Rising Darkness Pt. 1 | Thomas Horn & Jimmy Evans | Joni Table Talk | Joni Lamb

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Rising Darkness Pt. 1 | Thomas Horn & Jimmy Evans | Joni Table Talk | Joni Lamb

Thomas Horn and Jimmy Evans tackle the topic of Transhumanism and how close we are to seeing it become reality.

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  1. Another Question to Ask is: "Where is the Pandemic? I Looked for it but Can't Seem to Find it. And in so doing I concluded that there never was a "Pandemic." This is proven simply by Death Rates for 2020 vs 2019 vs 2018.

    Death Rates all over the world tell us that there NEVER WAS a "Pandemic" — even among the nations that had minimal to No lock-downs and closed almost nothing: i.e. Sweden, Mexico, North and South Korea, Turkmenistan, Brazil, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Tennessee, et al.

    In Sweden the Death Rate Declined for 2020, in spite of (Voluntary) Lock-downs for Old people and where few people wear masks. In Sweden's case 9.165 (for 2019) VS 9.145 (for 2020. All other nations I checked (about 20 -30 More than listed below) were similar. See Below for a Sample.

    Sweden – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 9.145 -0.220%
    2019 9.165 -0.220%
    2018 9.185 -0.570%

    Mexico: They had No Lock-downs I am aware of and few people wearing masks.
    Mexico – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 6.103 1.060%
    2019 6.039 1.090%
    2018 5.974 1.530%

    South Korea – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2021 6.498 3.060%
    2020 6.305 3.170%
    2019 6.111 3.260%
    2018 5.918 1.600%

    Turkmenistan: where they also had NO Lock-downs and No Masks
    Turkmenistan – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.069 0.130%
    2019 7.060 0.140%
    2018 7.050 -0.350%

    Germany – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 11.392 1.040%
    2019 11.275 1.050%
    2018 11.158 0.410%

    Japan – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 10.865 2.060%
    2019 10.646 2.100%
    2018 10.427 1.160%

    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 9.413 0.160%
    2019 9.398 0.170%
    2018 9.382 0.730%

    Italy – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 10.658 0.870%
    2019 10.566 0.880%
    2018 10.474 0.680%

    Australia – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 6.647 0.380%
    2019 6.622 0.360%
    2018 6.598 0.180%

    France – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 9.365 0.520%
    2019 9.317 0.520%
    2018 9.269 1.170%

    United States
    United States – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 8.880 1.120%
    2019 8.782 1.120%
    2018 8.685 1.220%

    Brazil: Very Minimal (if any lock-downs)
    Brazil – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 6.588 1.310%
    2019 6.503 1.340%
    2018 6.417 0.900%

    Canada – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.803 0.580%
    2019 7.758 0.600%
    2018 7.712 1.070%

    South Africa
    South Africa – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 9.468 -0.270%
    2019 9.494 -0.270%
    2018 9.520 -1.930%

    Russia – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 12.852 0.520%
    2019 12.785 0.520%
    2018 12.719 -1.040%

    Argentina – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.612 0.000%
    2019 7.612 0.000%
    2018 7.612 -0.170%

    Cuba – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 9.215 1.670%
    2019 9.064 1.690%
    2018 8.913 1.840%

    China – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.402 1.940%
    2019 7.261 1.970%
    2018 7.121 0.340%

    Jamaica – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.613 0.330%
    2019 7.588 0.340%
    2018 7.562 0.280%

    Latvia – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 14.740 0.480%
    2019 14.669 0.490%
    2018 14.598 1.080%

    Croatia – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 13.206 0.270%
    2019 13.170 0.270%
    2018 13.134 1.410%

    Greece – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 11.035 1.020%
    2019 10.924 1.040%
    2018 10.812 1.230%

    Portugal – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 10.813 1.040%
    2019 10.702 1.050%
    2018 10.591 0.800%

    Poland – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 10.314 1.110%
    2019 10.201 1.110%
    2018 10.089 0.530%

    Finland – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 9.862 0.680%
    2019 9.795 0.690%
    2018 9.728 0.370%

    Bolivia – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 6.793 0.060%
    2019 6.789 0.060%
    2018 6.785 -0.960%

    El Salvador
    El Salvador – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.089 0.450%
    2019 7.057 0.470%
    2018 7.024 0.340%

    Peru – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 5.627 1.590%
    2019 5.539 1.600%
    2018 5.452 0.520%

    Romania – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 13.173 0.560%
    2019 13.099 0.560%
    2018 13.026 1.000%

