Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | Part 16 | The Ungrateful Warg

Lets play Rimworld 1.0! The theme? The Borg. The goal is to turn our transhumanists meeples into Borg drones. Bionics, brain implants, killer weapons. The modlist and seed information can me found below.

Watch the entire series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ytiT1thpM&list=PL1bqly0kjCzrbfC4Y32oYwuYSzk9-ijF8

Mods: HugsLib, Pick Up and Haul, Doors Expanded, Expanded Prosthetics, Allow Tool, A Dog Said, Wall Lights, Glitter Tech, Harvest Organs, Pharmacist, VGP Vegetable Garden, More Harvest Designators, While You’re Up, Where is my Weapon, Prisoner Harvesting, Mass Graves, Dubs Bad Hygiene, BioReactor

Seed Info: Chemist, Rainfall up 1 notch, temp down 2 notches, 22.09 S 24.33 E

1.0 Patch Notes: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41766
Watch the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ytiT1thpM&list=PL1bqly0kjCzrbfC4Y32oYwuYSzk9-ijF8

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Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | The Borg
Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | The Borg
Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | The Borg

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Comment (16)

  1. That giant lump of titanium right near your base can make some supper sick swords and plate armor. Takes a long time to craft but I highly recommend it. Also its low research Like 800 for each.

  2. the wargs and bear were hunting the traders O_O tha bear was near by for too long :O

    glad to see the bedroom and research/rec room finally connected

    6 of 5 almost died

  3. 4 of 5: Hey, are you looking forward to having cotton so we can start making new clothes?
    2 of 5: covers blood stain on stolen jacket I'm good. Where's the billiards table?

  4. Next time you have that injured animal scenario, maybe leave food in the room with it so the animal can eat. If its hungry and its carnivorous its gonna attack out of necessity.
    Also was thinking that maybe a drug economy could be useful to supply components and weapons for your soldiers.

  5. Where I live we grow rocks in the ground so when I was digging up our septic tank half of the ground was just rocks and the septic tank was only 3 feet down but bc of the rocks it took around 20 work hours of digging


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