Robert Kennedy Jr. on 'Controversial' Vaccines, Trump, and climate change

Robert Kennedy, Jr., son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, has spent his life fighting for causes he holds dear, including controversial ones. For over three decades, Kennedy, Jr. served as an attorney for top environmental groups, going toe-to-toe in lawsuits against corporate giants. More recently, he’s questioned the safety of vaccines, eliciting rebukes from a consensus of mainstream scientists, and even from family members.

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Comment (47)

  1. So this big bad DANGEROUS environmental lawyer was just de-platformed by Instagram because god forbid Americans are allowed to think for themselves while they are being duped into being part of the largest experimental medical trial of all time. 40,000 serious injuries from the two vaccines reported in the first 30 days; including strokes and DEATH. (And that's with an average of 10% of them being reported.) Mainstream internet platforms like Yahoo should be JUMPING on the chance to provide heroes like RFK Jr. a place to speak. More, please. Your numbers/viewers will skyrocket as more freethinkers are systematically de-platformed by Big Tech in our "land of the un-free."

  2. Anyone knows how to contact Robert Kennedy jr directly…taking energy shot in the dark and hoping the light will reach Robert Kennedy Jr and eventually the world…RBK I promise you won't be disappointed 🙂

  3. Thank you Mr. Kennedy for speaking the truth which is so difficult in these times. Everyone is drinking the Kool aid on the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Money rules. Big pharma and Big 💰.

  4. I don’t agree with the elitist argument that streets and schools were named after the Kennedy’s due to admiration for them, it was their assassinations that did that. No school or street is named after Edward Kennedy.

  5. How can he say “if you ask a person in China if they want the American democracy in China they say no”… of course they’ll say that, there’s a dictatorship communist government in China suppressing freedom of speech and democracy. Can’t compare orange and apples

  6. His most notable point is incorrect. Phase 3 testing of vaccines include 10,000's of people and double blind testing. He said the exact opposite to what is documented and studied. Just look at the phases of vaccine testing.

  7. even though i like what he is saying i feel that hes working for the deep state the same as the guy who is doing the interveiw ,in the uk we have radio stations and tv stations that are controled by the security services to put across their view,I hope im wrong because i like this guy because hes saying what i want to hear,but thats what they want.
    A lot of stuff thats too near to the bone gets taken off youtube ,
    I pray that im wrong because we need people like ROBERT KENNEDY JR in this fucked up world that we are now living in.

  8. The interviewer should have been truthful and said “there’s a big body of science that supports vaccines that is distributed by those connected to the profits of vaccines”.

  9. Let's make a correction He is not anti vaccine! Truthfully he is against an Injection of therapygenie…..never done neither tried on animals Stop the Crime God bless him for seeking truth and justice Halleluia ,

  10. We are entering WW3. Please avoid the synthetic pathogen 💉☣️ before Our criminal bankers (front by puppet Bill Gates) attempt to sacrifice Our lives

  11. 18:07 Vaccines. RFK Jr. speaks a truth that so many are scared to face. Namely that medicine was taken over by Big Pharma a long time ago and ever since people have gotten sicker. We need a new holistic approach, and yes, safe vaccines as opposed to simply profitable ones.

  12. donald trump won but the fraud in voting kept him out. now when we are subjected to poverty created by the fauci lockdown….we are opening our borders to poverty sticken people who will just pull us down further

  13. This interview shows so clearly the difference between a man with a good heart and open mind, and the other road of closed minded egotism that drives the large majority of us.

  14. Biotechnology workbook solutions manual prentice hall specifically states… EXAMINING CONSEQUENCES OF TESTING MODERN (MODERNA) VACCINES! this is insanity get the kids back in public schools! Theyre creating this for other reasons for the future.. of healing the sick and punishing the healthy

  15. Robert Kennedy Junior is a hero a truth wire and deserves mad respect shame on you interview her shame on you how can you not see the facts right in front of your fat head thank you Robert Kennedy Junior thank you do not stock with the truth you are a world hero

  16. The interview is a complete fool and skirts away from the truth because he can’t handle the truth thank you Robert Kennedy Junior truth warrior hero of the world

  17. You are a hero Robert Kennedy Junior and I am so sorry you had to put up with this horses ass interviewer who probably doesn’t even know the answer to any of the questions he’s asked you my heart loves you you are the hero of America fire this horses ass interviewer

  18. What a legend! Don't let his speech difficulties stop you listening to this. Big Pharma has totally silenced any discussion on vaccines. But hey, it's not a conspiracy – it's just BUSINESS!

  19. I like RFK..don't agree with him on China at all..suggests he takes a closer look at organ harvesting of Falun Gong, Labor Camps, modern slavery in hidden supply chains… you might like Chinese people but we are talking about their political system. That is China..the US can also improve though can't it..on human rights.

  20. Big fan of RFK Jr. Do I agree with everything he believes in? No. Does it matter to me that I don’t? No. I admire his integrity and his commitment to justice. This man truly cares about others and doing the right thing as he understands it. He’s the kind of role model that kids desperately need now.

  21. People have to start grounding their bodies. The healing we can receive can heal us of especially these radio waves that have been proven to cause so many diseases and sicknesses. Hypoxia is real but its not from a fake virus, its from red blood cells damaged from high frequency cavitation. Which is also known and can easily be proven. Corona Discharge- coming from the computers and phones can be measured with a RF meter.

  22. I just discovered RFK jr. and was surprised to hear that he has Spasmodic Dysphonia. As a fellow sufferer, I am so grateful that he keeps speaking publicly about issues that he cares about. Aside from that, his advocacy and education about the dangers of vaccines is exceptional. Thank you RFK jr.


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