Russia lost 23,000 soldiers in senseless war: Zelensky | World Latest News | WION

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky while addressing the nation said that Russia has lost more than 23,000 soldiers in the conflict, that he described as a ‘senseless war’. He also added that efforts are being made to bring life back to normal

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Comment (35)

  1. His only intention is to prolong the war to the last Ukranian as his Washington boss has offered him fortunes and pension at White House janitorial services !!!!!

  2. Liar. Zelensky the comedian. Meanwhile millions are looking for welfare in other countries. Hundreds of thousands at the Mexican border. South America has nice weather and nice beaches. Go there.

  3. Zelensky cost he has bought to Ukraine, it would have been more cost effective to negotiate before the war, Putin is still going to get what he initially wanted just in another way, Ukraine will be spending how long rebuilding the damage with no time for anything else

  4. So, should I believe that Russian soldiers are in that massive grave?
    This man's statements contradicts.


  5. If its major loss to Russia then why he is crying in front of whole world….now let face war independently..

  6. Zelensky knows how to make noise but keep on demanding help everywhere and act like a hero. But think deeply is he a hero or a stubborn Russia neighbour .

  7. This fool and his cheap theatrics while Europe is paying in rubles for gas. Stop showing this clown and his daily circus. Show us what's happening in other part of the World.

  8. Jelenosky is saying
    23000 russian soldiers died
    On the other way
    Ukrainian soldiers and British soldiers r seeking help from world leaders in by videos who r stuck in the Ukraine
    They r saying
    Please save our lives

  9. And how many Ukrainian men did you get killed while you let your precious little women flee instead of doing their duty?

  10. Zelensky is offering up the Ukrainian people as lambs for the slaughter. He will undoubtedly have a huge personal payday while the US/NATO use his county as a proxy to assess Russia's capabilities in a future/greater conflict with the West.

  11. WW3 is starting but France is only learning why caves have been builded under the city lol,,,,

  12. Putin should honestly name the number he wants to kill on both sides on his account, not only make treaths.

  13. How is it senseless??you think some of us don't knw what's happening..Ukraine too out of order…why would you want to bring enemies of Russia right at there door step???they knw your world order plans…omg…Russia is fighting to protect their homeland….

  14. His entire nation is in crumbles, everyday he cries about genocides in XYZ cities, how Russia destroyed this building that building, yet he is so proud that his stupid war killed 23,000 Russian troop, and who knows how credible that is because Ukraine has been anything other than credible since the beginning of the war and how they handled international students.

  15. That is a big lie. Russia is after this comedian controlled by the west and the US. Very soon he will be the Russian television crying.


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