Russia: Control of all Mariupol except Azovstal steel plant | International News | Ukraine

According to reports, the city of Mariupol, the key port city for which the battle been raging on in Ukraine for almost about eight weeks, Russia has now claimed that it has managed to secure control over the whole of Mariupol except for the Azovstal steel plant.

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Comment (38)

  1. I'm praying that Ukraine can continue to hold on to the steel mill so Russia can't say that they have total control over maripol

  2. 80 thousand Ukrainians joined Hitlers waffen ss in the 1940s today they are known as Azovs. Zelinsky should be hung for burning people alive and the murder of 14000 women and children in the Donbass. Supporting nazis is spitting on the graves of our veterans. Shameful

  3. The beseiged can hold out a bit by eating cats, dogs, rats and bugs as well as source water from old style radiators. But it wont be long before Russia floods these deep tunnel systems to flush out the innocent civilians and some die hard holdouts. To be honest, Russia is wise to not want to engage in a "rat" krieg. The Germans in WW2 wrote about this type of combat as being tough and costly fighting.

  4. I'm against azov ..I'm awake long live ..Russia….the Ukrainian comedian has now showed his Hollywood..puppets

  5. Google a map of the world and the areas that Germany and the axis powers controlled during WW2, it will make you wonder how they lost the war.
    Now look at all the western nations now in alignment with Germany again and how few are standing with Russia.
    Russia and china will win this, there is civil unrest breaking out all over the world as we text.
    I'm sure very few of you have real unedited history books to refer to.

  6. Except azovstal bunkers ! The admin building construction structures & all surrounding areas have been cleared

  7. Took 2 months at a loss of 20,800 Russian troops and destroyed 169 fighter jets, 802 tanks, 2,063 armored personnel vehicles and 132 multiple launch rocket systems. If they want to take all of Ukraine it would take 10 Russia’s

  8. I'm imagining the thirst, starvation it will cause to the besieged battalion. The smell of the wounded and dead will be unbearable.

    God help them to surrender.

  9. What a horrible way to die of starvation and thirst and wasted lives, thinking one will die as a Patriot by listening to orders from a Clown who is the President of a country to stand till the last man when it's clear as day that it's a lost cause in defending such a place or position. Perhaps, their clown President is more afraid of what the Russians will reveal of who are those left behind and live to tell the world after being captured, interrogated and paraded.

  10. What Russia did to Ukraine oneday Russia too will be burnt into ashes just like they change Ukraine into ghost town and into Rubbles

  11. Why the Russian do not use the FOAB? I'm just curious because I think it will be easier for them to capture cities if they drop a few FOAB.

  12. Putin is still a liar. Just like from the beginning of the war when he said he wouldn’t attack Ukrainian people. No honor

  13. Let us hope, Russian soldiers wipe out the Azov Batalion mercenaries ASAP.
    Nobody wants the spread of Ukrainian Neo – Nazis across Europe.

  14. US and NATO : supply more weapons to Ukraine to weaken Russian Might as much as possible without actually shedding a drop of blood. Ukraine is the slaughter sheep where as the actual war is going on between west vs Russia

  15. Putin will claim victory in the school egg & spoon race & soon Russians will beleave him ,poor deluded man ,


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