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Russian attacks continue in Ukraine with its forces now targeting capital Kyiv again. In the latest, Kremlin fired multiple missiles into Kyiv on Thursday, the attacks took place while the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres was visiting Kyiv.

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Comment (23)

  1. Who cares about the UN Secretary General.It’s a useless organization
    Ukraine is been used and they are paying a big price.

  2. US special interest in war against Russia would soon escalate beyond the shore of Ukraine but at first Ukraine would be reduce to rubbles

  3. Hope Putin is not that stupid to hit missile at the time UN leader is in the city..

    This must be set up by western and Zelenski to put blame Russia..

  4. Biden wouldn;t be around in the next election, all this money can be used to help Americans at home, they guy stay sending money away when there are so much homelessness

  5. If Biden give 200 billions that is no use, more and more destruction will going on, best is surrender, lay down weapons, remove comedian puppet Zelnesky, then there will be peaceful settlement will going on, if comedian continues under the supervision of the USA and NATO and UK, there no more Ukraine, because this punishment is from God, because comedian puppet Zelnesky not love his neighbors Russia, he is trying to support USA and NATO and UK and become members of the NATO European union, this is true, and big destabilize the area, at least surrender now for the beautiful Ukraine people and save the nation,.


  7. Were did the security council do when the USA is in Afghanistan Syria Iraq let not be an HYPOCRITE here I pray for Ukrainian people hope they become wise that zenlesky is killing is. A pumpet of the west
    Because this world we end and Russia we win because Russia can do this for 7 years more they have the capacity

  8. You should try to visit Jerusalem as well and feel sympathetic for victims of Isreal long time oppression.

  9. The same UN had hidden the mapping report in their office and doesn't want to realise it to world so people could know their dirty work. More than 10 millions of people dead in DRCongo, women raped in the name of natural resources (cobalt, coltan,diamonds, gold, uranium and,…) you are hypocrite! Everyone deserve a better justice in this world. Poor or rich we are egal before God and when we die.

  10. The 'man' who COULD of averted all this by negotiating with Putin BEFORE all this started is now authorizing 33Bn in military support – business as usual… 'and Putin, please send us another ship load of oil next week, yes, we pay in roubles no problem…'

  11. Kyviv is not immune to attack by the Russians. This is war as Zelenskyy put it. This is all the fault of the evil empire.


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