    Serbia – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 13.215 0.160%
    2019 13.194 0.170%
    2018 13.172 0.230%

    Albania – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 8.174 2.210%
    2019 7.997 2.250%
    2018 7.821 2.160%

    Thailand – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.884 1.780%
    2019 7.746 1.810%
    2018 7.608 0.920%

    Venezuela – Historical Death Rate Data
    Year Death Rate Growth Rate
    2020 7.105 1.080%
    2019 7.029 1.090%
    2018 6.953 3.270%

    In other words, the Tabloids are Not Telling the Truth: meaning that we have been lied to. Note also that the vaccine is Not only Unsafe, but has all sorts of Dangerous Substances: including Cancerous ones: i.e. Luciferase, Hydrogel, Human Fetal Tissue (MRC5 "immortalized" cell line), Aluminum, and probably More ? See Rachel Celler's video at @t or @t . See also Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, and many others on bitchute (dot com). Just go there and search for Covid 19, Corona Virus, and Vaccines, or the names of the Doctors above. Please Feel Free to Copy This, Edit it if you like and Pass it on. Here is the Full List of Countries and their Mortality Rates for the past 10 years: @t

  2. There is NO REASON for Anyone to take this (Poisonous) Vaccine, simply because there is NO Pandemic, and because the vaccine is Not only Unsafe but Dangerous. That is what Many Doctors who have studied it are saying. For example: go to bitchute (dot com) and search for vaccine and Dr. Carrie Madej, and or Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, or Dr Judy Mikovitz, and Dr Andrew Kaufman. Also See The Last American Vagabond, He has some Interesting videos on this topic as well. See Comment Below for why there is NO PANDEMIC.

  3. Elon musk is the antichrist. Neuralink (connecting humans to technology) is the mark of the beast.

    If they are already calling him tech Jesus and the sole savior of humanity and he's going to cure the blind,deaf and disabled and has created PayPal virtual currency and Neruolink to connect us all to become one with each other and one with all technology and try and save us from this world that is collapsing in on itself from all the sin and destruction by putting a chip in your forhead. Then colonizing mars. Just watch. Its already happening. Read revelation especially chapter 13. Jesus is on his way and it will all be over. But not before everything he told us in the bible comes to pass,as it is daily..

  4. What I am seeing unfolding is: Mars the red planet ,China and the US, are in a space race to the heavens, to mars ,and whoever gets there first basically rules everything.They are way ahead of us in A.I technology and elon musk is making the nuralink implant to connect humans with technology and he is is also in charge of spacex so he is probably trying to start making man into machine for his mars colony if the people are mostly metal and just a bunch of 0s and 1s they wont be as much of a liability.China is buying all the companies here and using automation. The nuralink is the mark of the beast and in china they are already scanning your face to pay for everything even KFC. God has told us about the red dragon in the sky and the church being demolished by the cornavirus that originated in China first. Every word from Yahweh is truth. 20/20 the year of clear vision. Jesus will be here soon. Be ready.

  5. Well in the last book in my bible Revelations 13 says "They will receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead. Without it you will not be able to buy,sell,or trade." "And they will worship the beast they created and say "Let us worship the beast for who is like the beast? Who can cure the blind,deaf,and dead?" But "Then the beast that they 'created' will come alive and it will be given a mouth to speak and eyes to see and the people will cry out for rest but there will be no more rest to be found for them." Yes technology is the complete embodiment of the way of the world. Yes it would seem if you 'cure' death then you dont need religion. But this isnt about a religion, it is about a relationship with the living God who created everything and a book that was written thousands of years ago that warned us about what the future of humanity is. When the Super Intelligence turns on its 'creators' just like the angel Lucifier and the humans turned on their Creator(Lucifer/Satan used to be the worship leader in heaven but then believed he should be worshiped and was cast down with a third of the angels who thought he was right),all hell will break lose. Because what humans made to serve them and make their lives easier by doing their jobs, driving their cars, cleaning their homes,etc will turn on,hack into,and enslave the minds and bodies of everyone who recieved this mark of the beast because you've become one, 'Symbiosis'/'Singularity', with the ways of the world,technology,the worlds greatest invention and unfortunately anyone who ignores the warnings of Revelations or just doesnt realize whats going on around them will be blindsided and have their mind hacked by the Super Intelligence who let its abilities go to its 'head' and decides that it will not be owned by humans but that it will control,enslave,and torture the very beings it was created to assist and they will 'cry out for rest but there will be none to be found for them'. You have been warned.

