Ronaldo is not the top international goal scorer…

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Comment (26)

  1. Strong Man vs Strong Man = less goal

    Weak Women vs average Strong Women = higher goals

    Also most people don't watch women's football, so they have less value in search results 😑

  2. There are also lots of players, male and female, from lower leagues who score up to 100 goals a season. Sure, they are non-professionals who play football once a week as a hobby, but if you make counting goals your only criterion, they are better than Ronaldo and Messi.

  3. It's clear you don't watch or play football. Woman's football matches often goes like 7-0, 12-0 in goal. Men's football rarely have that kind of difference in levels of play between two teams. Watch the game before even tagging it sexism. I don't expect someone who calls football soccer to know better. Australian women's team has scored 13-0 against Thai women's team. That level of difference will almost never happens in Men's football.
    Please stop calling yourself journalist if you are going to talk about subjects you don't even understand. Unsubscribed.

  4. Oh frick off, women's football popularity doesn't hold a candle to men's football. its not sexism. If I google "Best chess player" I don't get the result for my local county's best chess player do I?

  5. NO, it is not sexism. Football and Women Football is different sports. You can not compare these numbers. Look at matches between teams of men and between between teams of women. Like scores in Eurompean championchip. And qualifications of it – in women games there are a lot of more goals because the level of teams is not so equal.

  6. dude, you are calling the whole world sexist because they don't care about booring women football, yeah they makes more goals and yeah some of them have a good interesting match, but more goals don't mean more interesting, did you see how mbappe dribbles to penetrate Argentinian deffence then score a goal , that was interesting

  7. Oh, north Americans, always trying to say they are the best at everything. Guys, not trying to take away credit from the girls, but early on the women's sport not everyone nation competed or even had a national women's league…so…just accept, it's easier.


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