state. The moment I pulled up in my moving truck I felt a bad spirit over me like Uhh ohhh….. it went downhill. I didn’t know this man at all! He told me you not the prize I am! What do I do? I’m trying to bow out gracefully as well as being in survival mode….

  9. How do I put together a lesson if someone could show me that would be nice I'm trying to learn how to put together a lesson because I want to develop a word. .

  10. Yes, ur children sound so Awesome. What i imagine, angelic voices, would sound like, as they are , standing by the way side, amongst the Heavens , along with others , singing for The Heavenly Father Yah.

  11. I think King James is real as it gets. It's just have God and Jesus name in it that most don't use his name like that. And most don't understand that bible . I'm sorry but Bishop Nathaniel tell it like it is and don't suger coat nothing. He breaks all them words down. Precept by precept words for words. But every one teaches different people have to go wear they can understand that Bible better. Some teach feel good stories, some tell truth. Some tell life into the word.


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