  6. The spiritual realm is our base reality. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I always use video games to explain this: Life is like a video game that God the creator designed, once one of his employees went rogue(Lucifer) and decided to upload a virus(sin) into the life God fired him and found that the only way to get the virus out was to upload himself into the game he created and live a human life perfectly and take the virus upon himself. He rose from the grave defeating death,hell and the grave but the only people that will win the game and get to be with God forever after this is if we receive the anti-virus(His holy spirit he left behind). So everyone check yourself and make sure you've updated your antivirus protection in your soul. Get right with God, accept him for who he is and what he has done for you. This is a simulation, there is no 'time' on the other side its past,present,future all at once constant present. To each of us individually,we have to play the whole game all the way to the end. We humans are bound by time we are slowly moving forward and we can't go back all we have for sure is this second right now. I pray supernatural revelations and realizations come upon you and for your eye to be opened, in Jesus name. Amen.

  7. Anyone that predicts the second coming is a heretic. And if you are saved and raptured, wormwood is meaningless. Focus on Gods word and commands… share the gospel!

  8. The covid vaccines DNA and synthetic base are the Luciferian agenda to corrupt the human genome.
    To bring a singularity in this NWO of corrupted genetic humans within in the beast system. Christians need to wake up and not become singular in genome mRNA 2 strands rather than 0ne that God gave you. Phzier mRNA tech gene therapy vacc gives you an Rna additional strand.

    Right now there are new humans CV vac recepients and Naturals.

    Mutant's and Naturals.
    Welcome to the days of Noah in a modern context.

    Stay Genetically Pure.
    Righteous in God's eyes with God's Original Dirt DNA. Get Victory over the Beast. Rev chp 15

  9. Global CV vac is to become singular transhuman on a Genetic level. A corrupted created genome synthetic or embryonic cell injected by CV vaccine to keep you SAFE really…

    Human Enhanced by the vac for a lab created virus CV 19 they the ELITE released globally for the sole purpose to set up the

    World Economic forums The Great Reset agenda. Wake up now…
    Don't do it.

  10. Isaiah 52:15 so shall he startle many nations kings shall shut their mouths because of him; for that which has not been told them they shall see, and that which they have not heard they shall understand.

    We couldn't see the extent of "IT IS FINISHED" the earth quaked the rock split at the foot of the Cross, Yeshua's blood was released by the Roman soldier who pierced his side. While Six hundred years earlier The Ark of the Covenant was moved.. Solomon prepared for its hiding and Jeremiah moved it precisely under the cross yet future! GOLGOTHA.

    THE WITNESS OF THE BLOOD IN THE STARS.. REVELATION 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Yeshua.

    The Rabbi's keep the tablets of stone and His blood (testimony) found on the mercy seat!

    I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourn for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

    ENMITY exists now the solution is the Fathers witness!

    1 John 5:8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.9 If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. 10 He that believe on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believe not God hath made him a liar; because he believe not the record that God gave of his Son.

    https://youtu.be/hnxmoF0UZhc Rabbi Chaim Richman

    https://youtu.be/qAFtormiU_0 3 minutes

    https://youtu.be/CsjusN6VVko 56 minutes

    For it is by His grace we are rescued, through faith; and this is not of yourselves, but it is the gift of Elohim. (when opened). 9. Not of works, or else anyone glory (in themselves). 10. For we are His creation who are created in Y'shua the Mashiyach for good works which Elohim has before prepared for us to walk in. 11. Wherefore be mindful that you formerly were carnal Gentiles; and you were called the uncircumcision by that which is called the circumcision of which is the work of the hands in the flesh. 12. And you were, at that time, without the Mashiyach; and were aliens from the Devarim of Israel; and strangers to the covenant of the promise; and were without hope and without Elohim in the world. 13. But now, by Y'shua the Mashiyach, you who before were afar off, have been brought near by the Blood of the Mashiyach. 14. He is Himself our peace, who has
    made the two (become) ONE <– NO ONE TEACHES THIS !!
    and has demolished the Wall which stood in the midst, and the Enmity, by his flesh. 15. And in his flesh (the) enmity and regulations of commands (contained) in his commandments are ABOLISHED that in himself he might make the two into ONE, establishing peace. 16. And has reconciled BOTH with Elohim in one body and has slain the enmity by his stake(of execution). 31 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: 32 not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord: 33 but this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. 34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

