Russia claims control of Mariupol, satellite images show mass graves outside city | World News

Russia has declared control over the city of Mariupol in Ukraine and this means that the fate of nearly about a hundred thousand civilians who are trapped in the southern port city actually lies in the hands of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Comment (33)

  1. May the Miraculous Mother of God Kursk Root icon help all Ukrainians this Easter and bring about the demise of Putin.

  2. Ukraine had 200000 active soldiers and 250000 in reserves. That sounds about right for a huge population. That's almost half a million soldiers, not counting civilians being armed.

    Where did they all go?

    I'll give you a hint. They're either wiped out, or

    A lot are fighting against Ukraine with the Russians.

    There were people from Donbass saying, that the civil war actually started between ukranian military in the west, mainly far right Nazis and ukraine military in the east and south, like muriopol, Donbass, etc.

    Apparently, after the US created a coup, the east and south protested against meddling elections,

    The pro-west Ukraine government shelled civilians, but obviously, soldiers from those areas won't let it happen.

  3. People of Mariupol are ethnic Russian. They aren't trapped. If you see Patrick Lancaster* YouTube channel, you'll see that those people are rather happy to be with Russians. You'll also see that most of those civilians who died were killed by Ukraine forces, not Russ ones.
    *Mr. Lancaster brings news directly from Mariupol. You can see what the city residents themselves are saying.

  4. Oh for sure, because killers always hide the victims bodies in huge wide open areas that are clearly visible from satellite imagery. Such genius! πŸ˜‚

  5. May the Almighty God Finished this War πŸ™. Enlighten those needed. Violence is never the answer.

  6. Hey wion please Cover the news about japanese aircraft not allowed to pass from india to Ukraine …
    Actually india denied military aircraft to pass from india to Ukraine but commerical aircrafts to Ukraine are never a problem…
    So for humanitarian aid japan was using military aircraft which india denied and I think Japan also later came with commercial aircraft or is about to come…
    But you please Cover this news because in west media it only shows one side view that "india denied" ….

  7. Russians and Ukrainians you are Brothers . its very wrong that you kill one another . Ceasefire NOW. Forgiveness and Reparations. and Learn that this is All a Doom
    Mistake and must never happen again especially to Brothers Russians and Ukrainians.

  8. I love how you use a misleading photo showing women and children in the steel plant with windows to look out from

  9. The use of human shields is prohibited and defined as a war crime by several U.S. military manuals. It is also defined as a crime triable by military commission under the US Military Commissions Act (2006).

    Why is the media not asking the Ukraine to immediately free the civilians? Because they are RUSSIAN-Ukrainians the very same people no one cared about for 8 years of Ukraine and Azov brutality?

    Stop the hypocrisy.

  10. Ukraine govt are willing to sacrifice lives of thousands of civilians….only so that the Azov Nazis and foreign fighters are not caught…..what a catastrophe…

  11. Mass grave of ukrsinians army. Maybe US & Zelensky dont want to burry the corps of ukrainians army which were left in the war zone. so also, they want corredor for ukrainians army trapped in mariopol.

  12. the mass Graves, in the Images, looks like the dead where buried, with respect…

    in individual temporary graves..


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