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The UK has claimed that Russia used chemical weapons in Mariupol, which is a Ukrainian city during the invasion that started on February 24. The UK said it is trying to verify reports Moscow used chemical weapons.
A UK minister warned that any use of chemical weapons by Russia in its attacks on Ukraine “will get a response and all options are on the table”.
“If they are used at all, then (Russian) President (Vladimir) Putin should know that all possible options are on the table in terms of how the West might respond. There are some things that are beyond the pale, and the use of chemical weapons will get a response,” armed forces minister James Heappey told Sky News.
UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said earlier that Britain was working with partners to verify the reports that Russian forces may have used chemical agents in Mariupol. “Any use of such weapons would be a callous escalation in this conflict and we will hold Putin and his regime to account,” she added on Twitter.

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  1. śrī-bhagavān uvāca
    kālo ’smi loka-kṣaya-kṛt pravṛddho
    lokān samāhartum iha pravṛttaḥ
    ṛte ’pi tvāḿ na bhaviṣyanti sarve
    ye ’vasthitāḥ praty-anīkeṣu yodhāḥ

    Translation of Bhagavad Gita 11.32

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.

  2. The must tell rusia to stop get out of Ukraine in 72 hrs must be out the qold will patrol Ukraine no more bomb or any attack

  3. These substances have been used by Israelites in Gaza n Lebanon
    But the Americans kept on supplying weapons to Israel
    Don't you forget
    History never cheated
    Nobody really cares
    The Russians are doing the same as what the west NATO n the Americans have done to others before especially towards the Muslim populations
    Could the Americans deny it

  4. Next thing you know, Russia will be accused of cannibalism and pedophilia if it serves the interest of the West.

  5. Tsar Putin: we are here to liberate you. Ukrainians: we don't want to be liberated; we want to be left alone. Tsar Putin: then we will kill you in order to liberate you.

  6. The six stages of grief for EU, USA & NATO in Ukraine are:

    Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, pay in Rubles, and pay more Rubles

  7. This is poorly presented article, utterly lacking in balance with ridiculous and inappropriate music.

  8. If I were an Ukranian I would blame Ukrainians President above anyone and anything for being a plaything in the hands of the west and destroying their country. Russia refused to continue talks with Ukrainian for the same reason "They don't have anything to offer or any decision making authority in this conflict from the start"

  9. phosphorus bombs, rape, execution, missiles sent on civilians, crimes against humanity
    the normal accusation coming from western countries but when it's them they call it
    collateral damage


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