Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | Part 22 | Gettin' Borgy

Lets play Rimworld 1.0! The theme? The Borg. The goal is to turn our transhumanists meeples into Borg drones. Bionics, brain implants, killer weapons. The modlist and seed information can me found below.

Watch the entire series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ytiT1thpM&list=PL1bqly0kjCzrbfC4Y32oYwuYSzk9-ijF8

Mods: HugsLib, Pick Up and Haul, Doors Expanded, Expanded Prosthetics, Allow Tool, A Dog Said, Wall Lights, Glitter Tech, Harvest Organs, Pharmacist, VGP Vegetable Garden, More Harvest Designators, While You’re Up, Where is my Weapon, Prisoner Harvesting, Mass Graves, Dubs Bad Hygiene, BioReactor

Seed Info: Chemist, Rainfall up 1 notch, temp down 2 notches, 22.09 S 24.33 E

1.0 Patch Notes: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41766
Watch the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ytiT1thpM&list=PL1bqly0kjCzrbfC4Y32oYwuYSzk9-ijF8

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Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | The Borg
Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | The Borg
Rimworld 1.0 Transhumanist Colony | The Borg

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Comment (16)

  1. Maybe you could wall that open area north of your base and give your animals a nice little pasture.

    Hahaha. You're the only player I know who isn't afraid of bugs and mechanoids. Keep it up!

  2. you might consider wallling in the area inside of your compound between the barracks and farming/dining complex, which will help with heat and with predators going inside your base, and your armored pawns not having full resistance to the cold will be less of an issue, as they'll only actually be in the cold on excursions rather than every time they go between the warehouse and anywhere else, this would also allow you to put a second cooler in the freezer to dump the waste heat into the hallways rather than the medical bay. and as the roof will keep the snow out, you'll see an improvement in movement speed in your hallways even if you don't floor them


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