Rishi Sunak's wife Akshata Murty claims non-domicile status | World News | WION

In a recent development on Sunak’s case, Akshata Murty has claimed non-domicile status. But, what does it mean, and how does it allows Murty to avoid tax?

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Comment (45)

  1. This is actually disgusting they don’t care about the majority while the minority is in power they will keep each other rich . We need a revolution it’s about time .

  2. So “Rishi” is a name given to boys in India…hmmm we do the same in Mexico with the name “Jesus”.

  3. If tax law is not broken then this is visceral campaign against akshata is political malice against sunak.
    Till last month, he was their rising star. Now he is attacked. Sunak should resign to spare his wife this indignity which is heap on her by his political adversary.

  4. WION . WHY are you attacking akshata. She has not broken tax laws in any country and followed a law consistent for past 220 years.
    It's his husband fault to go in politics and become finance minister of that country

  5. Mr Sunak chose the right babe…He asks britishers to pay taxes when his own spouse is living in the UK throughout the year but does not pay taxes there… wonderful finance planning….

  6. Well these tax avoidance laws are created to cushion the rich so I suppose fair game to her. Unless you change the laws , why must they particularly zoom in on her alone? They should do a witch-hunt to find other culprits . However if they don’t want to expose themselves then change the tax laws in order to be fairer to the rest of society.

  7. India doesn't allow dual citizenship and living abroad and taking citizenship are personal choices, don't try to flip as a tax dodging mechanism when it is not.

  8. If she gets to live in the country for an extended period of time, say more than a year, and makes use of its public services it makes sense to pay some tax

  9. Dear Chancellor Rishi Sunak,

    If I were married to billionaire's daughter, I would have taken the position of Chancellor of United Kingdom. People go into politics in order to provide better living standards to many people not few people. I would not mind to take your position if you can resign your position as soon as you clear your desk at 11 Downing Street. Please post me a comment here once you have left the main gate on Whitehall. By the way, there are over five thousands Indian fugitive billionaires and millionaires are in UK. Do they have to pay any tax to UK government?!

  10. This is the familiar tactic UK and US uses – coercive means to pressure countries to fall in line. This should end. Counties should reject this once for all.

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  12. Politicians should be squeaky clean regarding their taxes and expenses or they should be doing a different job. We can see the insider dealing that is going on with US politicians and their spouses, but that is a matter for USA which seems to consider only getting caught as a crime. However in UK , I thought, we operate to a higher standard.
    But maybe I am now mistaken.

  13. as a Brit, I am shocked, offended and appalled at how much tax we pay, yet this witch get away with paying nothing while her husband raise our taxes.
    the whole cabinet needs to be reshuffled. rishi, priti, sajid, zahawi and khan all need to be replaced. they don't care about nothing but the depth of their pockets.

  14. Prepare for an onslaught of Tory double talk. When a Tory says "Let me be clear", immediately think 'rivers of mud'.

  15. Here comes the next desperate attempt to wobble Boris haha. Nobody cares.. she wont be the only one doing it will she …

  16. Look the indian billionaires are the darlings of the tory elites just like the Chinese buying up.cambridge and russians buying up London

  17. If working class people vote for billionaires then this is what you get, stop voting for billionaires you absolute donkeys

  18. Rishi Sunak has been paying taxes even when he was a waiter in a restaurant.
    Mrs Akshata Murty is paying taxes on her income in the UK.
    For her income in India, she pays taxes in India.
    That is how it works not only for her but for millions of people.
    Rishi Sunak has helped us through severe challenges of the last two years
    He continues to do a great job as the Chancellor.
    The mudslinging by the opposition parties is disgraceful.

  19. It’s disgusting that we are all being asked to pay more whilst prices rise at alarming rates whilst the multi millionaire chancellor’s wife avoids paying tax & living in a house for free funded by the taxpayer. He is so out of touch it’s a joke 5p off fuel lasted less than 5 days before it got swallowed up by more rises. We all have to pay £1000 more a year for energy so let’s lend everyone £200 to solve that is he for real. Him & Johnson need to go now.

  20. Labour remoaning morons are scraping the barrel on this one (she is NO more British than Putin and her companies are in India) what next, ask Putin to pay tax here–LOL

  21. UK has more tax fraudsters of other nations, what about that. will system work only onesided taking money or respect other nations aswell

  22. In short, British media wants Akshata to take up British citizenship and pay taxes for what she earns in india. Britain has been dependant on india for cash since centuries.

  23. By golly they certainly know how to rob the British taxpayers claim 50 million fiddle 20 million they're certainly at it big time no penny's hear just millions

  24. You don't just get "non-dom" status, you have to actively pursue it. The process costs around £30,000 to do & people do it for one reason, to avoid paying UK tax on foreign earnings even if you literally live in number 11 downing Street. This lot are taking you for fools, if you don't think that to be the case then you've either been groomed and/or suffering from Stocholm Syndrome.


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