Russia halts gas supplies to 2 nations, wants gas payments in roubles | World News | WION

As the war rages on in Ukraine, the West accuses Russia of threatening Europe over gas supplies. Russia has halted its gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria and gas supplies will remain halted until all payments are made in rubles.

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Comment (32)

  1. Shocker Russia is forced into a position by Western imposed / collective punishment / sanctions by playing into the game of Chess too – c’mon NATO/EU grow some brain cells…if you corner a sovereign nation, what do you expect? I stand with all sovereign nations standing up for their own autonomy and protecting their own borders.
    …Graham Greene’s novel ‘the quiet American’ is an excellent expose of UK and USA mendacity and duplicity…

  2. Yes Russia hope you stop it all. That mean EU go else where. Your smart. 😆🤣😂😹 biggest no nothing

  3. If Russia cut gas supplies to Germany the war would be over in a matter of hours and Germany would go out of business in a matter of days.

  4. Russia should extend the payment method to include all trading in gas, oil, grain and fertiliser.

  5. Good for Russia is their gas they can do whatever they want Blame the West for it they should learn to mind their business they pushed Russia to take action

  6. I'm surprised they didn't halt gas flow as soon as sanctions were put into effect.
    WWIII is looming. Why are we so stupid?

  7. All of you praising Russia for this action should prepare for the consequences of a new reserve currency as a result of Putin's war on the petrodollar. This Ukraine invasion was ALWAYS about Russia taking the oil and shale in Ukraine's Crimea and Donbas regions in order to cheat Ukraine and remain Europe's top energy provider, bit also to blackmail the West into giving up the US dominate petrodollar. The killing and atrocities being committed by Russian soldiers and mercenaries in Ukraine (as well as Syria, Chechnya,
    and Georgia) are far beyond any war crimes committed by US soldiers. Putin and China have been trying to get oil/gas-dependent countries to ditch the petrodollar in favor of one created by them for some time. Threatening Europe with gas cut offs is just a ploy to extort money for more killing and further force this change in the reserve currency.
    As the US dollar being the reserve currency benefited the US militarily for decades, a new reserve currency accomplished by Russia and China will benefit them in the same way.
    Now, what kind of world do you think we will have dominated by two dictator countries with nukes and our constant dependence upon them for energy? Do you seriously think they will suddenly turn away from their Fascism and ruling with iron fists? They will make ALL of you miss American "arrogance and dominance".
    The West will either call Putin on his nuclear threats (because, he either wants oil, or to live), or they will allow Russia to dominate the energy dollars and continue to wean off themselves off foreign oil. Either way, the process will be painful for the most vulnerable. The rest of these countries will just have to hope oil or gas is not found in their lands, lest Russian troops (or Chinese) invade and give them the "welcome, we are here for your oil" treatment currently being bestowed upon Ukrainians.

  8. ยุโรปตายแน่ นอน ไม่มีแก๊สน้ำมัน ให้คนไทยในยุโรปกลับบ้านด่วนหากยังมีชีวิตอยู่ เพราะจะมีการตายหนาว.

  9. Russian stocks have grown by 25% in these 3 days, this has not been on the stock market for a long time!

  10. China if you are the one doing the passing to our country you say your rigth but when others do on your country you react much.

  11. The US weaponized energy against its own people. And Russia musnt against ITS'' enemies. Understand, world? You better, you better, you BET!!!!

  12. This news reader’s jerky reading makes it difficult to understand what’s being conveyed. She must practice reading the news text in advance.

  13. All this could have been avoided had the joker zelensky not listened to Biden and EU and shoot self in the foot. Total waste.

  14. Amazing how many people are defending Russia. India seems to be playing both sides. Good luck when China decides to further encroach FURTHER on the the Indian border because the West will remember where you stood.

  15. Great decision…USA,EU doing wrong…Russia always great…dirty dollar nuclear weapons… EU Beware

  16. I don't know where are you all from, maybe Asia, but you obviously do not understand whats actually going on in Europe. Poland is preparing for it for decades. It has 70% of the reserves, the biggest gas port on the baltic sea, big amount of coal resources, and now is establishing a new sea pipeline Baltic Pipe, after which it will be fully independent from russian energy. It will happen in the end of this year, till then reserves will be enough, Biden is also considering sending over some supplies that were supposed to go to Japan. Everybody were expecting that, it was supposed to happen, but in comparison to Germany, Poland was preparing for it since 2008.


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