Ruining A YouTuber's Brand by Forcing The Gay Agenda For Money

I’ve been editing for a YouTuber named Jreg and I managed to find a way to extort his brand for money!


Jregoria 3, built out of a server I stole from Turkey Tom:

Carsen: @mothsprite on Twitter

My sexual proficiency has granted me power beyond means you mortals can understand. I project my strength into the souls of those around me and feast on their electric energy for profit and mayhem. I’ve taken enough dicks to understand how a woman thinks- and feels. I know how to make homos and hot Jreg fans (women) give me their hard earned restitution and I’m ready to collect. Cough it up, women. Give me those dollars, cents, pounds ;), euros, yen, rubles… cold hard cash. Or credit card numbers. Those work too.

Greg Guevara has provided the footage necessary to complete the project, but is not associated with the IndieGoGo and, as a matter of fact, advised against it. But Greg can’t say no to me. NO HE CAN’T. NOBODY CAN SAY NO TO NICKOLAS CRUISER. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

If my goal of $1000 big buckaronis is met, you’ll get to watch 10 to 60 straight seconds of green screen Jreg licking and sniffing him/quemself for your late night finger lickin’ good pleasure.

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

Actually, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done is smack a cop with Cheese Whiz and get my knee dislocated as a result. (Coming Soon: Nickolas Cruiser BLM)

Secret IndieGoGo perk because you’re a snoopy snooper:

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  1. As of this 9:03 on the day of upload, there's more dollars pledged on the IndieGoGo than there are views on the video.
    This community scares me and I love it at the same time.

    Shout out to Koolcat who gave way too much money and now I'm fucking crying.


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