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  1. Colors, Fences, Glory, Shirley Temple, Marshall, Training Day,
    Superfly, Starsky & Hutch, Life, Mississippi Burning, and every movie where we got a Oscars where they had to be pimp/whores/drug addicts/criminals/ or the first to die in all movies or in a horrible torment of some kind.

  2. We need to boycott all slaves movies and demand all profits go to the diaspora.

    Imagine if black people made money off those peoples plight… every other year.

  3. Attempting to rid us of REMEMBERANCE (Truth) and replace with REMINDERS….. Ecclesiasticus 27:9

    β€œThe birds will resort unto their like; so will truth return unto them that practise in her.” APTTMH

  4. πŸ’•πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ’• Shalom TCA – I hear u! Coz the whole Kanye, Kyrie blow-up makes absolutely NO SENSE! πŸ€” This could well be a GIGANTIC manipulation PR stunt, by the masters of: media, advertising & human psychology, particularly Negro psychology. NOW THAT, makes perfect sense!! 😏

    In short, my people: Babylon is NOT for us, or for us – we need to come out of it and go back home! Can't wait for the 2nd Exodus. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  5. BROTHER! This was an interesting broadcast. I missed the live cast. So I will try to express my response here as concisely and succinctly as possible. I very frequently end my posts with β€œ It's a Mind Game β€œ. That's not being flip. It is just the truth. And as such that's what Hollywood and whitestern culture does. It has done it to us. From white Jesus, white Egyptians, the denial of Afrikan history, and frankly LIES about Afrikans' history, to hiding and denial of Afrikans Yehudim, it has been one big mind game or a grand mind f$ck. We need to keep in mind that the West, especially one particular group, have developed the field of psychology which has enabled them to better understand mind control. They have royally jacked up our minds. So these slave movies re-traumatize us when we watch them. I don't watch them. It puts us into a certain mindset particularly when the rest of our history is not taught in schools OR OUR HOMES. So slavery becomes our identity, who we are. What else do most of us know? Even, dumbly, Black History Month begins with the event of enslavement.
    FURTHER, brother, I don't believe we are cursed. I just don't. I believe we just could not believe a people could be as πŸ‘Ί evil as these people are. We STILL do not believe it. The brother from SA, in truth, does not believe it. He mentioned he hadn't been to UK or France so he didn't know how they were. SMDH. THEY ARE JUST LIKE WHITE AMERICANS!!! I think the white Jesus makes us think they MUST BE good IN SPITE OF what we see time and time and time again.
    Thanks again, brother.πŸ™πŸΎ
    It's a Mind Game.

  6. I remember when H2N was coming out Ron Dalton was pushing for celebrities to promote the documentary. He was always asking for many to speak on their platforms for exposure and spread the word, as if it would be a positive response. I always thought why would he feel he needed those who don't serve The Most High for promotion, it was a bit confusing. Now that the exposure is out there I don't think it went as he would have hoped, but it went exactly as I thought it would go!!! I guess you have to be careful for what you ask for!!

  7. For the Seweto brother: TMH spoke on all of this to happen to his people, it is his will. It is happening to us because our people disobey TMH. We are experiencing the curses. We need to keep the laws, statues & commandments. Please start studying & meditating on TMH. AsΓ©

  8. +@ThoughtsCamreaAction : Viola Davis starred in the movie called The Help. Shalom, Salaam my Hebrew Yisraelite Son of Zion .

  9. Oh so they took Ron Dalton's Hebrews 2 Negroes Channel down… It just ADDS more Credibility to his BRILLIANT WORK, and it Confirms that the TRUTH is a Hard Pill to Swallow… It's Ok nonetheless, because The MOST HIGH YAH, did what he set out to do, he turned what those Heathens intended for EVIL into "WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA" ( it was all for GOOD). A lot of Yah's Chosen People got Wind of who and whose they are. Just like ALL the other Content Creators, Ron Dalton Jr. was trying for many years to get the message out about WHO WE ARE :
    He Showed us our , Culture was( Hebrews), our Nation ( Israelites), our Tribe( Judah), our Father ( Yahudah), and the Son , our Savior ( Yahusha).

    I heard that Mr. Dalton put forth all that Research and information he accumulated into books and documentaries which was mostly financed out of his own $$$ Savings. Because of this TRUTH, He received much criticism, and was ridiculed by his family, friends and coworkers and to make matters worst, he lost his job as a Physicians Assistant with a family of 8 to support. He Endured a lot of tough times but, Despite all of that, He remained FAITHFUL AND DEDICATED To his Assignment and The MOST HIGH YAH Rewarded his Diligence by Blasting his Books, and Movies, Across the Nation to HELP Awaken his People. So What needed to be DONE was DONE.
    Everything is Orchestrated by The MOST HIGH at the Appointed TIME. Ron Dalton's Channel is Terminated now and you best believe, that other Israelite channels will be NEXT… REMEMBER, Scripture says that there will be a Famine coming regarding the "WORD of YAH" ( Amos 8:11-12)….

    So SHOUT OUT to TCA and All the other Content Creators who are about their FATHERS (YAH) Business helping to AWAKEN the Apple of his Eye!!!
    Shalom Everyone and have a Great Week!!


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