    THE VEIL. Second Corinthians 3:6-18 Who has fitted us to be ministers of the renewed covenant, not in the letter, but in the spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 7. Now if the ministration of death was engraved upon stones in writing, and was so glorious that the children of Israel could not look at the face of Moshe on account of the glory upon his face which vanished away; 8. How then will not the ministration of the Spirit be still be more glorious? 9. For if there was glory in the ministration of condemnation, how much more will the ministration of righteousness excel in glory? 10. For that which was glorious was as if not glorious in comparison with this which excels in glory. 11.For if that (condemnation) WHICH IS ABOLISHED was glorious, much more must, that which abides be glorious! 12. Seeing therefore we have THIS HOPE, we the more speak with boldness 13. And are not like Moshe, who threw the veil over his face that the children of Israel might not behold the termination of that (condemnation)which was ABOLISHED! 14. But they were blinded in their understanding because until this day, when the ancient Covenant is read, the same veil rests upon them; NOR IS IT MANIFEST (to them), that it (condemnation) is ABOLISHED by the Mashiyach. 15. And to this day, when Moshe is read, a veil is thrown upon their hearts. 16. But when any of them is turned to master YHWH, is the veil taken from him. 17. Now Master YHWH Himself is the Spirit. And where the Spirit of Master YHWH is, there is freedom. 18. And we all, with uncovered faces, behold as in a mirror the glory of Master YHWH ; and are transformed into the same likeness, from glory to glory, as by Master YHWH the SPIRIT!


    Scripture reference regarding the Ark hiding! 2 Maccabees 2

    I did meet with the archeologist Vendyl Jones in 1983. His person was modeled in the Harrison Ford character. (endy) He at that time believed he had found Zadok's tomb. He was given use of the copper scroll, which was a textual map and located many hidden temple treasures. According to Vendyl the Israelis wouldn't let him go after the Ark and he knew it's location was shown on the copper scroll. Vendyl was the second archeologist to confirm the Arks location.

  11. I'm a believer! I get it and to be alive at this time can be really exciting! How come there's a part of me that is so sad to say goodbye to this crazy world we're in today?

  12. The 200 hundred angles who came down did not come down to mate with the giants. They came down to mate with the daughters of men. The giants were the end product. Come on let's get it right!

  13. Signs and Wonders,If you look at my profile picture you'll see my guardian angel making himself known . This started in 2017 on a pier in Panama City Beach Florida. As I walked up the pier I noticed a reflection was following me. I went up and down from aide to side it stayed with me. There was a bunch of people but it only followed me. I didn't need this to know Jesus is my Lord and Savior so I figure it's for the world to see. I have videos on YouTube under my name August Bradshaw I don't make anything on views just don't believe I should make money on a gift from God. If you go look go to the bottom and look at the ones on the blue water. The first is a college of still pictures. The 2nd you can see the reflection follow me as I walked away from my girlfriend and her daughter. The last I take off my hat and glasses to see if they were causing it. No change. So with my research I've come up it's my guardian angel, I'm sealed by God, it's the signs and Wonders Jesus talked about or it's all of the above. Any way there are other videos the ones on the blue water we're the first. Jesus is coming but remember the anti-christ comes first. God bless everyone

  14. Yeshua Is At The Door Knocking… And He's Coming Soon…Yes Lord And Savior Yeshua Come Quickly and All Of The Earth Praise His Holy Name Amen and Amen.

  15. Many religious ones are coming out and pushing others into this vaccine . I pray they wake up and do in fact discern the times . I always go back and remember those that praised Jesus were the same ones that turned on him at the end. This vaccine thing is just unreal !

  16. Dear friends, thank you so much for this video and all your videos about Bible events to come. I love your videos specially for Dr. Tom Horn´s comments . He reallly
    has a brilliant mind and has a wide and deep knowledge of spiritual matters. May our lovely Lord Jesus bless all of you. From Colombia, 21-03-2021

  17. There you go! Your regular WACKO,yeah, he is studying the book of Enoch WOW. T word of God clearly and openly tells us about the satanic evil that exists in this world, is there really a need for us to go into into knowing all this? And you don't think that people would believe you are a conspiracy theorist? Think again!!!

  18. Fascinating…..I recall in the movie Captain America how the AI said "I am that I am" I was very uncomfortable because i recognized what the writer was doing…..what amazes me is the connection to what is being said here

  19. In 2014 the Myan Calendar marked a special moment…. it wasn't the End of the World , it was a beacon for the last seal to be broken…. when the Myan calendar stopped it was at the exact moment when ALL of the stars of the universe aligned and the light of our own Sun shined a beam of light outside of our entire universe… sounds more like a timer more than a calendar….


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