Roman coins, n map of south Africa, 44 A.D. 

Roman map of South Africa from 44 A.D. by pomponius mela, and news article of Roman coins found in South Africa
Link to the map

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  1. Hi brother, all praise to TMH, this is interesting 🤔. I found right here on YouTube, a caucasian man saying that Jerusalem is right here in South Africa. I'm South African by the way, this was explaining whilst he was in the Kalahari desert in Northern Cape a colony in South Africa. He said he believes that Jerusalem was buried under the Kalahari desert. He said this because he had books written by Romans historians from around 40 – 47 AD. They depicts that Jerusalem was right in the Kalahari desert. God said Jerusalem was going to be desolate and troden down and be re-built afresh when God gather his people again. Now I'm confused because those people in that land in the so called middle East have rebuild Jerusalem but the 2nd exodus hasn't happened yet.
    And I also find it so strange that some parts of South Africa has most of the names of important places found in the Bible. Don't know if it's true or just coincidence because when I was young around 14/15 yrs. I dreamt about someone telling me that everything was going to end in in South. When I asked which South, I saw/ was shown a South African map. I've also have other dreams showing the old stuff that happened in old testament but I was there. One day it occurred to me that we Bantus/ Negroes, are the true Hebrews. I mean before the revelation happened, I was asking myself why eurocentric people hate us so much for no reason. I researched if we're the true seed of Abraham and the real Hebrews. Yes I got my confirmation about us as the chosen people of God.

  2. Very interesting and persuasive evidence regarding the mapping of Southern Africa. However, regarding Roman coins in Zimbabwe, perhaps trade and human migration could account for them being there? Material objects, such as coins, are surprisingly mobile.

  3. It is weird that a map doesnt includes Phoenicia and instead shows an open pass to Asia, a passage bigger than Gibraltar's passage, a huge error or intentionaly antisemitic?

    Phoenicians were great sailors long before Roman empire, and maybe they even explored the Caribean islands in America.

    In Puerto Rico there is a collection of rocks having paleo hebrew writings, property of Agüeybaná, The Native Chief of the southern part of the island 500 years ago.

    It is good to keep researching our history without prejudices in honor to the truth and our common ancestors.


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