Roman-Indo-Parthian Trade

We are continuing our new animated historical documentary series on the Roman trade and economy with a video on the trade with the Indo-Parthian Kingdom. Previously we have covered the Roman trade with India the importance of Egypt and Roman-African trade

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The video was made by our friend András Szente-Dzsida, while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Adrian Goldsworthy – Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor
Raoul McLaughlin – The Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean: The Ancient World Economy and the Kingdoms of Africa, Arabia and India
Raoul McLaughlin – Rome and the Distant East: Trade Routes to the Ancient Lands of Arabia, India and China
Alan K. Bowman and Dominic Rathbone – Cities and Administration in Roman Egypt
Adrian Goldsworthy – Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World

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Comment (42)

  1. It's sad that how Bharati hijack any history thread related to land of Indus claiming it's theirs. No you have your holy Ganga Jumna valley, dig its history instead of stealing history of Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch, Pashtuns, Sareki, Gilgati, Hazara, Hindko, Chitrali, Kailash etc who are owner of these lands for thousands of years.

  2. my mom family in ancient times is red colar dealer

    and they use kapoor surname
    there is any kapoor whose family is also trader of dealer

    and they migrated from the Pakistan area to India (himachal pradesh )

  3. 1 Armed Indian Youth? What kind of gift is that? Made me Chuckle.

    P.S. I really love the content you guys Produce, it fascinates me just how well travelled and enterprising the ancients were.

  4. Lol either your map is wrong or your info as Sakas never advanced beyond westen India so Ujjain which is visibly an eastern indian city was never under Sakas.

  5. Sri Lanka which is on the southern tip of India was providing Ivory, Elephants, Gems & many more exotic goods. I believe the trade was done through Indian intermediaries who spread a rumor that Sri Lanka was inhabited by a deadly clan who were evil. On the contrary the indigenous clans were rather literate & sophisticated , prosperous nations. They even had an emissary in the Roman royal court. History has largely focused on the popular segments ignoring certain areas though !!!

  6. Deleted for being a foolish question the more I look at & think about it !

    The Mediterranean route was an insurmountable mount & a vast chasm for any European power to ever take the Mediterranean Sea to the coast without the sues canal …

    But then again…

    If they sent shipwrights ….

    Idk nm … it was impossible


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