Roman Armies and Tactics: Roman Siegecraft

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Our series on the evolution of Roman armies and tactics continues with an episode on the Roman Siegecraft in the late Republican and early Empire periods.

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The video was made by our friend Arb Paninken while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Comment (39)

  1. Actually siege towers in their majority weren't used to get into a wall, but instead they were used to as platforms for artillery to give covering fire to the legionaries often building ramps, ramming walls, or using tools to remove stones. Ladders weren't used that often, a ramp would take longer to build, but it was more efficient, take the siege of Jerusalem and Massada for example during the jewish revolt, also Ceaser's campaign in Gaul, also larger Balistas were actually used to throw rocks to help weaken sections of walls depending on the ocasion, onagers weren't used that often until the enemy artillery were neutralised, because their range wasn't that big. Also generals didn't often lose controls of their troops, to the point of them going into a blood rage pillaging and murdering civilians, it did happen, yes, but it wasn't a frequent thing and sometimes legions were threated with severe punishment including decimation. Those are some facts that I remember from the top of my head, but in overall you were accurate, I'm no expert on the subject, I"m just giving you some feedback on some mistakes. Good work in general, quite an enjoyable video.

  2. Rome's main weapon of war was slavery (with which it was able to build its enormous buildings) and genocide. Raping a queen mother and her daughters infront of her? A Parthian noble would skin their soldier alive for that kind of crime and send their body parts to the queen mother together with gold. Rome lacked honor in War. I feel sorry for the European tribes (Gauls, Germania etc) for having to deal with such an honorless neighbour. Caesar never really fought a real army but consciously decided to subdue minor tribes to make a name for himself, truely a dirty politician. R.I.P Crassus, should have avoided East like Caesar.

  3. A deficit of modern armies in comparison with Roman Army is the lack in the uniform of the body of singular soldier. The modern armies construct everything, but no uniform with carbon-coat of chain-mails to protect soldiers from projectiles.

  4. When missiles are shot using tension instead of gunpowder to produce the missile's velocity (and such was the case in all pre-gunpowder warfare) one shouldn't speak of 'firing' but of 'releasing' the missile. As in: "the arrow was released at the enemy", not as "the arrow was fired at the enemy".

    otherwise, I love this channel!

  5. I LOVE!!!!! these kinds of documentary's , specially the little details that no one thinks about at 8:00 how the battering rams needed ropes around them to stop it shattering under the pressure of hitting something hard. Theses are the kind of details you NEVER think about. I never knew that was the reason i had seen ropes around battering rams in games and movies!!!!!! MORE PLEASE, KEEP IT UP my good man!

  6. Jesus christ PLEASE STOP USING ROME: TOTAL WAR MUSIC. Shit drives me nuts, like every single video on youtube that has anything to do with Rome uses it. It drives me nuts because i already play the game and i know im not the only one. Come on KaG, get a new soundtrack! Pretty please :[


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